My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 733

Vol 5 Chapter 733: Laugh Like A Child

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Chapter 733

Lin Chen ignored it, took the Dragon Emperor, and soared away!

After Operation of Profound Encirclement and Suppression, the legend of Lin Chen pushed to the climax in the sky tower!

When countless warlords collected his information and finally determined his identity, he was more excited, amazed and clapped!

Lingzhou, Lin Chen!

On the seventh day of entering the Ten Thousand Demon Battlefield, Lin Chen arrived at the area of the No. 9 main city, where the Devil Emperor was even more terrifying. Every territory had at least dozens of Demon Emperors!

Some large territories with more than one hundred devil emperors are lying on the level of Magic King!

Stronger than Lin Chen, after advancing here, the speed has also slowed down a lot, relying on Qinglong Piyingying to avoid several dense areas of large territories.

Magic King has spiritual wisdom, a large territory, Lin Chen is not afraid, but can provoke one that will disturb other Magic Kings, which is equivalent to provoking one, which is to provoke a group!

If you are besieged by hundreds of thousands of devil emperors, and there are more than two digits of "devil monarch", that is sour and unparalleled!

On the eighth day, Lin Chen arrived at the boundary of Tianshan Mountain, the main city of the Ten Thousand Demons Battlefield.

The demon races in the Tianshan Mountains are almost not lower than the devil generals, entrenched in a large number of demon emperors, and even intermediate demon lord and advanced demon lord are wandering here.

Among the ten main cities, the only area where human races dare not step is the Tianshan Mountains. Intermediate demons are comparable to the first emperor to the second emperor, and the advanced demon emperor can match the three emperors!

This level of creatures, Lin Chen had to detour when he saw it!

"Seeing this, the energy of the Dean's Sacred Vein falls in the Jie Tian Mountain!"

Outside the boundary Tianshan, in two mountain gorges, Lin Chen is hidden in the cliff cliff, the purple golden pupil light flows, and the very center of the boundary Tianshan flows the extremely powerful blue light energy!

Millions of miles away, Jietian Mountain is divided into two halves, the center of which is the vast dark red'magic eye' of Baizhang. Not far from the magic eye are scattered blue crystals with a length of seven feet, as beautiful as gorgeous jade.

These are the sacred energy of the saint! It is the energy of war energy condensed from the blood of the saint, which can be turned into an entity.

Dozens of low-level demons, dozens of middle-level and high-level demons are entrenched next to the Holy Veins energy. They dare not get too close and can really devour the Holy Veins directly, at least the Sacred Demon King!

The holy devil can absorb the energy of the holy vein. The demon can absorb the energy of the holy vein even if it absorbs a little bit, but they can lie down and absorb some residual energy of the holy vein that leaks from the side. The big thing!

The energy contained in the blood of a saint is very different from the imperial realm!

Even a drop of holy blood has infinite power to fill up thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, so it is so dangerous near this demon eye, gathering a large number of magic lords lurking nearby to absorb the holy vein energy leaked from the side.

"The key is how to avoid the perception of those intermediate and advanced demon kings, and the horrible coercion of the devil's eye, it is simply not that ordinary creatures can come close!"

Lin Chen frowned, only after he arrived in person did he realize that the concept of "Kyushu invincible hand" said to him by the vice president was only eligible to be close!

With his current strength, it is still not enough! Random encounters with more than two intermediate devil may rub him on the ground!

Lin Chen went on, Bai Ruoyan turned into a snow-white jade lurking on him.

He carried out the "Blue Dragon Shadow" with the blue dragon possessed, hiding the breath, approaching carefully, very slow, and even daring to fly.

The dozens of monstrous monstrous demons were lying thousands of miles away from the energy of the seven sacred veins, closed their eyes and rested, and formed a surrounding circle according to one side.

When Lin Chen approached the inner area of Jietian Mountain, the atmosphere dared not take a sip.

When there was 40,000 miles away from the Devils Eye, Lin Chens bones heard the sound of giggling, and the pervasive Demon race rushed into his body. He almost resisted this coercion with the pure power of the meat shell. Erosion!

"It's a terrible coercion. If I get closer like this, I have to work hard to resist this coercion!"

Lin Chen stopped and fell into contemplation. If the **** of war is in progress, the position will be exposed. More than a dozen demon kings take the siege with the infinite devil emperor group, even if he is a nine-fold cultivation, he must die here!

The "Magic Eye" under Lingzhou was suppressed by the Dean's Eucharist before such a terrible coercion was released. The seal of the sky tower was broken once, and the seal was incomplete again.

At the time of Lin Chen's distress, his palm suddenly flashed purple and black light, covering Lin Chen's whole body!

brush! brush! brush!

Countless Mozu pressure washes on Lin Chen's body, and the purple and black light that shrouded Lin Chen trembles slightly, drawing all Mozu breath into his palm!

"Here, this is the magic mark left by the mysterious man!"

Staring at the demon seal in the palm of his hand, Lin Chen was a little shocked. Between the flash of purple and black demon seal, like a vortex that swallowed thousands of miles, all the devil's coercion was swallowed into it!

The pressure on Lin Chen suddenly collapsed! The smoke disappeared and there was no pressure!

"It turns out this magic seal is used like this!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic, walking vigorously, jumping up and down and not afraid of being discovered! Keep going!

Forty thousand miles gradually shortened, turning over several hills, Lin Chen arrived at the central store of Jietian Mountain, there were ten thousand miles left from the magic eye, eight thousand miles of Holy Vein energy, and many thousand thousand devil kings.

"The last question left is how to lead these guys away and fight head-on. Intermediate demons can still escape a few minutes. If they are high-level demons, I will not have the chance to contend with the removal of the Nine Tribulations or the use of the blue moon. "

Lin Chen fell into contemplation, as long as he took seven pieces of Holy Vein Energy to start the Super Dimensional Transmission run!

But even a little bit of anomaly may alarm dozens of magic kings. There is only one possibility right now, try to use phantom avatar to attract firepower!

"Put it together, I hope my four phantom avatars can draw them all far enough away."

Lin Chen held his breath and concentrated on it. If he was sent out after the split, even if there were two advanced demons, he might not be able to capture the energy of the seven sacred veins.

A senior demon may be able to work around.

"System, start the phantom... wait a minute!"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up. On the other side of the mountain on his left, twelve figures appeared, and they were also the human races who sneaked in here!

Of these twelve people, eleven of them are in the late Jiuzhong period, and almost complete most of the top strongmen in Kyushu!

The young man in the blue shirt headed by the god, the pseudo-Goddess who drank the "calculator's blood"!

The young man in a blue shirt holds a blue feather umbrella and rotates continuously, and the ripples of the mysterious space are overflowing, hiding everyone's breath!

That green feather umbrella belongs to the top fortune teller.

If Lin Chens spiritual power had skyrocketed, the Purple Gold Pupil would have risen and the ship could not be found!

"They also come to steal the energy of the Sacred Vein? Hahaha! Cool, it's really **** like a pillow!"

At this moment, someone Lin grinned!

He laughed like a child!

"I haven't sung in a long time. Is the phonograph you too beautiful, or the mouse loves rice? Or burn calories in one hand?"