My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 717

Vol 5 Chapter 717: Holy World Opportunities

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Chapter 717

Lin Chen's "Creation Nine Tribulation" is not only the top grade of the Purple Order. If you can collect the value of the elemental attribute value of the sky, you may be able to exceed the limit, but the current grade is absolutely impossible to compare with this "Shenyan Heart Sutra" of!

"Brother Lin Chen, this is for you..." Bai Ruoyan said.

"No! Sister Yan, this is your chance, I can't want it!"

Lin Chen said solemnly and seriously.

Admittedly, he possesses the premise of cultivating this mentality, and his combat power will soar to a whole new level!

But it means that he has to give up eight other types of "Heavenly Tribulation War Bodies" and give up the original idea of "Genesis Nine Tribulation". Give up the element attribute values you have obtained!

If it is not the same spirit of the same attribute, replacing the mentality of different attributes requires a great price!

If Lin Chen abandons his current mentality, he will inevitably plunge part of his cultivation practice and lose eight other elemental attribute values.

Lin Chen knew the potential and combat power of "Creative Nine Tribulation".

From the current point of view, it may be possible to soar for a while, but it will not be necessary to collect the complete "Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju" later!

"No matter how difficult the collection of Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue is, as an advanced mindset for the creation of the Nine Tribulation, I will definitely have to get it. It is not very wise to replace the mindset now."

The most important thing is that Lin Chen knows that this is the opportunity of Bai Ruoyan!

Even his "Golden Eyes Twins" can't see through the amethyst mystery, proving that this mental method will perfectly fit Bai Ruoyan!

Moreover, this cultivation memory can only be passed on to one person, and only one person can be selected. In addition, the "eternal flame" in Bai Ruoyan's body can bring the legendary orange-order mind to the extreme!

"Sister Yan, I know you are good for me, but this heart-warming method is more suitable for you than me. And, I have more important choices."

After confirming that the space inside the chamber was completely blocked, Lin Chen took out the remnant of "Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju" and laughed.

"I am also a remnant of the mind-level above the orange rank. Now I have collected two volumes. As long as I find a volume, I can also have the orange-ranking mind, and it is completely suitable for me. Let's go!"

Lin Chen knew Ruoyan's character, and she would never want it unless she confessed that she had a better choice!

Seeing his brother Lin Chen insist, Bai Ruoyan shook his head helplessly-"Well, I believe you once."

When Bai Ruoyan flicked his sleeves, thousands of orange brilliances poured into her eyebrows, and all the memory of her practice of mind was stored in her spiritual bridge, and she could cultivate and practice at any time.

"Hahaha! It seems that this time we made a big profit! If the seller knew, wouldn't it be mad at the spot?"

Lin Chen laughed. Although the first-level value of the Dragon Patriarch he bid was very high, the seller could make more money than selling at the secret meeting, but obviously, this time, someone in Lin made more money!

That's so orange-level mental! It is a rarer treasure than the orange-level combat skills. All of Lin Chens current net worth is sold and may not be able to afford the orange-level combat skills!

Bai Ruoyan covered his mouth and chuckled, and no one was impressed by the opportunity of the Orange-order mind.

Over time, Bai Ruoyan's potential may be even scarier than Lin Chen!

"Go up and kill the guys in the pseudo-sacred aristocratic family. This time I'm going to have a perfect ending!"

"Huh." Bai Ruoyan turned into a snow-white jade jade, quietly included in Lin Chen's arms.

Lin Chen put on a black robe and went to the space channel alone to carry the hall. When he entered, he also met the Ling family and hurriedly entered.

Seeing these powerful people who didn't know each other actually save themselves, no matter what motive, Lin Chen felt a touch of heart, followed closely, and stepped into the space channel of'Blood State'!


On the other side; while Lin Chen participated in the secret meeting, unprecedented changes came to Tianzhou and Lingzhou!

To be precise, it should be Tiange Academy!

Tianzhou Branch; inside a Hanyu loft.

Leng Yueqi, who was in a coma, lay quietly on the Bingyu bed, and the princess Mei Ruoqingguo in the blue dress walked slowly in the cold attic, looking at Leng Yueqi.

The blue skirt lady stretched out her jade fingers and touched Leng Yueqi's hair tips, and a breath of amazing cold air emerged, condensing into ice crystals, and even the fighting spirit could be instantly frozen!

"It's magical, it turned out to be the legendary Nine Absolute Cold Vessels, a blood vessel armor that was activated because of serious injuries!"

"It's a waste to stay in Kyushu for such a physique. If you come to Bingxin Palace, the future will be a proud **** the list of evil spirits!"

The beauty is astonishing.

If Lin Chen saw this scene, it might be shocking!

At this time, Leng Yueqi is like a prison of cold ice, and the cold air in the frozen world is constantly released in the body. This chill is enough to easily seal the Yuanzun Realm into an ice sculpture, and the War Emperor Realm can not be underestimated!


The giant door of the Chamber of Secrets shattered and opened, and the three warlord mentors and elders broke into the gate, and Su Lan and Su Lan sisters on the side were completely speechless, and the whole body was frozen by a mysterious ice energy!

"Where is this woman's sacred, and even without space enchantment, you can go straight into the secret room!"

When the two mentors were amazed, the elders headed suddenly drank coldly!

"Your trespassing into my Tiange Academy, would you want to provoke war?"

The woman in the blue dress smiled slightly, and the slender jade pointed to a certain void, like a ray of winter wind in the frost, but the cold but not cold, freezing the three war emperors in place, all the fighting power could not run a trace!

Three emperors horrified! They can't even imprison the three of them even with the Seventh Warlord!

"You misunderstood, the little girl came here just to make friends with Lin Chen. My Bingxin Palace is not invited. It is by no means malicious. We just want to help his friends."

As soon as the girl in the blue skirt flicked her sleeves, Leng Yueqi disappeared, and even the sisters Su Lan and Su Lan beside him disappeared!

The three emperors' faces changed slightly, and Leng Yueqi's relationship with the twin sisters and their second daughters and Lin Chen were very similar. If he let him know, wouldn't he want to split the sky?

"Please tell Your Excellency Yu Linchen that if he can reach the Holy Realm alive, our Bingxin Palace will be waiting for a ride in the Holy Realm! If he cannot go to the Holy Realm alive, we will also take care of his friends and cultivate them well."

The blue dress lady turned into a ray of ice smoke and disappeared, the seal of the three emperors' fighting spirit was gradually liberated, and when she could act, the woman had disappeared!

The expression of the three people, do not dignify!


On the west side of the branch, a purple light loft was suddenly in a mess.

"No! Miss Yun Manqing is gone!"

"What's the matter, the space boundary hasn't been touched by anyone!"

"Eh, look, there are notes in the secret room?"

The instructor opened the Yunjuan, and Yun Manqing's hand was engraved on it.

"Gift to the mentors and elders, Man Qing has left with the seniors of Shenghu's Lihuo Gongyuan Waner, knowing that his injuries are not serious, and Kyushu is difficult to find a way to recover. Occasionally, the seniors appreciate it, and he has gone to Shengjie Lihuo Palace. Please everyone. The elders told Lin Lang that Man Qing had gone to the Holy World to wait for his arrival."