My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 724

Vol 5 Chapter 724: Day Of Lore

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Chapter 724

Lin Chen didn't care about the fall of the'Dark Meeting' and the powerful players in the Five Palaces, and his alliance with the false **** family was his enemy!

The five halls of the Blood State do not know how many lives were slaughtered under his hands. Everyone was covered with countless blood, and Lin Chen did not care about their lives!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, the bright swords in his hands kept surging, and the glow of the sky was broken!

"This is the third use of the eighth-order knife, and there are two chances to use the blue moon. This time, these guys must be cut off! Now the shot will disturb the bombardment of the five thunders, and they will share the pressure for them. Wait, Wait for a certain chance!"

Right now Lin Chen only has one "Five Thunder Booming" nirvana, which is reserved for the critical moment of life-saving use. After meeting these guys in the future, there is no chance this time!

Lin Chen and the four avatars stood together and continued to launch the Ultimate Time talent. Long Huangfei walked away from the void and kept away a large number of attribute light **** in the void.

[Acquired 36.95 million essence of fighting spirit, 130,000 skill essence, 100,000 talent points, 60,000 rune energy, 790 spiritual power, 4.98 million Qi blood energy, 900 blank attributes, 1985 wind energy, 1485 points Dark energy, 2854 ignition energy...

[Open 10 amethyst treasure chests, gain: 100,000 talent points, 100,000 rune energy, 200,000 heavenly value, two volumes of advanced purple middle-level exercises, 500,000 spirit essence, and 10,000 fire energy.

The light screen of the system pops up at a high speed, and Lin Chen's attribute value keeps on surging. He is always ready to launch Tianyin Rune and Nine Tribulation Star!

There is only one chance, he must kill the false **** family here!

The two "five thunders" were split in turns, and all of them fell below the ninth level! None survived!

Only those five ancestors, as well as an ancestor of the Yousha Palace, and Fang Rulong, the organizer of the "Dark Meeting"! Both of the latter were seriously injured and did not have much combat power at all!

The five members of the Ling family, whose inner shock is beyond words, each of these three forces placed on top of Kyushu is the strongest person at the top of the pyramid. Only seven people survived in the end.

The Holy Body of the Five Great Patriarchs is now dilapidated, with cracks and gaps all over his body, and he cant save five of his fighting power!

[Congratulations to the host for the sixth stage of promotion.

After taking away all the attribute light balls, Lin Chen, who was a breakthrough, blessed the "sevenfold change", and Xiu was temporarily soared to the beginning of the eighth layer!

Finally, the two "Five Thunders" were about to end, Lin Chen's momentum soared!

"Come! This kid is going to kill us!"

Soul Chixiao's heart sank, and he was about to retreat with four others, and a gray rune descended from the sky, exploded, suppressed the universe, and solidified the void! A thousand miles away, all blocked!

Lin Chen's rune energy, almost at this moment, dropped by 10 million points!

This is the strongest "Runaway Rune" Lin Chen has ever used! Directly control five people!

In the past, when Lin Chen was at the Battle of Lingzhou, at most, he only used more than 3 million rune energy at a time to delay the three nine-fold war emperors, such as the soul burial. The 10 million points, even the five great ancestors, were solidified. live!

The moment the slow rune succeeded, the four avatars shot like thunder!

The twisted beam of annihilated spiritual light traverses the entire sky, one arrow breaks through the sky, one sword reflects the sky, one sword rotates!

"AnnihilationShadow Breaking ArrowsMirror Moon's GodBlazing Blue Moon Slash!"

All are the strongest kills, blessing recharges and penetrating runes, the power is endless!

At the same moment when the avatar shot, Lin Chen held a slanting blue sky in his hands! A touch of moonlight that divides the sky and the earth shines all over the world, flashing!

"Jingyue and God!"

The "Jingyue Chi God" erupted by the eighth-order knife and the "Long Yao" are completely two levels!

"not good!"

The five elder ancestors all changed their faces, and the opportunity of death enveloped all of them. They were seriously injured and were dragged down by the slow rune, which could not withstand such a terrible offensive!

The ancestor Yin Yin, who held the sword one block, was broken into pieces by the "Jingyuechi God" issued by the eighth-order knife!

boom! boom! boom!

A series of chaotic energy storms rose into the sky, reaching tens of thousands of feet, wide to more than 100,000 feet, and the aftermath of energy strangled everything in tens of thousands of miles to ashes!

"This kid actually has a knife that is suspected of an eighth-order sacristy..."

"It's terrible...he really has the ability to kill the three tribes, and the ten dragon patriarchs will not be his opponents together!"

The ancestors of the surviving Fang Rulong and Yousha Palace witnessed this moment, and they drew deep fear in their eyes and began to flee quietly!

This kind of offensive is too terrible, especially the bevel of the spirit beam and the eighth-order knife, which is like a split between heaven and earth! Even if they were at their heyday, they would have to be slashed and crippled!

"It's not over yet!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, the killing intent is monstrous!

His penetrating, energizing, and sky-hidden runes are launched simultaneously!

A nine-color starlight that only Lin Chen could see turned in the palm of his hand, such as a roulette wheel rotating, the origin of the Jiu Tribulation's fighting energy was quickly reduced, and Lin Chen's face was slightly pale!

At the next moment, he slammed the nine-color starlight with one hand! The "Nine Tribulation Stars" in the state of the "Tianyin" rune crossed the sky and turned into a nine-color meteor!

Bang ~! The energy explosion of the mushroom cloud rises to a height of 100,000 feet, and the Weeping Blood Plain vibrates!

The center of the energy explosion blooms and rotates a nine-color beam of light, overflowing the unprecedented wave of destruction, and the nine-color energy fluctuations spilled out of each rotation also contain the power of extinction!

The destruction energy rotating in the center of the beam of light is enough to crush any Jiuzhong late warlord! Second only to the "Nine Tribulation Stars" used in the superposition of the four talents in Lingzhou!

Now Lin Chen, using the seven-level change to temporarily advance to the eighth-level initial cultivation, plus his intermediate element attribute value, has exceeded 700,000 points on average!

Those who can directly receive his "Nine Tribulation Stars" in front of the mainland of Kyushu today may not exceed ten people!

brush! brush! brush!

Three bloods escape the void, three of the five great ancestors! Lei Xiao, Soul Chixiao, Mo Ling!

The other two were already in the center of the attack, even if they were resisted by the "holy body", they were bombarded into scum!

"Actually there are three more who can come out?"

This result is somewhat beyond Lin Chen's expectations.

At this time, several powerful members of the Ling family in the great wasteland rushed towards the thunder and immediately intercepted one of the three!

The Dragon Emperor flapped the Purple Phoenix wings, assisting the Ling family with the Dragon Thriving Technique. The four avatars stepped at full speed on the "dark step" to intercept Mo Ling!

"Damn Ling family, don't you want to be against our true **** family? Get away, don't kill you Ling family!"

Mo Ling's angry roar roared, but the head of the family Ling smiled deeply: "I Ling Mo still has a clear picture of the situation, this way is not working."

Several strong members of the Ling family were entangled, and Mo Ling, as strong as the late Jiuzhong, was also cut off.

Lin Chen flapped the Purple Phoenix Wing and rushed towards Soul Chixiao!