My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 728

Vol 5 Chapter 728: Turmoil In Kyushu

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Chapter 728

Orange Level Trial Secret Realm! It is said that only three people have entered in history, and there is only one trial secret realm in the entire sky tower as the orange rank!

"Interesting, then go to all the top secret realms!"

Lin Chen purchased three purple ranks, two purple rank tops, one orange rank trial order, plus 10 blue rank top trial orders. A total of 95 million sky coins were consumed, and more than nine tenths were instantly exhausted!

The blue-level trial secret realm is suitable for low-level warlords, the blue-level is suitable for high-level warlords, and the blue-level top, starting from the top warlords, are eligible to enter!

Based on his current cultivation at the beginning of the Seventh Layer, the ordinary secret realm has not had much effect. Lin Chen expects that only the blue level and above will have an effect.


Blue-level top trial secret realm; Tianyan secret realm.

Lin Chen turned into a stream of light, blue and white flames were burning everywhere in the secret area, and a few white and white fire dragons wandered the void, containing a strong fire aura!

The temperature here is comparable to the'Hell Volcano' of the Red Dragon Yanlong clan. If you are a master of the fire system, you don't need to run the mind at all, and the strong fire aura will spontaneously enter the body!

Put in Lin Chen's eyes, whether it is the void, the ground, the red attribute light ball everywhere! All are high-value intermediate fire energy attribute values!

After entering here, Lin Chens fighting spirit, which belongs to the Fire Tribulation combat body, automatically runs, absorbing this strong fire spirit.

[Get 1450 Ignition System Energy, 1490 Ignition System Energy, 1200 Ignition System Energy, 2 million points of fighting spirit,]

Lin Chen launched the Phantom Doppelganger to collect the attribute light ball for himself.

"It's a good place for retreat, I can take away all the attribute light **** here in less than two days!"

Lin Chen sat in the void, flipped his palms, and the jade bottle emerged. Inside was an incandescent flashing elixir, flowing a white circle of light, very mysterious!

This is the "Aurora Pill", which is obtained from the bidding of the strongest of the Five Palaces, and it is made from the essence of nine days of sunlight and four top-level light beast cores of the seventh order.

Lin Chen swallowed the "Aurora Pill" at once, and the dazzling energy of the light system rising into the body surged into the body!

[Get 2200 points of light energy, 1800 points of light energy, 2500 points of light energy, 3000 points of light energy, 29.9 million essence of fighting spirit,]

Refining the essence of the light system in the chaos, Lin Chen's light system attribute value is surging linearly, and the fighting strength is also steadily improving!

As Lin Chen's attribute value continued to climb, the turmoil in Kyushu became even more chaotic!

The true God is coming, all heaven is celebrating! Countless strong men, believers of God cheered, but undercurrents were surging!

Twenty days after Lin Chen entered the Sky Tower, Kyushu held the "Ancient Conference" for the first time!

The vast majority of ancient families and powerful people in Kyushu attended the gathering and gathered in Shenzhou! The purpose is to discuss the "True God Arrival" ceremony!

Shenzhou, Void Shentai. Located in the extreme south of Shenzhou, a space plane with 100,000 feet of void.

Hundreds and thousands of figures are gathered here, these figures are at least the cultivation of the Eightfold Warlord and above!

Among them, there are many strong men from the sky tower.

Although some strong men have not arrived, they are always concerned about the content of the discussions in the conference with spiritual ideas.

In the southern part of Shentai, Shen Lianyun and the criminal war led the strong of the Lingzhou Alliance to sit on one side, staying still, and listening to the content of the meeting.

Shentai Dongfang, an old man with a negative sword and green robe closed his brows, he said.

"Everyone, everyone heard about the coming of the True God. Lets open the door to speak brightly. If this so-called True God comes, we will have no place to live! The Earths nuclear energy in the previous Divine State was beaten by His Excellency Lin Chen from Lingzhou. Flying to all parts of Kyushu is the most obvious result."

"Fuck you?"

The red-haired old man who also belonged to Shenzhou stood up angrily-"The true God is born, my Kyushu will be sheltered by gods, to a new peak, to open up a new civilization, where there is no place to live. I think it is your wolf ambition, Im afraid the advent of the true God threatens your own ambitions!"

Tianzhou's "Lei Tianhuang" spit out a spit and scolded at the table!

"How many people knew in the ancient Battle of the Hundred Saints that the defenders of Kyushu were not gods, but countless Kyushu sages! There are no gods in Kyushu, and those are just a group of old Yin Yin!"

Two indifferent middle-aged men sitting with swords did not conceal their killing intentions, and said coldly.

"Keep your mouth clean! Emperor Lei, if you dare to insult the true God again, this seat does not mind that you will tear your mouth with a sword now!"

"The so-called ancient Baisheng is just a fabricated lie. What do you use to prove that they really made achievements for me in Kyushu? They are just some losers who try to contend with the true god! They want to leave their lingering will to desecrate the true god, Who dares to insult the great true God, first asked the absolute sickle in the old man's hand!"

The old man in black robe carrying a single-bladed giant sickle on his shoulders glanced at the audience, and the breath of the early nineth layer leaked out, killing violently!

"God has created history, God has created souls, but you do not know the rewards, don't understand the gifts, and try to disobey God's will, it is really stupid!"

Another mid-nine-layer moon robe and beautiful woman sneered, and this time the "Ancient Conference", almost 80% of the ancient forces tend to "True God"!

"You, you guys?"

Emperor Lei Qingqing exposed, rushing to the crown in anger!

Finally, Shen Lianyun, who had been silent for a long time, raised his hand a little, "His Emperor Lei, dont need to be angry. For the moment, stupid people dont care, we will never wake up some people who pretend to be sleeping. Our sages once fought for us the opportunity to continue to be humans, some If people want to be dogs, let them go."

"Tiange Academy in Lingzhou is very arrogant. I heard that you are the number one who rebel against the will of the great true god!"

Two grey shirt swordsmen, the swords are sharp, the murderous awe-inspiring!

"The majestic sword emperor also went to treat the false **** as a dog, and lived for 100,000 years, what a waste!"

Several refining medicine giants in Danzhou couldn't help but scold, standing in line with the Lingzhou Tiange Academy!

"Old immortals in Danzhou."

Many strong eyes narrowed, revealing a bit of fear!

"There's nothing more to talk about. We would rather stand and die than kneel."

Shen Lianyun took the lead to get up and leave, followed by Emperor Lei Tian, and this "Ancient Conference" opened up with arrows, although it did not fight, but there was only one fuse!

After this "Ancient Conference", the world is divided into two groups, one side is to resist the "True God", but most of them still choose to "accept" the favor of the True God!

In Kyushu, those who know the truth and who have the bones start to move closer to the Lingzhou Tiange Academy and start to open up the space channels of both sides, ready to fight together!

Although there are not many top strong men and those who know the truth, there are also many. But why are there so many strong standing True Gods in this "Ancient Conference".

Because even with the strength of Kyushu, it is difficult to be an opponent of the "Six True Gods"!

Instead of fighting a battle with no chance of victory, it is better to be part of the True God, but also get a fortune and become a ancestor of the six True God families, with the Holy Body! After all, they are all wise people who have lived 100,000 years.