My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 720

Vol 5 Chapter 720: See Through

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Chapter 720

With the details of the two Nine Heavy Emperors of the Ling family, who had just arrived and were waiting for the opportunity to fish in the muddy waters, the "Mysterious God" actually came!

"He's here too? Does he want to eat black too?"

"Oops, if he shot, nothing would happen to our Ling family!"

Many of the Ling family's strong minds are tight-hearted, their expressions are alert, and the spirits of war are disillusioned. The Ling family can't be more confident than the three dragon chiefs!

I saw that the mysterious man in black robe walked on the top of the mountain very slowly, as if strolling around the garden, and even set up a big iron pan, igniting, adding soup, all in one go.

"You guys, the scenery here is unique, why not make a hot pot together, drink a young outfit to force this cup, talk about life, talk about the wind and snow, is it beautiful?"

After finishing speaking, the black robe called out a treated dragon tail from the Naling ring with his own finger, a fingertip flick, the tail flesh and blood was thick and pure, the meat texture was clear, and he could not help sighing.

"It is indeed the dragon tail of the Dark Fright, a good material for hot pot."

After finishing talking, put the long tail of several feet into the iron pan.

Ling Jiaqiang slammed the collective mouth!

Nima! With the tail of the dragon patriarch playing hot pot, who can do this Kyushu apart from the great **** in front of him?

"Have you brought any wine?"

The black robe looked up and asked, the Lord Ling finally recovered, and quickly passed a pot of sapphire hook pot, laughing broadly.

"Your Excellency, please try this. This is a famous product of my Ling family, Wanxing Lingyun, with one bite ascending the sky and three bites as Lingyun."

He took the hip flask and smiled-"Sit down, after eating, we can talk about cooperation."

At this time, the ancestors and elders of the Ling family could hear no matter how stupid!

This mysterious **** is not malicious to them. Is there a chance to cooperate?


The head of the Ling family said with delight, and everyone looked at each other and sat beside the iron pot, forming a circle.

Ling Ruxue's eyes glared slightly, and it was this person who caused'Mr. Lin Chen' to fall into crisis!

The owner of the Ling family did not dare to ask Lin Chen. He asked the origin of the Ling family from time to time. It turned out that this was a big family from Yunzhou, the Ling family.

After eating quietly, everyone could not help but sigh, Dragon Tail Patriarch's Dragon Tail, really **** delicious...

With enough food and drink, Lin Chen urged Purple Eyes through the cloak to gain insight into the chaotic battle situation.

At this time, the strongest of the Five Palaces desperately tried to protect Lin Lin in the cage!

Although the two sides have very different combat powers, this place is the home of the Five Palaces, and there are many killing moves. One end.

But looking at the battle situation, the strong players of the Five Palaces are almost constantly accumulating injuries. Although they have the upper hand in the battle, they are actually delayed by the strong forces of the secret society and the false **** family. Then there will be a large number of casualties!

Looking at the attribute light spheres that were constantly falling from many powerful people, colorful, when hovering the sky, Lin Chen's mouth under the cloak smiled and cracked!

He couldn't wait for them to continue to play dimly and dimly, until the opponent's cards were all played!

At that time, it was when someone in Lin went up to harvest!

Brush ~!

At this time, the blue dragon light emerged, and a hundred-foot dragon, blue dragon body, purple phoenix wings, and Yinglong tail appeared on the top of the Lingjia strong. The people of the Ling family were stunned!

This is He Long? There are actually several bloodlines in one! And it's still a top 7th order!

The dragon submerged into the void, disappeared into nothingness from the air, Lin Chen sent the Dragon Emperor to dive into the void with the "Blue Dragon Piying Shadow" and escape into the chaotic battle situation!

Weeping Blood Plain, blood clouds are tumbling, at this time, the war emperor has fallen and is a high-level war emperor. The body of the emperor is for the dragon emperor to get through the dragon veins, and the mosquito is no matter how small it is.

In this way, in the battle between the Five Palaces and the secret society and the false **** family, they sneaked into a terrible existence without knowing it! Lurk in the dark, always ready to attack, swallow the emperor!

Seeing that the mysterious great **** had more and more cards, Lin Chenyun smiled lightly under the restrained atmosphere of Ling Jiaqiang.

"Ling family, if you help me later, stop those who run away, of course, give priority to blocking the so-called true **** family, I will give you a satisfactory reward."

False **** family? How dare anyone on this continent call the true **** family a false god? Where is this person sacred?

Lord Ling was a little ignorant, he asked tentatively-"Your Excellency, the situation in front of you is obviously that the people of the True God family are more dominant."

"After I shot, they would only have a disadvantage."

Lin Chenyun smiled lightly, and the Ling family suddenly jumped in their hearts! Sure enough, this great **** came to "black eat black"!

"As for remuneration, I think you should like this."

Lin Chen spread his palms, it was the amethyst that was sealed with the blazing flames!

The Ling family was stunned and ecstatic!

This is actually the top mentality of this purple order! Although their Ling family background is rich, after all, they came to the fore afterwards. In ancient times, they have not established a foothold. Although there are many collections in the family, there is no top-level mentality in the purple order!

The mentality of this grade is too scarce, even rare in ancient times.

If there is such a mindset, within a thousand years, their Ling family will be able to emerge the top-ranked purple inheritance mindset only belonging to them! Therefore, the Ling family will prepare so many details in the "dark meeting" to bid for this mentality, but I did not expect that the big **** in front of me would bid away.

This is an opportunity against the sky! If only a single cooperation can be exchanged for this level of mentality, it is simply a profit!

"It's just that you have to think clearly. What you want to help me to block is the so-called "True God Family" in Kyushu. Once you take action, it means that your entire family must stand against them."

Lin Chen teased, this top-level purple mentality was of no use to him. At most, he could only decompose the essence of the exercises or take it back to the college to pay the Ling family, half of it was due to Ling Ruxue. Strangers who didn't meet.

Ling Family Lord fell into silence, this decision will affect the future of Ling Family!

the other side;


Another is the strange disappearance of the first Emperor of the Eightfold, this time it is the person of the false **** family!

[Acquired 45.6 million essence of combat spirits, 120,000 rune energy, 1250 fire energy, 1300 gold energy, 400 spiritual power, 90,000 talent points, 90,000 sky value,]

The Dragon Emperor is frantically retrieving the "attribute light ball" that was dropped in the battle between the two emperors, and the attribute value continues to soar!

"Not right!"

Soul Chixiao took the lead in withdrawing from the main battle circle, and the pressure on the top of the Five Palaces suddenly dropped!

His pair of red eyes swept back and forth, staring at a prescription in the void with a violent look!

"What the hell, get me out!"

Soul Chixiao protruded out of the palm, swept like a dragon, and swept the sky!

When the sky is furious, the universe is torn apart, and the dark blue dragon gas expands into the dragon domain. When the tyrannical fighting spirit is stopped, the azure blue dragon light turns into a sword and blast!

Tear ~! boom!

The energy of the explosion shines in the sky! Thousands of giant dragons appeared faintly and shocked the audience!

This dragon has three kinds of blood, which is extremely strange. It scares many strong men to have a pale face. Even such a terrible guy has infiltrated their battle situation. They have no idea!

"This, this dragon?"

"Everyone, stop fighting!"

Soul Chixiao's eyes were fixed on the half-sound of the'Dragon Emperor', and the red pupils turned rapidly, scanning the surrounding areas, and seeing the grass and trees within hundreds of thousands of miles.

Finally, Soul Chixiao gazes at a vast mountain beyond a million miles, and the Ling family and others are found!

Gazing at the soul of the mountain top of the wilderness outside the plain, Chi Xiaoxiao, the forehead with blue muscles exposed, anger and shock!

"Lin Chen, is it you?"

Soul Chixiao aroused thousands of waves, all the strong players in the audience were surprised and stunned!

what's going on?

Isn't Lin Chen in the cage of the Five Temples?