My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 721

Vol 5 Chapter 721: Fighting Against The False Family

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Chapter 721

On the top of the giant mountain, the Ling family master looks dignified, but a turbulent wave appears in his heart!

He just clearly felt that Soul Chixiao was Lin Chen shouting at them!

But, isn't Lin Chen still in the cage?

"Could it be that?"

The thoughtful owner Ling thought of a possibility, and his heart suddenly shook!

Above the Weeping Blood Plain, Soul Chixiao didn't return, waving coldly with a wave of hand!

"Don't fight! It doesn't make any sense to fight again!"

The false gods family and the powerful members of the "dark meeting" withdrew from the war in surprise.

The owner of the Five Halls was ecstatic, and he finally got a breathing time in the battle. When he was about to flee with Lin Chen, the words of Soul Chi Xiao detonated the audience!

"That Lin Chen is a fake, the real one is over there!"

All the strong men stayed in place! The strongmen of the Five Palaces are even stiff!

fake? how can that be? Hasn't this been verified by their true **** family?

Moreover, this'Lin Chen' has been repeatedly determined by the strong men in their five halls, there is blood and flesh, the qi is repaired without falsification, the spiritual strength is incomparable, and the flesh and blood are as strong as fierce beasts. It may be fake!

If this is all false, then they really have to doubt life!

"That guy seems to kill the three patriarchs of the Dragon Clan!"

"No. Isn't it the Lin Chen who sold this competing product? How could he be Lin Chen?"

Powerful people from all walks of life, including the organizers of the "Dark Meeting", were stunned and wondered. Did this soul Chixiao take the wrong medicine? Recognize this great **** as Lin Chen?

The five Ling family above the mountain stared staringly at Lin Chen, only to see him shake his head and smile.

"I'm eating hot pot and singing songs. I can be recognized wearing a cloak. I look handsome. I'm so annoying!"

Brush ~! With one hand, the black robe was put away. The young man struck the silver robe with a handsome face and a cynical smile, standing on top of the mountain!

"Come here, the puppets of the false god! You are surrounded by me!"

All the strong men suddenly fell into deathly silence!

It's exactly the same! The young man in front of him is completely consistent with the "Lin Chen" auction item!

What's happening here?

Fortunately, Meier covered her red lips with her hands, and her heart was turbulent!

She had personally contacted Lin Chen, but she could not see his disguise!

The strong in the Five Halls stared at each other, looking at Lin Chen on the top of the mountain and looking at Lin Chen in the cage!

All the strong are messy in the wind!

That mysterious strongman turned out to be Lin Chen?

But it's wrong! If so, which Lin Chen is the real one?

If both are true, then Lin Chen is too mad! This guy even auctioned himself at the "dark meeting"?

Is there such an operation?

Ling Ruxue was stunned, her beautiful eyes flashing. She never dreamed that this mysterious person that made her hate her was actually the Mr. Lin Chen who dreamed of herself day and night!

"That's the IQ of being a dog for a false god. How could someone in Lin be caught."

Lin Chen smiled, and his thoughts moved, and the blood-stained split avatar inside the cage desperately guarded by the Fifth Palace strong man disappeared suddenly.

The Lord of the Five Halls watched this scene with eyes open, and suddenly his scalp numb, and a cold rushed from the soles of his feet to pierce the cerebral cortex!

It's actually true! This little **** is so **** auctioned himself at the "Dark Meeting"!

The false **** family, the secret host family, the five halls of the blood state, when all the powerful people saw Lin Chens smile full of playfulness and playfulness, his face was blue for a long time!

The entire "dark meeting", even the organizer, was turned around by him!

"It's Mr. Lin Chen, really Mr. Lin Chen..."

Ling Ruxue concealed her red lips with her hands, her heart trembles, and played the top powerhouses of the entire Kyushu, such as the True God Family, with one person's strength. This kind of style, besides that Lin Chen, who else can do it!

"Hanged, grass fucking, this kid dare to pit us!"

"We have been turned around by him, and this hatred will not be reported.

The White Bone Hall Master burst out like a mourning roar, his toes suddenly stepped into the void, broke a space, and plundered into the direction of Lin Chen!

"Azure Dragon Sword! Wanzai Xuanguang Blade!"

The dragon's tail swayed, and the azure blue dragon's light condensed into a slash of mansions, slashing down the sky!

The azure blue sword light instantly blasted away the Bone Lord, and the cyan light blade that was cut in turn cut across, and directly forced the Bone Lord's life-defense defensive skill ``Wan You Bone''!

Sigh~! Bang!

It took every effort to resist the attack of the Dragon Emperor. The hands of the White Bone Lord were full of blood, and even a thousand steps back to stabilize the body. The inner shock was just like his incredible expression!

"It's so strong. His blue dragon is not the same as before, at least comparable to the top three dragon heads!"

Soul Chixiao's pupils shrank, and Dragon Emperor's attack made everyone realize a more serious problem!

If Lin Chen was the mysterious person, wouldnt he have slaughtered the three dragon patriarchs?

Reminiscent of this, the **** riots and the five-house strongmen desperately desperate by Lin Chen were suddenly splashed with cold water!

The five members of the Ling family are as shocking as everyone in the room!

What kind of evil is this kind of thing that others can't even think about!

Using the power of one's own strength to play the top powers such as the True God Family, the Secret Society, the Five Palaces of Blood State, and the first-level bidding of the Dragon Patriarch, even the self is auctioned out!

"The hostility of these guys to me has weakened, and they have to be induced once again to add a fire, otherwise they will be miserable if they don't hit them with the five thunders."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, stepped on the "infinite dark step", and actively attacked the people of the false **** family!

[To launch the ultimate moment, consume 50,000 talent points. Start Phantom Rune, consuming 30,000 rune energy.

brush! brush! brush!

Four Linchen, airborne battlefields, and five Linchens volatility, sweeping the sky!

"Seven changes!"

Lin Chen and the four avatars were temporarily moved from the mid-sixth to the seventh-seventh period. With a choke, the sword was drawn out!

Qing Xiao was thunderous, and the avatar held the "Famous Sword Meridian", and the sword wheel turned down!

"Scorching Blue Moon!"

The tremendous turquoise storm sword gas turned around Lei's ancestor, Lei Xiao and others!

"Mirror Bright Moon Speed Moon!"

The flashing knife light reflected the entire sky in a flash, and slashed at the Mo family's ancestor, Mo Ling!

"Shadow Broken Arrow!"

The wind emperor's bow string is full, and a dark man's arrow that breaks through the sky blasts to the sword ancestor'Jian Yin'!

"Seven must pull! Cut off!"

As if the space was pulling in an instant, the ancestor of the Wang family, "Wang Wushuang", was strangely "pulled" a thousand miles away, and a punch of "cutting strength" like a knife hit the wind!

A shot of 95-style glorious silence has turned into a mad dragon going to sea, and a shot of the five-color dragon gun stabs the soul of Chixiao!

boom! boom! boom! Bang ~!

Horrible waves of fighting blossomed mushroom mushrooms, many powerful people were shocked by the aftermath!

Fang Rulong of the "Dark Meeting" was shocked.

"Three top tier seven fighters?"