My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 722

Vol 5 Chapter 722: Three Parties Alone

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Chapter 722

Each of the top tier seven fighters in Kyushu is extremely limited, very few, but there are three Lin Chen alone?

Seeing Lin Chen using their "Famous Sword Meridian" in the Five Halls of Blood State, the strongest of the five palaces of the blood state was completely angry, and they were furious!

Soul Chixiao took Lin Chens two shots of Brilliance and Death with both hands, and retreated several steps. The figure blasted again. The old palms flew out like eagle claws. Lin Chen held back the gun and fell back!

Bang ~!

"Dragon Emperor" entered the battle, Lin Chen used one person's strength, five people and one dragon, and shook the five false **** families on the opposite side. The fighting was shocking!

However, even if two new Tier 7 top-level weapons were newly acquired, Lin Chen's side almost fell into the disadvantages, and he could only rely on his body skills and penetration and charge to run two battles!

Because every pseudo-god family has an ancestor dispatched and brought two elders, which is equivalent to one late nineth plus two early nineth and three eight late.

Basic Lin Chen each avatar and its ontology, must block six! If the proficiency of Infinite Dark Step reached 80%, Lin Chens avatar would have suffered serious injuries already!

[Consumed 10,000 talent points, successfully launched a fatal bloodthirsty, and received 26% of the actual treatment]

[Consumed 9,500 talent points, successfully launched a fatal bloodthirst, and received 25% of the actual damage treatment]

Each avatar of Lin Chen only has the combat strength of the early nineth layer, but it is hard to fight, and he fights against the "penetrating rune", constantly hurting the other party, and his own injuries are constantly being healed, relying on "life growth" and 'Fatal bloodthirsty', with body style, is all about life for life!

However, what most worried the ancestors of the false **** family was the mysterious person who was next to Lin Chen!

That mysterious man, his strength is too perverted! A wave of hand broke the offensive of their six families, the strength is not a dimension at all!

Fortunately, judging from the attitude of the mysterious man at the time, he was not a gang with Lin Chen, and the mysterious man was not under Lin Chens control at all, and he was not with him now. This is the most important thing!

"Hua Wan Cang!"

The fighting spirit of the Nine Tribulation flows, the wind of the guns turns, and the two red flame claws are stopped!

clang! clang! Taking advantage of its gaps, Soul Chixiao burst into four claws and hit Lin Chen twice. His chest glowed with brilliant golden light, and the crystal layer formed by the tri-color sky-trigger fighting spirit also blocked part of his power.

"The defensive armor of Tier VII top grade, you still have this kind of treasure, it seems that you have another chance!"

The heart is soaring, if this child grows up again, the future is endless!

Seeing that Lin Chen seemed to have reservations, Soul Chixiao sneered: "Why? Dont you use your tricks to temporarily increase the skill and the eighth-order knife? With this 8.99 million dragon power and the seventh layer, I will deliberately fight against my soul family. "

[Successfully launched Sky Hidden, Charging, and Penetrating Runes, consuming 750,000 Rune Energy.


Before the words were finished, the situation changed suddenly!

Brush ~! Bang ~!

A beam of spiritual light overflowing with destruction and waves has no signs. It seems to transparently hit the other five people such as Soul Chixiao, vomiting blood, and his face is pale!

Lin Chen, who held the gun in one hand, smiled awe-inspiringly, holding the gun in both hands, and the nine kinds of Heavenly Tribulation battle bodies were urged to the extreme, and the fighting spirit was like a dragon!

War songs that whispered back and forth resounded in the world, just like Shura's coming again!

"Type 100: Shura is dead!"

Lin Chen's momentum is rising, the dragon force is bursting, the nine-color warfare is disillusioned, and the shadow of the gun penetrates the void at a rapid speed. Condensed into an inch flash, the sky dome split in a flash!

"He has no signs of mental attacks in the middle of Tongtian Realm. This is a means that the kid didn't have last time! Oops!"

Soul Chixiao was hard to carry the mentally injured state, a giant flame gun condensed, swept a wave, ripped, slammed Sura Silent!

Bang ~! The sonic boom was thundering, the purple phoenix flapped its wings, and Lin Chen stepped on the dark step. The speed was so fast that every Ninth Battle Emperor felt terrified!

Everyone thought that the shot of "Sura Passion" was his full strength. When he was near Soul Chixiao, a boxing style of fighting turned the "cutting strength" and "tearing strength" out of the way!

The soul of Chi Xiao, who had reacted violently, was about to retreat, but he found that his space was actually pulled by a profound mysterious force, and his body flew past Lin Chens position involuntarily!

Such a weird fist fell into the eyes of the "Dark Meeting" and the powerful players in the Five Palaces, which was a bit shocking! It looks like a large space is suddenly'pulled' towards Lin Chen's position!

"Not good!" Soul Chixiao cried badly!

Boom! The cloud-like roar rang from Lin Chen's fist to the heart of Soul Chixiao, resounding through the sky!

This punch is devoted to Lin Chen's full strength, integrating three kinds of "seven strengths" in one!

"What kind of punching is this?"

Fang Rulong, who is proficient in melee, couldn't help but be shocked!

"Godzilla (cutting and tearing) boxing!"

Lin Chen sneered and continued to pursue the victory, ignoring the attribute light ball dropped by Soul Chi Xiao, the two sides fought back into a ball, but in the face of the ninth layer, even if the other side was injured, Lin Chen still could not prevail.

In addition to Soul Chixiao, the mental trauma suffered by other strong soul families almost prevented them from acting anymore!

The strength of Lin Chen's body is flat between the early and mid-nine-layer of Jiuzhong. Because of his flexible and tricky body, he can work with the latter period of Jiu-zhong. Later!

"Fuck! What are you still looking at, don't help yet. Although this boy is strong, he doesn't have the strength of the head of the Dragon Tribe!"

Soul Chixiao couldn't win Lin Chen for a long battle, and immediately sneered to warn the'dark meeting' people. They dared not intervene because Lin Chen's performance at the auction was too scary!

But now, at first glance, although it is very strong, it is far less than the personal power affects the situation in Kyushu as they imagined! It's just that they worry too much!

"Ancestor Chi Xiao, be careful of fraud!"

The ancestor of the sword family's "Jian Yin" passed on the voice, and Soul Chi Xiao immediately said back to the voice-"It's okay, I can still use the Eucharist again, plus the secret society, and the lunatics in the blood state, even if The kid who took out his eighth-order knife and the strength of the previous breakout is not our opponent, just destroy him now!"

Fang Rulong shouted angrily: "Take this kid!"

More than twenty strong men in the secret society quickly expanded their body, surrounded Lin Chen and his many avatars!

"Neither can we fall behind, the secret of this kid must be pryed out!"

The Five Halls of Blood State are not far behind, and they paid such a heavy price to be fooled between applause.

Throughout the Weeping Blood Plain, there is an impending fall in the air. Each of the three forces has a state-of-the-art fighting power. This lineup makes Ling Ruxue's pretty face on the top of the Great Wilderness Mountain pale!

The palm of the Ling family is also cold sweat. Although Lin Chen's strength is strong, it is far from being strong enough to stand alone against this lineup!