My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 725

Vol 5 Chapter 725: Imminent

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Chapter 725

Lin Chen's hands raised the "blue moon" across the sky, which was a cross-cut of the "speed moon" against the soul of Chixiao, and the moonlight was cut quickly!

Sigh~! Soul Chixiao was cut off an arm, his face finally appeared the most fearful moment since fame!

He used one hand to call out a space jade from the Naling ring. Under the premise that the energy in the center of the explosion was chaotic and turned into a vacuum zone, he could not use the space jade.

At this time, even if you are not far from the explosion center, you can only try it now!

Boom~! The gray light flashed, and a gray rune lived on top of his head, and the space power of the jade jade of the space was not torn. Lin Chen split the knife "Speed Mirror"! With a loud bang, the space jade jade is smashed!

Another three-sword'Speed Moon', the blade of the azure blue moon is extremely fast, slicing the soul of Chixiao into several segments, and blood is thrown into the sky. This top character who used to be in China is now under Lin Chen's sword. Wraith!

Bang ~! Boom! Boom! Boom!

On the other side, the four avatars, the fourth avatar seized the opportunity, and thundered melee!

His double fists may turn into violent winds and showers, or such as swords, fingers, "cutting strength" and "pulling strength" to the fullest extent, even if he has other cards, he cannot resist the siege of the four major avatars. This violent melee bombardment was exploded alive!

Doppelganger shot, immediately besieged Mo Ling!

Lin Chen's expression was indifferent on the blue neck of Soul Chixiao.

"How does it feel to be a dog for a false god? Are there any last words."

The body was cut into several sections of the soul Chixiao, leaving only the upper body, he grinned: "Lin Chen, are you so calm, if I explode, you will certainly die."

"You can try to see if your self-detonation is fast or my knife is fast. Tell the purpose and plan of the master behind you, and I can make you die faster."

Lin Chen sneered, Soul Chixiao coughed and vomited blood, and laughed loudly: "Ha ha ha ha, Lin Chen, how can you be talented and peerless, and against the true God Master, you have only one way to die! The great true **** will come to Kyushu soon! This news has begun to spread throughout Kyushu. Even if you killed me, how could you kill so many strong men in Kyushu? It's Lingzhou! Hahaha, you will die without a doubt, you will die without a doubt!"

"That group of false gods will come to Kyushu?"

Lin Chen's expression was a little dignified. This news really shocked him!

If it is true as Soul Chi Xiao said, will there not be more dark meetings for the false gods after that?

The most important thing is that even if the false **** is seriously injured, he is still the strength of the holy realm. How can he stop these holy powers?

Sigh~! The spirit of war is torn, and Soul Chixiao wants to explode!

Tear ~! Lin Chen slashed his head, chopping off his first level, breaking the life wheel of combat spirit, and completely fell! Drop a lot of attribute light balls!

Soul Chixiao fell, an orange light burst into the void, and a treasure chest inlaid with orange crystal jade suspended the void.

"Orange crystal treasure chest?"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up and grabbed the orange crystal treasure chest.

[The host opens the orange crystal treasure chest and obtains the orange-level one-time talent fragment: Apollo (3/3). The complete talent has been automatically synthesized. Please check with the host.

Apollo talent! Lin Chen's second orange rank talent, born!

"Gather the God-killers again, with two orange-order talents in hand, maybe I'm against the last trump card of those false gods!"

Lin Chen took away the attribute light ball in front of him, except for Soul Chixiao, there was also an orange crystal treasure chest!

The explosion center of the "Nine Tribulation Stars" in the past was a deep pit with thousands of miles, which was caused by some natural disasters that fell from outside the heavens and earth. It looked frightening.

Lin Chen rushed to the center of the explosion, spreading his body in a row, and at the same time taking away the attribute light sphere, he reached out and opened the second orange crystal treasure chest!

[The host opens the orange crystal treasure chest and obtains: 23 million points of intermediate power.

A large number of attribute light **** appeared in the orange crystal treasure chest, which was included in Lin Chen's eyebrows. He was both happy and sad. "It's actually a meritocracy, grandma's, wouldn't it be done if I brought a piece of God-killer shard!"

Lin Chen is short of almost everything right now, and he is lacking in the skill and spirit and the fragment of the talent of God Killer!

When you look around again, the ancestors of Yousha Palace and Fang Rulong have fled. From today, the Five Halls of Blood State and the Dark Meeting of Yunzhou will cease to exist.

Without the top combat power of today, the remaining powerhouses will hardly become a climate, and it is almost impossible to return to previous achievements.

Put away the "Azure Blue Moon" and the Dragon Emperor is included in the body. The value of this harvest is extremely high, comparable to the previous battle against the seven dragons!

Especially the essence of mid-level fighting spirit, it is a wild harvest of 5.3 billion points! More than doubled the original value!

Nine element attribute values, an average increase of 200,000 points! Mental power, skyrocketing 40,000 points! Talent points, Heavenly Dao value, skill and spirit, all skyrocketed by more than 20 million points!

Just after Lin Chen lifted the "seven changes", a great amount of fighting spirit poured into the six nine-color fighting wheels, and the seventh one was born!

Bang ~! The aura of nine kinds of sky-tribulation war bodies exploded like a thunderstorm, and surged out of Lin Chen's body.

[Congratulations to the host's advancement into the Seventh Early Warlord.

Seventh Battle Emperor! Today, Lin Chen has stepped into the ranks of the top powerhouses in Kyushu by virtue of cultivation. Break two levels!

The turbulent momentum of the momentum of the war is slowly stopped at a certain node, but it has not broken through the seven-fold mid-term cultivation.

The reason is that every bottleneck is too solid, seven-fold, eight-fold, and nine-fold battle emperor, and every big and small realm is extremely difficult to break through.

And because of the Five Thunder Booming nirvana, most of the strongmans Nahua has been bombarded into dross and part of the attribute lightball, and only the Nahuas Nahuas Nahua is preserved.

"Sure enough!"

Lin Chen erased the spiritual imprints of the five great ancestors on the Nahua, and saw the many treasures in the Nahua.

Including the previous two volumes of Purple Tier Intermediate High Grade, Middle Grade Alchemy Handprint, Purple Tier Top Mind, Battle Skill, Danfang, and Seventh Tier Top Middle Grade Elixir Nine Turning Dragon Dragon and Huang Ji Dan!

Many top treasures, everything, almost the old man of these five families are in it!

"Your Excellency Lin Chen, I can't think of you as the mysterious strong man. Today, my Ling family is an eye-opener!"

Ling Family Master, Ling Mo gave Lin Chen a fist, both amazed and admired!

From the "Dark Meeting" to the **** state fight, Lin Chen can use the word "Legend" for everything! Not to mention guessing, the anti-sky events that others dare not even think about can happen and be realized one after another!

"Ling Family Master is kind, I don't like nonsense, you shot, this is your reward."

Lin Chen gave him a bomb and gave the amethyst bomb sealed with the "flaming flame" to the Ling family and others.

Ling Mo quickly caught it and was frightened with cold sweat. Does this guy care too much or dont care? The top-ranked purple order of Kyushu is thrown out so casually. If there is a case, it can scare people to death in minutes...