My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 734

Vol 5 Chapter 734: If You Ask Lin Chen How Much Sao And See How High This Day

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Chapter 734: If I Ask Lin Chen How Sao, And How High Is This Day

"In the future, you will be divided into two ways, Long Chan and I, Di Ming to attract attention, you wait for the opportunity to take all the energy of the Holy Vein!"

The young man in a blue shirt said indifferently, "You know, if I die, you will have no effect on the energy of the Holy Vein. So the action must be fast."

Everyone nodded. Except for Long Can, the other ten people were all old monsters from Kyushu!

Some are even hidden monsters who have not been born in 100,000 years! Terrible! In the late period of the nineth layer, they are all ruthless characters!

Their characters, it is impossible to get out of the country without any substantive benefits, all because this'True God Doppelganger' promised them, if they can grab the energy of the Holy Veins, they will get a part of the energy to shape the'holy body' '.

Saying it is a sacred body, it is nothing more than absorbing a little sacred energy or saint's energy. But for them, it is the only opportunity for countless years!

In the past, the false god was still afraid, but now they are completely showdown, forcibly coming to Kyushu, using all possibilities to increase their strength, forcibly strangling Lin Chen and even eroding Kyushu!

As the ten continued to approach, they began to be divided into two teams, one south and one west.

At this time, someone lurking on a cliff put on homemade sunglasses.

His expression was a serious self-talk.

"You may not know what it is to sing in Jietian Mountain. I generally only use two words to describe this kind of person: Duxiu!"

"Ambush it with one hand, you can't fight in front. This wave of operations is not in a hurry, I am someone in Xiu Ding. I sing a "look over" with my backhand, and make a fortune with a muffled voice."

Suddenly, the two silver robes appeared in the sky, and came down from the void without warning, without any means to cover up the breath, appeared out of thin air!

Lin Chen's two avatars!

The avatars, one south and one west, happened to be just a hundred miles behind the team of twelve people divided into two teams, standing on the top of the mountain!

"If you ask Lin Chen how much Sao, and how high this day is!"

The laughter of the teenager sounded, and the pupils of the T-shirts in front of the team shrank. What happened to the blood mold of the eight generations today? I can even meet Lin Chen here?

I saw that Lin Chen's avatar held a homemade'rosewood' guitar, with a long beard as a string, and raised Erlang's legs on the top of the mountain. He held the guitar in his left hand and banged his bangs in his right hand.

"If you ask Lin Chen how much it is, and how high it is today."

"He, what does he want to do?"

Seeing the guitar on his hand, Long Cans legs were soft and his teeth were trembling. He was really afraid of Lin Chens god!

From the moment he challenged the false **** family, the kid's style of behavior made people dare not even think about it!

At the next moment, he suddenly injected a trace of fighting spirit into the homemade guitar, flicking the guitar strings with his fingertips, and the sound of the smart and beautiful strings fluttered out!

Then, the laughter of the young man, who was condensed by his majestic spiritual strength and fighting spirit, spread through 100,000 and millions of miles!

"Look at the devil across, look at it~ look at it! The operation here is wonderful, please don't pretend to ignore it~"

"Look at the devil across, look at it~ look at it! Don't be frightened by my appearance, in fact, I am very cute~"


At this moment, the twelve people, including the young man in the blue shirt, took an instant breath and numb his scalp!

Where is the wonderful flower, Nima actually sings in the devil's eye area of dozens of demon kings and thousands of devil emperors?

Why don't you look over and see your sister! You are so cute!

Bang ~!

The singing began to startle the Magic Kings opening their flashing **** eyes, the breath moved abruptly, and there was a sudden reaction!

"The sorrow of the most handsome boy, tell it, who understands. I beg you to throw a wink, coax me, make me happy!"

"I look left and right, look up and down! It turns out that every demon king is not simple. I thought and thought, guessed and guessed, the devil's mind is really strange."


It must be crazy! Let the devil give you a wink? Lost intelligence! Cliff is demented!

Also **** let the devil coax you? are you crazy!

This song is mixed with someone Lins mid-level spiritual power and nine kinds of Heavenly Tribulation. This opening voice not only spreads out of the Tianshan Mountains, but also among the dozens of top war emperors in the Terran Territory outside the main city of No. 10. Heard!

"What's the situation, who is singing?"

"It seems that it is the direction of Jietian Mountain!"

"It's impossible, there are even high-level demons there. Except for the tower master, who dares to approach that ghost place!"

"I am grass! Really the **** thing is the location of Jie Tianshan, what is the situation, which way is the fairy who dares to sing in the Tianshan Mountain!"

"No, I didn't drink high last night, Lao Lin, you give me a slap to try, am I dreaming!"

"Grass, what a **** **** you are!"


Dozens of eight-fold and nine-fold war emperors went out of the game, flashing to the sky above them, their expressions flustered and stunned, they were terrified, and their big eyes were squinted!


It's so weird!

Where is Jie Tianshan? That is one of the most dangerous areas known as the battlefield of the Ten Thousand Demons. No one has dared to enter except the tower owner and the few people in history! No one knows what the **** is in it!

The only thing that can be determined is that there are many devil emperors like dogs, and there are a lot of demon emperors.

Even if the ten main cities are condensed, plus all the fighting power of Kyushu, it is impossible to enter!

Because that is simply not a place where mortals can enter! If it were not for the Demons that could not rush out of the sky tower, Kyushu had already become charred!

And in the ghost place where the bird does not **** and the warlord is dying, is there someone singing in it? Isn't this Nima alive!

I saw that the hearty song came again, letting many war emperors instantly scalp!

"Look at the devil across, look at it~ look at it! The most handsome boy is in love, and you need to give me a little love~"

grass! Heartbroken! Real Nima has seen you for a long time!

This year, there are people in the Jiantianshan who want a little love to the devil?


Really sorry!

This love is too **** heavy. If you love it, youll be beaten up if its not shit!

Then, singing and chord sounds continued to come!

"Hi~~! Hi~~! I look left and right, look up and down! It turns out that every demon king is not simple, I thought and thought, guessed and guessed, the devil's mind is really strange."

All the strong men are shocked and racked their brains, which way is the fairy to have such magical powers! Is it the birth of the Holy Land?

Among the many emperors, a handsome and compelling man nodded thoughtfully.

"Well, nice."

Within the Tianshan Mountains; the roar shook the earth and the earth, tearing the sky, the devil was boiling!

Explode! All blasted!

Regardless of whether it is a strong human race or a demon king, this moment almost exploded in place!