My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 726

Vol 5 Chapter 726: Shenyan Vision

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Chapter 726

If it were not for the Ling family's shot this time, with his strength, he might not be able to kill all three Gouhuo escaped.

Any one of these five great ancestors running away is a great threat to Lingzhou. In the later period of Jiuzhong, it is already the top powerhouse in Kyushu!

Lin Chen, as strong as he is today, can only be defeated by sneak attacks in the later stage of the Nineth Layer without the competitive skills. On the premise that the three men ran apart, it was really possible for them to run away.

"You, are you really Lin Chen?"

Ling Ruxue, who was unsealed by Ling Mo, walked up to Lin Chen and asked some dreams.

"Otherwise, have you seen someone more handsome than me in Kyushu?"

Lin Chen smiled and waved his hand indifferently.

Suddenly, Ling Ruxue pursed her lips and her eyes flickered, looking forward to Lin Chen!

"Then, Mr. Lin Chen, can I hug you?"

Someone Lin's face is dumbfounded! Focusing on being a girl for thirty years, this is the first time he has met such an active girl!

Ling Mofu, this daughter is really...


Outside of Kyushu, there is an endless starry sky, above a small continental plate, an incomplete planet, and an independent space plane.

All the creatures lurking inside and retreating are as if they have a spirit in their hearts, and they open their eyes at the same time!

"Dead? My relatives are dead?"

"Impossible, who has the power to kill them at the same time?"

"Is that the kid? Lin Chen!"

"Damn wild dog, a mere mortal, dare to interfere with me to wait till this, when this seat comes to Lingzhou personally, and personally destroy this child!"

"In less than three months, I will be able to refine all of the earth's nuclear energy, come to Lingzhou, kill, kill! Completely destroy this child!"

Endless roar echoed in the stars.


Weeping blood plain

Lin Chen has not had time to make a choice for Ling Ruxue. There is no sign in his arms. A beam of light blooms in his arms.

There is a sense of crisis in nothingness, covering Lin Chen, his pupil trembling, staring at the figure in the light column!

In the beam of light, the beautiful long dresses of the beautiful world are like clouds and smoke, and the beauty is beautiful. The flashing snow-white fire marks on the eyebrows make the beauty look more noble and holy, like the fairy coming down from the sky.

The snow-white firemark at the heart of the snow-white eyebrow circulates like ripples of flame ripples flashing in the virtual space, as if hiding a world!

"Sister Ruoyan? What's going on!"

Lin Chen gasped slightly!

Now Bai Ruoyan, Xiu Wei is still the pinnacle of the early nineth layer, but the sense of oppression revealed is stronger than any ancestor of that false **** family!

"Could it be that the orange order mentality?"

Lin Chen Heart Shock! He originally agreed with Bai Ruoyan and then appeared to assist at a critical moment, but he didn't see Bai Ruoyan's shot just now. He also wondered why Ruo Yan didn't make the shot. It turned out that it was the "Shenyan Heart Sutra"! Comprehend and breakthrough!


A starry sky that is infinitely far away from Kyushu, a star field rotates like a roulette wheel, and each star contains a world.

At the very center of the star field, a magnificent and indescribable continental plate, surrounded by decay into a magical enchantment, rises endless human civilization!

Holy World!

But in the south of the Holy World, the endless flames burned into a sky of fire, and the sky of fire like a ``waterfall'' flows in the sea of fire.

The Tianhe of Firelight is like the sky of heaven and heaven, and the colors are constantly changing between the intertwined rotations. Each color is a flame that destroys the world! Just like two flying dragons, through nine days!

The most mysterious thing is that a vast red shore palace stands in the sea of fire, the whole body is like a crystal jade cut and cast, beautiful and beautiful, and the miracle of civilization of the gods.

Inside the Scarlet Palace, a beautiful shadow with red yarn and bright red robes, when opening the beautiful eyes slowly, a trace of amazement and surprise!

"Someone in the mortal world practiced the Shenyan Heart Sutra of my Shenyan Palace without authorization, and the cultivation was completed?"

The eyes of the red robe Qianying flowed a faint flame, as if through the time and space, with a deep gaze, staring for a long time, and finally withdrawing her gaze.

"So it turns out, is the realm of Kyushu mainland, interesting, even controlling the eternal flame of all things..."


Weeping blood plain

Bai Ruoyan slowly floated down and opened her beautiful eyes. Lin Chen hurried forward to hold her catkins and secretly said.

"How is it all right?"

In the whole of Kyushu, no one knows the consequences of practicing the "Orange Step Heart Method". Even if Bai Ruoyan fits perfectly with the "Shenyan Heart Sutra", Lin Chen is still worried about any side effects.

"Well, it's okay. It's just the epistemic foundation for understanding the Heart Sutra. This mentality is indeed tailor-made for me. Just cultivating to entry, my strength has soared more than ten times."

Bai Ruoyan smiled.

ten times! Lin Chen's mouth shuddered a few times!

Without using the "Holy Fire Realm", Bai Ruoyan went all out to compete with the majority of the nineth-level mid-level war emperor. This tone increased tenfold. Isn't it easy to leapfrog the nineth-level early stage?

It's not possible that even the ancestors of the false **** family who launched the'holy body' are not their opponents!

"Orange-order mind method, it really is abnormal, this is just getting started..."

Lin Chen was astonished, and he was looking forward to "Too Yi Fu Tian Ju" more and more in his heart!

There was a hint of worry in Bai Ruoyan's smiling eyes.

She didn't tell Lin Chen, because she practiced "Shenyan Heart Sutra", the eternal flame in her body seemed to have turned on a certain kind of switch. The energy of the flame grew faster and faster, and the speed of hardening and breeding of fighting spirit was also surging!

At this rate, within half a month, even if you don't practice on your own, Bai Ruoyan will advance to the ninth mid-term cultivation!

The ninth warlord's cultivation base is that every level of improvement is to break through the bottleneck of life. The breakthrough speed like Bai Ruoyan is totally different!

In the near future, the ever-increasing energy of the eternal flame will exceed her control!

Ling Ruxue saw that Lin Chen had some ordinary people beside him. He bowed his head and dared not mention the previous request.

However, Lin Chen turned to smile and walked in front of her. Under her surprised eyes, she generously gave a friend a hug.

"It's a pleasure to recognize you, the Ling family, and you, Miss Ling family, but this time I don't have time. I will definitely go to your Ling family and sit down next time."

Lin Chen grinned, Ling Ru Xuejiao smiled smirkingly-"That's good, I will discuss with you next time!"

"My little friend Lin Chen, what do you plan to do after this time. The real **** behind you will never let you go if you kill the people of the true **** family. If there is anything my Ling family can help, we will say nothing! Your actions are not worthy of the gift you gave us!"

Ling Mo asked worriedly.

In fact, throughout Kyushu, only a handful of forces knew the history of the ancient Hundred Saints, and almost everyone was brainwashed by the History Covered by False God, thinking that only the true God is the creator who created this Kyushu!