My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 718

Vol 5 Chapter 718: Holy World Meets Again

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Chapter 718

Outside Tianzhou, in Tianyin Grand Canyon.

Today, the 66th class teamed up to perform an extremely difficult "Zixun class" mission, led by Bai Junhao.

However, just halfway through the mission in the canyon, the mission was suddenly interrupted!

People in Class 66 such as Bai Junhao, Ying Liang, Yue Linlin, Liu Lin'er, Han Yizhi and others have their eyes fixed. They were still in the gloomy Tianyin Grand Canyon last time. At this moment, they came to this bird-scented green valley!

One old and one young, sitting by the riverside, playing chess on their own, talking and laughing.

"Hello young people, we are from the Holy Realm. We came here to take you to the Holy Realm, to worship under the ancestors of me, but are you interested?"

When the old man in white robe opened his mouth, everyone immediately froze!

Holy World? This kind of noun, which only exists in historical books, will appear before them!

Bai Junhao is still somewhat convinced that the means of the emperor he has ever seen, even the former'Crimson Empress', is still a far cry from the two!

"Two seniors, why did you choose us?"

Yue Linlin and Han Yizhi asked in unison.

After more than a year of experience and transformation, coupled with the support of the academy, their talents are indeed first-class throughout Kyushu, but there is still a gap compared to the top Tianjiao. If they are really strong in the Holy Realm, why choose to enter the sect? Will their disciples be them?

"Because, you are Lin Chen's partner. We came here for Lin Chen, but his temperament was unyielding, we can only gamble on you, if you are the most holy world, we will follow The specifications of first-class disciples train you, little guys, you should understand what old men mean."

The two smiled deeply, and everyone suddenly understood!

The other party came to them, not just for them, but more to attract Lin Chen through his relationship!

"Well, these little guys are extremely tenacious and tenacious in spirit and fighting spirit. They are not idle people. Among them are virtual spirit constitution and blue dragon bloodline. They are cultivated a little and at least have the opportunity to touch the genius list."

Seeing the talents of everyone, the negative sword young man was amazed, but his face did not reveal much.

"How about it, little guys, there is only one chance, cherish it carefully. If you refuse, we will send you back to your original position, and will not force you. However, with the talent of Lin Chen, if you dont die, just go to the Holy World. The question of time, due to your friendship with him, are you willing to be left on the mainland of Lingzhou, can you even touch his back?"

"In the Holy World, if you stand out, you can even get the guidance of the saint! Once you fly, you can become a person standing next to Lin Chen again, don't you?"

Everyone fell silent.

go with? That is to give your destiny to others. No, this is perhaps the most important opportunity in life!

It is the same from the standpoint of the two. If they dare to move any skewed thoughts on these little guys, then Lin Chen will not let them go the first time he arrives in the Holy Realm!

Judging by his daring to make trouble in China, this person is a type that is born to be fearless! They are not stupid enough to set up such opponents for their sect!

Everyone in class 66, start making choices!



Ning Qingxuan sat quietly in the gazebo, and Qian Eyes looked at the white-haired man with a curious blue wave.

"Yes, you will get the best training in the Mystical World Wanqing Hall!"

The white-haired old man, who has always been light and windy, stared at Ning Qingxuan, and showed a bit of emotional fluctuation for the first time!

Before the World War I, he had not yet noticed the talent of this woman. Now that she is rescued by Lin Chen, her mood is transparent, elegant and refined, and her heart is like a mirror. Code'!

The inheritance of this secret code does not focus on talent, but lies in the mental state of the cultivator. Those who are murderous and eager for quick success can't get started even if their talents are high!

Therefore, the white-haired old man valued Ning Qingxuan very much, because there are very few disciples of the true biography because of the peculiarity of Wan Qing Dian's inheritance of the heart code!

"Qingxuan, be careful!"

His father, Ning Xingling, was standing next to her son Nizi, and his eyes were sharp!

"Sister Qingxuan was finally free, why did you bother her again!"

Ning Qingxue was cold, protecting her sister.

"Father, Qingxue, you misunderstood, this old grandpa is not malicious."

Ning Qingxuan hurriedly said, a glance of praise in the eyes of the white-haired man!

Yuan Zunjing can perceive his true intention of the ninth war against the emperor Xiuxiu. This woman may be more suitable for inheriting the Medical State of Mind" than the true disciples of all generations!

"Qing Xuan, if you want to hide the killing intentions, how can you tell."

Ning Xingling was very vigilant. The old man in front of him was able to bypass the Tiange Academy's cross-examination and arrived here. His strength was extraordinary. His two daughters were finally free, and they could no longer be trapped in their fate!

"Xiao Ni Zi, what do you think freedom should be. Do you think you are now a free body."

Suddenly, the white-haired old man smiled deeply at Ning Qingxuan.

"Freedom means that both mind and body are under your own control, and life is not bound."

Ning Qingxuan said concisely.

The old man Bai Fu smiled and said-"You only understood the most superficial freedom, but did not see through its essence. Lin Chen, who saved you in the past, is the true essence of freedom!"

Ning Qingxuan had her eyebrows bowed, respectfully, and humbly asked, "Please also ask seniors to enlighten me."

The white-haired old man turned to the sky with a deep gaze: "Freedom should be the control of all things in the world. The frog at the bottom of the well does not allow the heart of the world. If your family's fate is taken away, are you free? If the lives of those you love are killed , Are you free? If the power to destroy everything comes, you can only wait for your precious things to die, are you free?"

The white-haired old man asked three times in a row, Ning Qingxuan fell into a long contemplation, and then said.

"Predecessors said that freedom should be something that one strives for, not that others confer. If one blindly places destiny on others, the one on the top, but the frog at the bottom of the well. The weak are not qualified to arbitrarily freedom."

The white-haired old man nodded with a smile, "Exactly."

"Whether the predecessors' remarks are to persuade me to follow the teacher's words."

"It's so interesting, but it's all heartfelt words."

Ning Qingxuan was silent.

Ning Qingxue and Ning Xingling looked worried.

"The destiny of being pityed is not my pursuit. Senior, I am willing to follow you to the Holy Realm!"

"However, please let me stay with my family again..."


The same scene continues to be released, Han Ziyun, Murong Qingxue, Luo Qingyu, Yan Qianyun, Yang Qinger, Class 66. Everyone who has a past with Lin Chen has been invited by the messenger from the Holy Realm!

Everything is gathered in the Holy World, meet again in the Holy World!