My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 732

Vol 5 Chapter 732: Crazy Massacre

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Chapter 732

Whatever he said, slip away!

The former attracted attention, and the Tianjian team was planning to apply oil on the soles of their feet.

Roar ~! The brutal gaze of Qi Qi immediately locked Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan, and a large number of demon pawns and demon rushed to the two!

Lin Chen put his back in the palm, the dragon force exploded between the five fingers, the pure power like a ghost and **** broke through the sky, and the palm crushed the void, exploding countless demons!

Bang ~! The crystal wall of the space is broken, and countless thumb-sized magic crystals are scattered in the void, and they are all flying, like the scattered flowers!

The four members of the Tianjian Squad looked staring at the men and women who had left the countless demons and left, not even'Magic Crystal'! Can't help swallowing and muttering to himself.

"It's too dang...where is this fairy!"

"Don't even need the magic crystal, kill it with one palm, this must be at least seven times the mid-level strength? Why have I never impressed that the main city civil war emperor list has these two characters?


Lin Chen went all the way, unstoppable.

Standing on top of the Dragon Emperor's head, his open palm is a blood-colored diamond crystal jade. This is the Magic Emperors Crystal. The energy crystal after the Emperors death, if sold in the main city, is extremely valuable and worth tens of thousands of sky coins.

This crystal jade flickered with the attribute light sphere that only he could see. After the internal attribute light sphere was sucked away, the system popped up.

[Get 50 blank attributes.

"Only Devil Emperor Jing will drop the attribute, and it is the rarest blank attribute?"

Lin Chen's heart moved, this is a good thing! The blank attribute can also be exchanged for any attribute at critical moments, and he can even be used to make must-kill!

Although Lin Chen's strength is not what he used to be, he still has a "killer skill" for him.

Because he can play several Jiuzhong late warlords at the same time, it does not mean that he can play dozens at the same time! But if there is a must-kill at hand, then its not a problem at all!

"It seems that before I go to the magic eye, I have to kill enough!"

On the edge of the main city on the 6th, Tianyalin, a thousand miles away, rolled up a blood wave!

That was the overwhelming demon king, the devil king, but at least the devil emperor, like a huge wave, surging!

Dozens of war emperors are waiting in line, they are all famous strongmen in the main city of No. 6, and today they are teaming up to destroy the Devil's Lair near this'crow forest'!

At this time, they were cold and sweaty, and there was an impulse to turn around and run away. The momentum of this demons is terrible! Indestructible, as if it could sweep everything!

"Everyone be careful, there are twenty-one devil emperors, one hundred demon emperors, ten thousand demon generals, and one hundred thousand devil pawns! This is a matter of whether we each live or die in the territory of the sixth main city!"

The old man in the yellow robe, headed by the cold sweat, circumvented it. His eighth layer's early cultivation practice was also crushed by this turbulent weather!

But these sixty-one people can't retreat today. In recent times, the demons are growing faster and faster, and they have to die!

As the two sides had thousands of miles left, and the battle was about to begin, a lightly voiced voice descended into the void.

"Well, there are twenty-one devil emperors, so sloppy?"

Hearing this sentence, many war emperors scalp numb!

Twenty-one war emperors return so-so? This can also play at least 30 five-fold wars or more, and bragging is not bragging at this juncture!

Everyone looked at him, and the cyan and blue-tailed dragon flapped by the wings of the purple phoenix was born. Above the dragon's head, the teenager stood upright, and beside him stood a beautiful and beautiful lady.

The young man embraced his chest with both hands, facing the fierce Demon army, he jumped into the air, and his fingertips embellished the void!

Bang ~! The vast and vast eight-color flood energy fingers were born, mixed with the majestic and violent pure power, and hit the infinite demons!

boom! boom! boom!

One finger shattered stars, pushing wildly! Eight-color energy fingers blasted countless demons, and the magic crystals scattered all over the sky, all the war emperors stayed in place, with a ghost expression!

One finger, slaughter 100,000 demons! What an overbearing and aggressive offensive is this, where is this sacred thing?

Take away the "Magic Emperor Crystal", he stepped on the dragon, the dragon danced the sky, and the Shengshi beautiful people around him, leaving in a rush of "Magic Crystal Rain", rushing away, hurriedly leaving, leaving only Next marvel.

On this day, a new legend was added in the main city of No. 6!

However, this legend seems to have just begun, and within two days, even more powerful news came from the main city of No. 7!

Seventeenth in the No. 7 main city battle emperor list, Li Jianming, the "sword emperor" in the mid-eighth layer, strayed into the territory of the demon emperor in the Wild Dragon Canyon and encountered a siege of seventy demon emperors. , Wipe out all the devil emperors with one finger!

On the third day, new news came out from the main city of No.7. The edge of the great desert, the wise demon was born, and a million demons gathered. The top ten of the main city of No.7 had teamed up to go to But there were only'magic crystals' everywhere on the scene!

On the fourth day, the main city on the 8th planned the scene of the "Xuan Mo Suppression Operation" for a long time, the vast mountains and the valley of the earth.

Hundreds of high-ranking warlords gathered here and fought against millions of demons in a gigantic battle. There were three lower-level demon kings comparable to the ninth warlords. The battle was extremely fierce, and all major cities are paying attention to this battle!

The battle lasted one day and one night, and the warlords of the No. 8 main city were collectively injured, and seven warlords have fallen!

When everyone thought that the battle was about to be defeated, there was a bang, and a huge dragon was killed on the battlefield!

The green dragon slaughtered hundreds of thousands of demons in the front. Under the demon king, the smoke of the dragon was extinguished between the breath of the dragon. The devil could not support the dragon's claws. Even if the fierce attacked the dragon without fear of death, it could not break its defense!

Then came a beautiful lady in a white dress fluttering like a fairy, and stopped a Magic King in front!

Even more terrifying, it was the bow-bowling boy who debuted last year, fighting alone with two big "magic kings"!

"Eight Famine Fingers, Seven Absolute Cuts!"

The sixfold change and the Ultimate Moment were launched, Lin Chen pointed his finger and pushed back the two demon kings.

Cutting strength is like a knife, tearing the hundred-foot tall Magic King defense, Lin Chen flashed holding the Wulong dynasty gun, a shot of Glorious silence, penetrating one of the monarchs bodies!

"What a powerful lethal force, the pure power has reached more than 9 million dragon power, the marksmanship is perfect and fierce, and it has a penetrating feature that ignores defense. It is terrible!"

"Where is this young man, and why has never heard of such a retrograde junior in the sky tower!"

The three early nine emperors headed by the nineth, and the top three in the battle list of the eighth main city, couldn't help swallowing the saliva. The power of that shot couldn't even be taken by them!

Another "Magic King" died under Lin Chen's gun in less than ten rounds.

The three-headed demon king was wiped out by Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan! This nearly miraculously reversed battle situation stunned all the war emperors who paid attention to this battle!

Especially those war emperors who were reborn after joining the war, admiration for Lin Chen is a five-body cast!

[The host gets 4500 blank attributes.

The crystal core of the low-level demon king has 1500 blank attributes!

Lin Chen is not polite, all the crystal cores above the level of Magic Emperor have been taken away, and the blank attribute has risen again!

Those war emperors did not dare to speak, if it were not Lin Chen, whether they could live half of them now is a problem. He took the devil emperor crystal for granted, not to mention his strength, no one would dare to refuse!

"Dare to ask your name!"

Seeing the other party was going, many war emperors quickly asked.