My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 727

Vol 5 Chapter 727: Purchase Trial Order

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Chapter 727

"It's okay, then I'm going to the sky tower."

Lin Chen smiled and did not break the secret of the false **** with Ling Modao.

Lin Chen said goodbye to the Ling family, and the two sides made a good relationship.

Launching the "Super Dimensional Teleportation", Lin Chen teleported to the direction of space 1, pointing directly to the True Mountain of Shenzhou!


Shenzhou Extreme East, Soul Home Area, True God Mountain!

The light beam in the space broke open, and Lin Chen came. When floating in the air, look around.

Today's soul family has long been ruined and abandoned by the soul family!

And those believers of false gods still rebuild the true **** mountain and worship every day!

Tens of thousands of false believers stationed on the True God Mountain discovered Lin Chen and exclaimed.

"Huh, who is that?"

"It seems that Lin Chen, did he come again?"

"Damn Lin Chen, how can you disobey the true God, you will go to hell!"

"It's you who caused us such hardships, disasters and hardships, and lost the protection of the true God. Do you know how our homes were destroyed?"

"Lingzhou Linchen! You should break tens of thousands of corpses, not to die, God's majesty cannot be blasphemy, God's will will eradicate you!"

The believers of countless false gods were furious, but no one dared to come forward. They blamed Lin Chen on the series of sufferings suffered by the false gods after the dissolution of the "True God Family".

Lin Chen overlooked the living beings, and more and more false **** believers gathered at his feet.

More and more false **** believers gathered in the Soul Home area. Lin Chen faced one million, ten million, and nearly one hundred million people. He shouted!

"Mainland of Kyushu, there is no god!"

Kyushu, there is no god! This sentence is clanging and powerful.

The juvenile shock was mixed with the majestic fighting spirit and the immense spiritual power, spread all over thousands of miles! Like a dragon, sleeping for thousands of years, the anger of recovery, the roar of awakening!

Lin Chen flew straight away in the presence of hundreds of millions of false **** believers, no one dared to stop!

He believes that as long as he is alive, as long as he can destroy the false gods, one day, he will uncover the hundreds of thousands of years of history in Kyushu!

By then, Kyushu will no longer walk here with these spooky ghosts and sprites. This prosperous history will surely be like the wish of the sages!

Sky Tower, a loft somewhere.

A figure in a blue shirt stood with his hand down, gazing at the extreme east, shaking his head in wonder.

"Its really a **** and a man. At a young age, he dared to refuse the request of the messenger of the Holy World, and coexisted and died with Kyushu. If every boy in Kyushu can have this kind of spirit, he has a big heart, and a group of rats who dare to hide in secret will never be able to. Erod this beautiful continent!"


When reaching the sky pagoda, Lin Chen urged the'Golden Eyes Twins', and when he looked up at the whole tower, he still couldn't see through any special visions, as if it were an eternal thing standing between heaven and earth, as if from the beginning of birth Facilitate this to open up the world.

"The sky tower is not an ordinary holy weapon!"

With Lin Chen's present vision, he can feel a little good in this sky tower, it may be an extremely powerful holy weapon! Or maybe even stronger!

"It is rumored that the owner of the sky tower is the most mysterious powerhouse in Kyushu. I wonder if this operation has a chance to meet."

Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan entered the Sky Tower again!

Sky Tower, No. 1 main city.

Lin Chen did not immediately go to the main city of No. 10 to find the location of the magic eye, but went to the treasure hall in the main city.

Because, this time he wants to sell something!

During the war, the strong families of the Pseudo-Sacred Family and the Five Halls and the Secret Society had almost no remaining weapons, all of them were damaged in the battle, and only the precepts of the Pseudo-Sacred Family were left.

The deputy dean personally instructed that he should not approach the'Magic Eye' without authorization without exceeding the power of the nineth-fight war emperor's later period. Therefore, he has to stop a little to accumulate power and digest the resources at hand!

Lin Chen has two complete purple-level top-grade inferiors and two top-level inferior combat skills. In addition to the "Seven Star Sword Spectrum" he needs to practice. If it is used to decompose, he may be able to harvest a batch of high-quality exercises, or use Yu Fu Gong.

But no matter how it is used in the system, it is not the result that Lin Chen needs most!

He has no shortage of attacking, defensive, and physical combat skills. No matter how much you learn combat skills, your foundation is not hard but just soft-footed shrimp.

What he needs is cultivation and improvement of attribute value!

The most intuitive is the essence of fighting spirit and the intermediate element attribute value, to enhance the nine Heaven Tribulation warfare body, to enhance the power of mind and magic, is to comprehensively enhance his strength!

The element attribute value is very important. Previously Lin Chen used the God-killer talent to achieve the initial cultivation of the Nineth Layer. At that time, the average value of the nine element attributes was less than 200,000 points.

Now his element attribute value exceeds 900,000 points on average! If you enter the early stage of the Nineth Layer again, your strength will be very different from yourself in the state of God Killer!

In the back hall of the Treasure Hall, there are more than a dozen elders stationed there, and even the lord of No. 1 main city is alarmed!

"Purple Tier Intermediate Alchemy Fingerprint "Wan Cang Jue", Purple Tier Top Inferior Combat Skill One, Purple Tier Top Inferior Complete Heart Technique Two, and a Seventh Tier Top Middle Grade Elixir."

The owner of the No. 1 main city personally counted many items for sale for Lin Chen, and each kind of treasure made the elders stationed in the main city air-conditioned!

Purple top-level mentality are sold out, or two? too crazy!

"According to the estimated value of the tower, the total price is: 99.5 million sky coins."

The middle-aged fat man asked Lin Chen cautiously.

"Your Excellency Lin Chen, are you really willing to make sure to sell these treasures to the sky tower? Once confirmed, you will not regret it!"

Things are important, the city owner must confirm again and again, because this is an unprecedented transaction!

On the list of the Heavenly Sky Tower, there is only one volume of top-level purple spells available for sale, with a price of nearly 30 million sky coins. Someone is selling two copies, plus a volume of mid-level intermediate-grade alchemy fingerprints. I dare not even think about it!


Lin Chen talked and laughed, and didn't care.

The city lord took a deep breath and waved to the elder. After a while, the elder trembled tremblingly to deliver a ring.

"This is 99.5 million sky coins, please count them."

Lin Chen took it hand in hand, and the fighting spirit entered into the Najie ring, and the sky-like coins piled up in the mountains were dozens of feet high, and a huge sum of nearly 100 million!

"no problem."

Lin Chen got up and the city owner personally sent him away!

An hour later, the ten major cities set off a twelve magnitude earthquake!

On the list of the Treasures of the Heavens, there are two new top-level purple minds, plus a top-level purple combat skill, a volume of mid-level purple alchemy handprints, and a top-level seventh-level Chinese medicine "Nine Turning Dragon Pill"!

The famous top powerhouses in the ten main cities were born for this!

But Lin Chen, who made this storm, has already left and headed to the secret hall of the No. 1 main city.

The sky tower has one of the top secret cultivation resources in the entire Kyushu, and it is the motivation for all the war emperors to break into the tower and want to enter the tower.

Lin Chen replaced all the top treasures in hand with the sky coins, and he can enter the secret realm of the blue and purple trials that countless warlords dream of! The attribute value can also hit a wave of higher values!

In the secret hall, Lin Chen read the selling price of the trial order.

"Green Order Trial Order, price: 100,000 sky coins. Blue Order Trial Order, price: 500,000 sky coins. Blue Order Top Trial Order, price: 1 million sky coins. Purple Order Trial Order, Price: 5 million sky coins."

The trial realm above the Purple Order is very limited, only five, and two are the top of the Purple Order.

Looking back to the end, Lin Chen's eyes remained in the last two columns!

"Purple Tier Top Trial Order, price: 10 million sky coins. Orange Tier Trial Order, price: 50 million sky coins."