My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 731

Vol 5 Chapter 731: First Encounter

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Chapter 731

Lin Chen took the opportunity to rush to the seventh level again, and rushed to the ninth level with the slow rune!

In the ninety-ninth level, the frozen space is trembling, the slow rune effect is about to be lifted, and the coercion of will will explode!

"Phantom Rune! Sancun Tribulation!"

At the moment of rushing to the ninety-ninth level, Lin Chen quickly summoned two avatars, and the two avatars punched the whole body with one punch!

The violent dragon force exploded, bombarded on the "three-inch robbery", coupled with Lin Chen's own body speed, suddenly pushed Lin Chen to the 100th order!

by! Directly pass the highest test of the ancient mansion!

With the pressure reduced, someone Lin turned a 360-degree turn and landed, wearing sunglasses and lighting a cigarette, all in one go.

"Shit, nervous and exciting."

Lin Chen spit out a smoke ring for a long time, and looked around. There was nothing but a stone platform.

"Isn't it pitting me? Isn't this the orange-level trial secret realm? There is no fart, and it consumes so many of my attribute values."

While the corners of Lin Chen's mouth were slightly pumped, a vacant voice of Henggu passed from the void.

"Fate is nothing, the heart is like a mirror. Chigo is full of vigor, unlimited, unlimited possibilities."

A simple twenty-word evaluation, but the tower owner was suddenly thundered!

This evaluation means that even the owner of this sky tower, the Zun Shang, could not predict the potential and fate of this child?

"This son must be handed in!"

The tower master in the Chamber of Secrets looked down. If it was previously, Lin Chens potential is not enough to impress him, but now it is different! Being able to climb to the 100th level of the Ancient Mansion will have infinite possibilities in the future!

In the mansion, when the quaint and vicissitudes of the voice surrounded, suddenly a radiant radiance, Lin Lin bathed in the radiance, his nine-color life wheel, seems to have something more.

"Set to death, sanctify after breaking."

In the void, the vicissitudes of voice gradually disappeared...

"In my life wheel, there is an orange aperture? Is that it?"

Lin Chen didn't hear the last sentence, his face was dumbfounded!

"Wipe, I'm afraid I'm not in a fake Orange-level trial secret realm!"

Lin Chen, who almost broke the tongue, finally had to force himself to comfort himself. When he bought two orange crystal treasure chests for 50 million yuan, no loss!

Well, it should be no loss!

After repeatedly confirming that there is nothing else in this Orange Stage Secret Realm, Lin Chen left, and the mansion returned to silence again, as if it were Henggu.

Outside the main city on the 1st, Lin Chen had just left the city, and the seal of fighting spirit was lifted. His fighting spirit was repaired to be like a river and a river.

Bang! All things are ridiculous, mountains and birds are flying away, and the nine kinds of heaven-striking warfare are as bright as heaven!

"It's worthy of the cultivation realm that made all the warlords in Kyushu crazy, and it was really horrible. If I meet the six ancestors again this time, it will be no problem if I go head-to-head."

The corners of Lin Chen's mouth outlined an arc of absolute confidence! The hurricane of elemental attribute values has made his Nine Heavenly Tribulation warfare power soaring by several grades!

It is like the Golden Tribulation Warfare, a gold tribulation warfare launched by 500,000 intermediate gold energy, which can make Lin Chens flesh shell have the hardness of a seventh-order low-level defense weapon without any foreign body defense.

And now, with 4.55 million points of gold energy, Lin Chen is only urging the body of the Golden Tribulation, and the hardness of the meat shell is comparable to the seventh-level advanced defense treasure! Coupled with the "Three-inch Tribulation" and the Golden Prison Dragon Armor, it is hardly resistant to the attacks of the Nine Heavy Warlords!

He is harder, longer lasting, more resistant and more perverted than before!

"If all the six great ancestors use the false holy body, even if they are invincible, but I am someone who is going to leave, they can't stop them. Moreover, I also have a series of talents such as King's Land, Life and Death The trump card, facing head-on, it is still unknown who deer died."

The powerful strength made Lin Chen extremely down-to-earth. In his eyes, a glance of coldness passed by, and Bai Ruoyan appeared.

"Where are we going now?"

"Go, the battlefield of all demons!"


The Wanmo battlefield is a place that only belongs to the quadruple war emperor and above, and is only an area where only the 6th to 10th main cities exist.

The Wanmo battlefield is the territory of the'Devil Race'. In the sky tower, the mission to obtain the sky coin is only the talent of Yuanzun Realm and the lower-level war emperor. The powerful people are all hunting the'Devil Race'!

Lin Chen summoned the Dragon Emperor and advanced at full speed. Within two days, he arrived at the area of the main city of No. 6. The Wanmo battlefield has been connected to the main city of No. 6 to No. 10, which is very vast and is the widest area in the sky tower. .

The Battlefield of Ten Thousand Demons is a world full of gray, whether it is mountains, rivers, plains, jungles, everything is gray!

"This is the battlefield of the demon..."

Bai Ruoyan's eyebrows were extremely heavy, and the entry of the lower-level war emperor may not be able to resist it, and it was a problem to play half of his strength.

"That is the Demon Race?"

The two landed on the top of a gray mountain. Lin Chen pointed to the plain not far away, and thousands of humanoids walked back and forth.

They have horns on their heads, a reddish body, and are taller than a full body. They are like blades, and their red skin is covered with dragon-like green tendons. They have human-like features, but their eyes are hollow, and the dry and empty eyes have only one red spot.

The pace of their walking is very strange, every step step out flashes a few feet, dozens of feet away, but the huge and fierce figure is like a ghost ghost, it is chilling!

The Demon Race is the third race of the Kyushu except Orcs and Human Races. They exist only in the Sky Tower. They were born in the Devil's Eye. The high-level of each era will enter the Sky Tower to hunt the Devil Race.

The ranks of the devil's strength are divided into: devil pawn, demon general, demon king, devil emperor, demon king, and the higher, the holy demon king!

Among them, the Devil Emperor has the strength equal to or greater than the five-fold war emperor of the human race, the Devil Emperor is the lowest War Emperor, the Demon Emperor is the half-step Emperor, and the Demon Pawn is the Yuanzun Realm.

The devil, at least also the cultivation of the nine-fold war emperor, intermediate devil, the lowest match against one robbery war emperor, senior demon king, with more than three robbery, even four robbery war emperor strength!

The Holy Demon King is at least rivaling the Holy Realm. This kind of powerful existence only exists in the "Devil's Cave" in the Devil's Eye.

"Damn, we have come to the wrong place! The information is wrong. There are no thousand demon soldiers here, but five thousand! Even the devil has a head!"

"What to do, although these guys didn't find us, we were surrounded!"

In the valley below the mountain top, a team of four lurks inside, two men and two women! It is the Sky Sword Squad in the 6th main city, teaming up to hunt down the devil.

The cultivation of these four people is the highest, but it is very difficult to kill this group of demons.

They came here to hunt these demons, but the number of demons here has increased dramatically! As a result, they are unable to withdraw even now, and one withdrawal will move the whole body.

Lin Chen glanced at the figure below, and his attention was immediately transferred to the demon.

"The five thousand devil pawns plus the hundred-headed demon general and the five-headed demon king, a devil emperor, if encountered under the seven-fold war emperor, it is extremely difficult to escape, nine lives."

Lin Chen felt that the energy in these'Devil Races' was very violent, and did not have much spiritual wisdom. If so many Devil Races were not afraid of death, they would be able to leapfrog the emperor!

In addition, the "Sha Qi" here is extremely important, and there is no five-fold war emperor's cultivation behavior, and the strength cannot be exerted at all.

"It is these things that have caused us more than one disaster in Kyushu, one after another!"

The murderous intention flew by, Lin Chen led Bai Ruoyan to the plain high above the sky.

While the Tianjian Squad was thinking about how to break through, they suddenly noticed a man and a woman gliding across the sky!

"His! Are these two crazy?"

"Good young men and women, are they trying to die? The five-headed demon king and one demon king are scary enough! There are so many demon-generals!"

Tianjian Squad twitched a few times, where is this dead guy?