My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 719

Vol 5 Chapter 719: Bloody State Melee

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Chapter 719

Blood State, located on the extreme south edge of Kyushu. This great state has had a terrifying battle between the human race and the dragon race, the highest-end battle since the ancient Hundred Saints.

The cause of the war is unknown, but it has spread to the top combat power of several big states, smashing all the ancient families of the blood state. Even the surviving forces have moved to other big states.

Since then, Blood State has been reduced to the most chaotic area in Kyushu, full of killings, looting, and becoming the most riotous and dark state in Kyushu.

Blood state, weeping blood plain. The plain is vast for millions of miles, and there are endless stretches. Only ten cities stand here, and it is the overlord of the Weeping Blood Plain!

A ray of space broke open, and a dozen figures extended in the space channel.

The space channel can automatically select the landing position, and the appearance of these dozen people is not a coincidence.

A shady middle-aged man with a centipede-like scar engraved on his head turned around and looked at the Lin Chen in the cage with a grin.

"Unexpectedly, we can still catch this big fish on this trip. Lin Chen and Lao Tzu know that it is a hard bone. The ordinary method certainly cannot pry your mouth. However, we have several ways to let you speak!"

The four people beside him shook their heads and smiled, and the one-eyed old man of four swept Lin Chen.

"This kid has exhausted the details of our five halls and searched with the spirit of the old man."

"Hey, the one-eyed old ghost, your method will wipe out the brains of people, and my dragon should devour the gods!"

The hot woman in a hot **** robe said coldly that there were traces of dragon scales on her snowy white jade neck.

Five Halls of Blood State, Mad Dragon, Heavenly Demon, Seven Stars, Bone, Yousha!

This is the five strongest forces in the blood state, they have reached a joint trend? If it comes out, it will shock the whole blood state!

They have been in the **** state for more than tens of thousands of years, and they have long been the products of the elders. This time they bid for Lin Chen, I dont know how many ways can open up Lin Chens secret!

The "Spiritual Brain-Sucking Dafa" in the Temple of Heavenly Demon can read mental memory by consuming the brain, there is no need to use lynching!

For example, "Dragon Eater" mad at Dragon Hall, which can absorb spiritual blood to plunder spiritual memory, which is extremely scary!

Suddenly, Lin Chen in the prison cage smiled.

"Do you know that my handsomeness is as high as the difficulty of death?"

The voice of Lin Chen has just dropped, and the sky bang exploded!

The expression of the Lord of the Five Great Halls changed, Tuan Tuan protected Lin Chen, and turned to stare at the other side for thousands of miles away, the space passage extended out, and all the figures appeared!

A familiar face came into view, the main hall of the White Bone Hall looked ugly, and the centipede scar on his face looked like a living creature crawling, hoarse.

"True God family, is it you?"

The lord of the mad dragon palace, the blood robe and the beautiful woman coldly questioned!

"Who exposed our identity?"

The master of the White Bone Hall quietly crushed the space jade jade!

The head of the soul family ancestor, Soul Chixiao smiled without changing his face.

"Everyone is smart, let alone those useless, I know the strength of your five halls, hand over Lin Chen, we can exchange with you at the same price, not pay, die!"

The White Bone Hall Master smiled yin: "Scrap nonsense, no matter how strong your true **** family is, this is also our territory. You people can't suppress us!"

boom! boom! boom!

In the ten cities of the Weeping Blood Plain, a beam of light suddenly rose, and countless afterimages swept towards the sky. They were the elders of the Five Halls of the Blood State, and all of them were all fierce and evil, and they looked murderous!

"It's worthy of being a strong man in the blood state, all like wild beasts."

Lei Xiao's ancestor, Lei Xiao's brow flickered.

The **** state of war broke out all the year round, and the people who can survive here are lying on the top of the Blood Sea Corpse Mountain every day, most of them are more brutal and bloodier than the strong men of the same level! Fighting is even more deadly!

"The combination of the five halls, the strength is really not ordinary."

At this time, a sigh came from the void, and a group of figures descended into the void!

This time, the Lord of the Five Halls finally revealed a bit dignified!

"I said how could they know our actions, it turned out to be you, secret meeting!"

More than twenty figures descended into the void, all of which are top strongmen above the Eighth Battle Emperor, and Xingmeier is also among them, and there are seven more!

This lineup, looking at any big state is the top force!

It is the Fang, Bai, Xing and Ye families of the organizers of the secret society! Four big families, the top strong are all out!

"If I were in Qingcheng, I wouldn't dare to do it."

The head of the Fang family, Fang Rulong, scowled at the people present.

"The person who knows the current affairs is Junjie. You in the Five Palaces, hand it over. Now hand it over. At least the adults of the True God family can buy it back for you at the original price, if you don't know how to lift it."

The ancestor of the Bai family smiled, his eyes narrowed into a slit, "Then it can only destroy the palace."

"What price tag did they make, so that you can bet on the reputation of the secret society."

The **** robe giggled and the dangerous light flashed through her pupils.

Fang Rulong glanced at her, the obscene light flashed away, and said with a smile-"Dragon Lord Palace, don't doubt the Supreme True God, that is the creator who created the Kyushu mainland! He can give us the opportunity, and he is The only chance you are born with."

"Okay, this is the final negotiation. In a word, sell it or not."

Soul Chixiao's momentum rises faintly, and the atmosphere crosses!

No one expected that the always "dark meeting" would stand in line with the true **** family!

If the two parties join forces, the pressure on the Five Palaces is extremely high!

At this moment, the laughter of'Lin Lin' broke the silence.

"Haha, I knew you would come to rescue me! It's so touching! Sure enough, there is a true feeling in the world, honest children like me, the real God did not abandon me, this handsome man, I am Lin this time After that, we must give a gift to the true gods!"

The mouths of all the people of the false **** family are rushing!

grass! Why do you want to make a face, who the **** is going to save you!

You are dead like we fell in our hands! This little **** still needs to talk hard before he dies

The people of the "dark meeting" strangely showed a bad hunch. Where did this kid's calmness and confidence feel so leisurely in this knot?


Suddenly, the lord of the White Bone Hall snorted, and the scene changed suddenly!

"Sure enough, is it impossible to communicate with the beast with a humanoid skin, just, grab it!"

With the order of Soul Chixiao, the five great families of pseudo-gods all shot out, and the masters of the secret society swept away!

The terrible fighting storm exploded abruptly, and the two sides immediately put their hands together! Hundreds of miles away, the wind and the clouds blew up a wave of heavenly air!

"Master, we will help you!"

Surrounding all directions, a stream of fighting continued to rise, and the support of the Five Halls arrived immediately, and the battle situation became more chaotic!

On the other side; outside the weeping blood plain.

Dahuang, on top of a vast mountain, the Ling family and other strong men had just arrived and had not yet watched the battle. The black robe next to them followed him, and they came to the sky, making the Ling family of strong men suddenly body. shock!

Heran is the mysterious man who wiped out the patriarchs of the three tribes and used Lin Chen as the auction item!

He actually came?