My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 730

Vol 5 Chapter 730: The Secret Realm Of The Sky The Ancient Mansion

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Chapter 730

Sky Tower, the main city of No. 10, in a secret room.

The figure in the green shirt suddenly turned his head, staring into the distance, his eyes narrowed.

"Good guy, after 200,000 years, has anyone finally entered the orange-scale secret realm? The last one entered, seems to be the dean of the Song Academy that day?"

"Eh, it's that Lin Chen kid!"

This person is the tower owner! A ray of white awn circulates on the edge of his pupil, insight into the void, and always pays attention to the situation in the orange-order secret territory.

Orange-level secret realm and sky secret realm.

"The sky of the ancient gods stands in the mansion. The stronger the will of the ancient gods is, the more precious the chance will be..."

When Lin Chen saw the name of the cave house, he was struck by lightning!

Ancient mansion? Does it mean that this mansion was left by a former deity?

In an instant, Lin Chen thought of countless things, as if all the events were connected!

Why the six criminals in the Holy Prison can drive the demon clan, they are really just to extract the nuclear energy to heal the wound? Why did the demon race desperately want to attack the mainland of Kyushu and the nine demon eyes under Kyushu?

The threat of the Nine Demon Eyes is so great, why hasnt even the ancient Hundred Saints destroyed the Demon Race in the Demon Eyes? Even the Hundred Saints have no choice but to be the head of the Devil's Eye.

God! Only a true **** may have this qualification!

"Could it be said that the goal of those false gods is the sky tower?"

Everything seemed to point to the sky tower, but Lin Chen was still not sure, the true **** was too vague!

In the Holy Realm, he had seen the will of Li Changsheng, the "Sword Saint", and had seen the eighth-order Saint Dragon and the Heavenly Imperial Saint Dragon. But apart from the lies created by the false gods, he has never heard of the true deeds of the gods!

"It's no use thinking wildly, just go in and you will know."

Lin Chen pushed open the gate of the mansion, and there was only a long row of steps inside. The steps are five steps long, and there are a total of one hundred steps. The summit is as high as a mountain!

Lin Chen's eyes lit up when he saw the steps! At the 30th and 40th levels, two orange crystal treasure chests are suspended!

"Interesting, give it a try!"

Lin Chen said nothing, jumped up and jumped onto the steps!

Bang ~! A terrifying spiritual will came as Wanyue came down, suppressed Lin Chen's whole body, and the war was running like a turtle!

"His! It's heavy and hard!"

Lin Chen breathed a sigh of relief. This coercion instantly suppressed his 99% strength!

"Dark step!"

The dark robbery fighting spirit flowing all over the body, Lin Chen twisted a dark whirlpool at his feet, and the figure disappeared in an instant!

Lin Chen stepped three steps, seven steps, twelfth steps, to twenty steps, the will will be as powerful as a huge wave, and smashed to Lin Chen, almost turning him back below!

"Come again!"

The whole body exploded with dragon force, the legs exerted force, and the length of the purple phoenix wings stretched out, Lin Chen's speed increased dramatically!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A few steps of "dark step" exploded, Lin Chen cooperated with the purple phoenix wings and pure power to bless the dark step, rushed to the thirtyth order in one breath, and grabbed the first orange crystal treasure chest with one hand!

[Open the orange crystal treasure chest, the host obtains: 25 million talent points.


With such a high amount of talent, even he couldn't help but take a breath!

"This cool, there is an orange crystal treasure chest, take it!"

The speed of the "dark step" has been increased again. The speed of this body method originally surpassed the existing body skills of the entire Kyushu. Its characteristics except the "distorted space" affect the close opponents, the strange trajectory, and one is the " unlimited'!

The more non-stop, the greater the fighting power consumed by the dark step, the faster the speed!

"The Ultimate Return!"

When rushing to the 37th level, Lin Chen launched a talent to fill up a huge amount of fighting spirit, costing 60,000 talent points.

Sigh~! The Purple Phoenix wing exploded with cracks. At this time, Shitai's pressure was extremely strong. Lin Chen launched a "triple change" to repair the temporary breakthrough of the seventh layer!

Boom~! With a touch of purple flames, Lin Chen rushed to the fortieth level and won the second orange crystal treasure chest!

Room 10 in the main city.

The tower master was stunned, and was almost choked by drinking tea. This kid is so terrible! Instantly broke the record!

At that time, he and the former tower owner, as well as the three deans of the Tiange Academy, all entered the "Orange Order Trial Secret Realm." , The highest record.

Lin Chen's easy-going look is a bit scary.

"It's true that he dared to challenge the false **** family. This talent is really the first case in Kyushu. If he does, he will have the opportunity to impact more than 50 orders."

Dare to leave Lin Chen's body, the tower master was attentive.

In front of the mansion stone platform; after opening the orange crystal treasure chest, the system light screen pops up, someone Lin is ecstatic!

[Open the orange crystal treasure chest, the host obtains a one-time orange-level talent fragment: God-killer fragment (3/3), which has been automatically integrated into the complete talent, please check it in the talent column.

The fifth time God-killer talent is finally here! Now, Lin Chen has two talents of Orange rank!

"Continue to rush up, forty steps are far from the limit!

Purple Phoenix wings flapped, Lin Chen continued to strike upwards, just reached the 50th level, the pressure increased suddenly!

"Six changes!"

Lin Chen directly liberated the "six changes"! Xiu Wei is temporarily advancing to the mid-eighth peak of the Eighth Layer. If the attribute value of the intermediate element is not skyrocketing, it will be difficult for the'Xiu Luo Jiuhuang Change' to bridge the terrifying gap between the seventh and eighth layers!

Bang ~!

Lin Chen rushed to the 70th level in one breath, and the coercion of will in each level increased exponentially!

"Seven changes!"

Cultivation for the temporary advancement to the eighth Cultivation later! Lin Chen's "dark step" is like a shuttle, turning into a dark man's bucket!

At level 80, the pressure is as high as the wrath of the heavens, like the tide like the abyss. , Kneel down!

"Damn, who dares to let me kneel, my Lin Chen does not kneel, no matter if you are a **** or a holy one!"

Lin Chen roared, the whole body circulated the blue and quiet light, and the breath of the Heavenly Tribulation War Body suddenly rose!

"The Ultimate Moment" is launched! The power of the exercises has increased fourfold! Lin Chen started the dark step again, the vortex twisted, and turned into a residual image to rush to the 90th order!

"Hiss! Ninety orders, this kid's talent is so abnormal?"

The tower master was dumbfounded and took a few breaths of air. This ancient mansion has the power to measure talents. Based on a persons potential, heritage, willpower, and mood, he measures a persons comprehensive talent!

Ascending to the 20th rank has certain sanctification potential, the 40th rank is the middle rank sanctuary, the 60th rank is the high rank sanctuary, and the 90th rank has the peak sanctuary!

Lin Chen, who launched the "Ultimate Moment" and added seven changes, rushed to the 91st level!

In other words, does this child have the potential to become the pinnacle of holy land in the future?

"It's not over yet!"

Lin Chen roared, purple phoenix wings flapped, blood continually soared, stepped on the dark step and turned into a ray of dark awn, rushing to level 92!

"Slow rune!"

When Lin Chen pushed his hand, the gray rune destroyed the void, exploded into countless gray rays, the rune energy was suddenly reduced by 4 million points, and the horrible will of the void was instantly reduced at this moment!

"It's now!"

Lin Chen's eyes shine!