My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 735

Vol 5 Chapter 735: Shuangjun Lintian

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Chapter 735

For many years, no human race dared to break into the Tianshan Mountains. Today, a dozen people broke into it in one breath!

"Why am I hanging? Where is this wonderful flower! Is your brain sick? Put this world on Tianshan to sing? Grass!"

"It's over, we were found!"

Some of the hidden old monsters who were out of the border for the first time twitched their mouths, and were scared by someone Lin's hand "singing loudly" and almost lost several teeth!

Lin's two avatars jumped up and jumped to the positions of the two teams. Hundreds of devil emperors suddenly swept away in their direction!

A few Magic Kings also started moving!

"Love is weird~ come come come come come~ oh hey yo~"

The twelve people were trembling in their hearts. What time was it, he was still singing, what a dog! This makes it clear that they are going to take them all together!

This attraction is very likely to be besieged to death by Ten Thousand Demons, and there is no need to fight at all, even the escape is a nine-death life!

Two of the old monsters couldn't help but yell, "Come on you, the old man is fighting with you as a king!"

The five-finger prints came out, and the palm prints like a knife mark exploded, and someone Lin avoided a "dark step" and laughed in the air!

His figure was spinning in the sky, and he was still playing his guitar and singing, madly attracting more magic kings to come over!

"Hahaha, I'm soooooo up and down, I'm going to be handsome and showy. It turns out that every handsome guy is not easy. I'm handsome and handsome. I guessed and guessed. The thoughts of handsome guys are really strange! It's so strange to be handsome!"

"Come, come, come~ Oh hey~"

Lin Chens doppelganger sang loudly, and even blinked at several old monsters, almost spitting blood out of them!

"Don't fight him, this is the kid's avatar. The real body must be hidden in the dark and want to take advantage of the fisherman!"

The young man in a green shirt gritted his teeth, and his body suddenly retreated.

Hundreds of devil emperors and three middle-level devil lords took the lead in killing them within two thousand miles. Two teams of young men in green shirts were immediately exposed to them. Hiding doesnt make much sense!

Ten hidden elders in the cold sweat DC, although they are the cultivation practice of the late nineth layer, but the intermediate devil has a cultivation practice that is comparable to that of a robbery and war emperor. Ten of them can barely block the next two, and the three are not at all. opponent!

In addition, there are so many devil emperors, if you swarm, you will die!

Lin Chen was lurking on the cliff, never acted rashly, touched his chin to observe the situation and opportunities, and tried his best to seduce the'senior devil' first.

Bang ~!

At this time, there were two middle-level demon kings and a high-level devil king standing up, and more than 20,000 miles away, the blood-stained eyes staring at the twelve people!

"Not good! Senior Demon King is coming!"

Long Chan lost his voice and looked at the Master behind him in horror.

The youth in the green shirt gritted his teeth and hated Lin Chen. It was difficult to scour all three rivers and five lakes!

"My mother, every mortal, can even destroy this plan repeatedly, but it is just a ants. If it is a trash in front of this body, it can be crushed with one finger!"

This Holy Vein Energy is all in front of us, and finally escaped the exploration of the Sky Pagoda, and it has been mixed in here again, and it was actually disturbed by this Lin Chen!

Lin Chen's strength is like an ant to him, so weak that it is worth mentioning!

But he came back time and time again because the ant was pale, and no creature could accept this shame!

"Go southeast, retreat! Long Can, use the Eucharist again, rush out!"

The young man in the green shirt burst into tears. Long Can only gritted his teeth and urged the holy body, and his body twisted into a golden dragon. The use of the holy body was overused this time, and he will pay a heavy price!

boom! The Golden Dragon bumped into the first head of the'Intermediate Demon King' who was on the face, fighting the four sides, the dragon's claws continued to swing, and they disappeared all the way.

Sigh~! boom!

The four old monsters were instantly blown away by a senior demon, and they were seriously injured and grievous!

High-level devil, the lowest match against the three robbers and emperors, the late Jiuzhong did not have to fight in front of it!

The young man in the green shirt looked dignified, turned around, and the "green feather umbrella" was spinning at a rapid speed.

"Spring silkworms spin silk!"

Yinmang is like a net, a net caught the advanced devil!

This move he originally intended to be left to Lin Chen, did not expect to use it here!


The young man in a green shirt was pale, and his mental strength and energy were rapidly declining. Twelve people rushed to the southeast, the weakest area of the Devil Emperor, trying to break through!

The two avatars also began to be chased by many devil emperors, and the avatars launched a sevenfold change, and the cultivation base temporarily broke through to the eighth late stage!

[The host continues to launch recharged runes, consuming 30,000 rune energy, 30,000 rune energy,]

[Begins launching the Purple Order Monarch talent, consumes 690,000 talent points, cooling time: 29 days. Start to enter the state of accumulating energy: 0 points. The energy value will increase the host's next attack.

The avatar circulated through the Qingyou Guanghua, and launched the Ultimate Time.

The body of the doppelganger is like the bright'meridian sword' of Xingyu, a sword fight is split, and a blue light is swept over the tip of the sword.

"Blazing Blue Moon!"

Thousands of feet of blue chopped mansions twisted and twisted, swept across the sky, and penetrated countless Magic Emperors!

Even though the Devil Emperor is in groups, the spirit of being fierce and not afraid of death is extremely strong, but now Lin Chen has only the pure power to compare with the nineth-level war emperor, blessing the sharp edge of the "Ziwu Sword", swordsmanship, talent, nine-robbery body, one sword strike Out, as if sweeping the mountains and rivers!

Brush brush! The energy value is soaring, the system pops up a progress bar, the value keeps rising, it is the energy accumulation of the world, and it suddenly broke 400,000 points!

In Lin Chen's eyes, this is not enough! His cultivation is not what it used to be. It must require a higher energy value in exchange for more growth!

"Wind Emperor Bow" is in hand, and the arrow is broken, and the arrow with the wind blade falls like a polar star, exploding countless'Magic Emperor'!

laugh! laugh! laugh!

A large number of "Magic Emperor" disappeared under the arrow light, except for the "penetrating rune", Lin Chen's two avatars almost put out their best!

Dark Step stepped up, the battle shifted to the stars, and the avatars took away all the demon emperor crystals.

The avatar draws a bow and draws a string, the archery falls like an aurora, and each arrow has several demons die like chickens.

[The fatal bloodthirsty was successfully launched, and 29% of the damage treatment was obtained from the damage, triggering the success of the talent combo.

Doppelganger triggers a talent combo!

Lin Chen was ecstatic, a talent of Junlintianxia who used a talent combination!

brush! The system pops up a progress bar again, the accumulated energy value is: 0 points.

[The host uses the Double Purple OrderJunlin World Talent at the same time, and begins to be divided into two states of energy accumulation, which will increase the host's next attack.

Two progress bars?

Shuangjun Lintian!

"Damn, it's really the right time! My Lin Mou will bomb his mother this time!"

Lin Chen almost jumped up excitedly, vomiting fragrant!