My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 723

Vol 5 Chapter 723: Wulei

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Chapter 723

Are their Ling families going up or down? Even if it goes up, it is just a lone sail rushing into the "wave storm", even self-protection is a problem!

At this moment, the crazy laugh was like a thunderous wind!

"Hahaha, come well, all come to do me! If you do not die, I am Lin, you are a group of Muggles!"

Several strong family members of the Ling family twitched at the corners of the mouth. At this time, he actually laughed? Still have the mood to provoke everyone?

Seemingly provoked by Lin Chen, the strong man in the Five Palaces went from previous caution to anger and killing! Only the violent killing intention to Lin Chen was left in his eyes!

"This man, who has done too much to lose his conscience, will be easily struck by thunder."

Under the trend of siege formed by all the strong men, Lin Chen stepped into the empty "dark step", and his body retreated suddenly, and the corner of his mouth outlined a curved arc of evil charm.

He jumped up and flew back to his side, and stepped on the dragon's head, overlooking the emperors!

"It's now! The system, start the "Five Thunder Boom" nirvana!"

The moment all the strong men approached themselves, Lin Chen communicated the system in one thought!

[The strong hostile hostile within a radius of 100,000 miles has been locked up, launching the top-level killing skill of the Green Tier Five Thunder Booming.

Sigh~! boom! A thunderstorm exploded the sky, all the strong people in the void above the sky, without warning, dropped a cloud of five-colored thunderclouds, and the released Lei Wei made every strong man feel uneasy!

"Something wrong, launch the Eucharist!"

Soul Chixiao and Lei Xiao, the ancestor of Lei's family, burst into shock at almost the same moment!

Especially Lei Xiao, he is a natural thunder body, and he can clearly perceive the thunder cloud of the five-color thunder cloud, the thunder that directly hits his inner fear!

The "dark meeting" and the strong men of the Five Palaces felt bad, and they retreated one after another to urge their defensive combat skills!

Whether it is a family of pseudo-gods or the Five Palaces and the "dark society", let them escape into the void or jump out of the space, this thunder cloud is like locking their spiritual breath, and they cant avoid it if they want to avoid it. ?

"What the **** is this?"

Their hearts are full of unprecedented fear! It was too late to react.

Bang ~! The deafening thunder sounds, the five-colored thunderclouds above all the powerful people suddenly exploded, and a thousand-thick, thick, and five-thousand-colored thunderbolt, like an electric dragon fluttering into the sky, cut off his head!

boom! boom! boom! boom!

The sound of thunder burst seems to be exploding, the whole weeping blood plain is torn by the endless five-color Lei Wei after rhyme, and the sound wave Yu Wei heard that nearly one million miles away can still shake the crystal wall of space!

"Ah! It hurts, what kind of combat skill is this, I'm about to be torn!"

"Why, what the **** is this, why can't you hide!"

"This emperor is unwilling, he has been in the blood state for 100,000 years, and there have been countless murders. Ten thousand years of hard work are only in the present day, but he was given by this hairy boy..."

"No, don't, Lin Chen! We surrendered, and we will take away this **** thunder!"

Innumerable strongmen were smashed by the five-color thunder in the void, tumbling and dying.

The five-color thundercloud seemed to be a robbery that killed their destiny, allowing them to have all sorts of supernatural powers and not avoid the "thunder penalty" that thundercloud lowered!

People who havent reached the Ninth Battle Emperors strength, havent even survived the three breaths, just the five-color Thunder will bomb them into slag, rolling off a large number of attribute light **** in the void!

This is almost a scene of a disaster in the world, Lin Chen's eyes become particularly deep and dignified, the ancestors of the pseudo-god family who are staring at it!

The top of the great wild mountain; the Ling family is completely dumbfounded!

"Oh my god! What kind of awesome thing is this?"

Lord Ling breathed a cold air! He can clearly feel that among the five-color thunder, there is the power to make the nine-fold battle emperor ashes!

If you are hit, even if the background is rich and you can't die, you may have a lifelong disability, it is difficult to return to the peak!

The strong man under the five-color thundercloud will fall at any time in the early stage of the nineth heavy layer, on the verge of death in the middle of the nineth heavy layer, and will continue to be seriously injured in the late nineth layer!

Ling Ruxue was stunned and stared at the spot, staring at the teenager bathed in the endless thunder and thunder, and for a time he was infatuated!

His eyes are like stars, his eyebrows are like swords, and there is a tyrannical dominance in the world. He is like a hegemon who dominates all living things!

Lei Guang continued to blow up the writhing air, blowing his robe, hunting, and still not changing his face, without the cynicism just now, some were just the harshness of breaking the ship!

Bang ~!

I saw that the body of the five battle spirits of the vast and magnificent shore emerged from the void, the momentum covered the sky and the sun, like the sun, the moon and the sky, rivers and rivers!

It is the holy body of the five great ancestors! When they launched the Holy Body, they cultivated to temporarily cross the boundary of the Ninefold Warlord and reach the one-robber warlord in the legendary Five Robbery King Realm!

Although the power of "Five Thunders" is strong, it only caused them some injuries, and no serious injuries.

Although the'holy body' was urged on the occasion of a thousand attacks, the five ancestors still secretly waved a wave of cold sweat. If the reaction is slowed down again, they must be severely injured by the'five thunders'! At least we can still rely on the "holy body" to resist the past!

"This kid has mastered this kind of killing trick in a few days. No wonder he can kill the tribal chiefs!"

When the soul is scared, the thunder of the five-colored thundercloud is about to pass, and the "Five Thunder Booming" nirvana is coming to an end!

However, it is not over yet! Lin Chen's eyes were as sharp as a sword, with one hand held high, it was another snap!

Snapped! boom!

The second group of five-color thunderclouds came again, and the fear of almost despair finally appeared in the minds of all the strong men!

Come again?

"My **** boy, this kid actually came a second time?"

Lei Xiao couldn't help but yell! If it is an ordinary Thunder, his Ten Thousand Miles are not afraid at all!

But this five-color thundercloud contains the five elements of golden wood, water, fire and earth. From the basis of the five elements, it will destroy the flesh and the fighting spirit, and it will not be immune to this destructive power!

"Oops! If that round of bombardment comes again, I will have to withdraw even if there is a Eucharist!"

The ancestor of the sword family, Jian Yin urged the Eucharist to pull the blade, and continued to resist the "five thunders", his face became more dignified!

The second group of Five-Colored Thunder Clouds didnt give them time to think about it. The first group of Thunder Clouds disappeared and immediately followed, blasting in turns!

Bang! Bang!

With an explosion, some of the Nine Heavy Mid-Emperor Warlords were also split into powder, and they could barely carry the first "Five Thunders", but could not bear the second time!

"From now on, it is time to decide the victory!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, the fierce light was revealed!

Two bursts of "Five Thunders" were sent out in succession, even if the five great ancestors used the so-called "Holy Body" to be injured, and the energy of the "Holy Body" must be used to hardly resist the two Thunders. This is the only chance!

To kill them, now is the best time! These old things that act as dogs for pseudo-gods will not die for a day, and Lingzhou will not be peaceful for a day!

Choke~! The knife box was opened, and the sound of the dragon's sheath resounded to the sky dome. Lin Chen's body held the "zhang blue moon", and the eighth-order knife was born again!

When Soul Chixiao, who hurriedly resisted the five-color thunder, witnessed Lin Chen pulling out the Azure Blue Moon, his pupils shrank, and he finally understood Lin Chens intention!

This kid is to destroy them here!