My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 736

Vol 5 Chapter 736: It's Time For A Dog

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Chapter 736

Tear ~! Between Jianqi's vertical and horizontal flashes, the two avatars cover each other, fight each other, and cooperate perfectly!

Boom~! Finally, four heads of "Intermediate Demon Kings" stood up, and the **** and brutal hollow eyes crossed the violent blood!

They finally realized the threat of Lin Chen, and did not expect this tiny human race to have such power!

They have never seen such a low cultivation, but such a powerful human race!

These demon kings are not low-level demons, and have a high level of intelligence. Unless a major event occurs, they will not easily leave the vicinity of the Holy Vein Energy.

"Are you finally here!"

The battle spirit is monstrous, and the avatar swipes the seven swords at noon, and the sword is as bright as the Chen, like the seven stars in the sky!

"Meridian Meteorite!"

This sword, like the seven stars from the west, flickered in a row, slashing two'intermediate demons'!

Take a one-off seventh-order advanced arrow Longming Arrow and avatar a single arrow to blast, the arrow screams like Longming bursts, and the dark mans flashes!

"Shadow breaks the sky!"

The three-headed demon roared, his claws pushed horizontally, and Qi Ruobarong collided, blasting a mushroom cloud, and both sides retreated!

There was a touch of human consternation in the eyes of Mojun Yu. This human race's attack still had Yu Wei'penetrating' into their bodies?

"Can fight! As long as the penetration and charging runes are fully open, my two avatars can barely stop the three intermediate demon kings!"

Lin Chen flickered sideways for a while, and sneaked into the position where there was only one "advanced devil" left!

"The twelve guys have already attracted more than half of the devil emperor and several demon kings in the realm of Tianshan, and the six-headed devil did not move, and they can only take risks! Once the demon outside the realm of the Tianshan participates, the situation will be more complicated. Changeable, this is the only chance to fight hard!"

brush! brush! brush!

Another two avatars escaped from Wanli, and four avatars came out together!

The fourth avatar held "Dragon Yao" to kill a large number of rushing demon emperors. "Mirror Bright Moon" perfectly displayed, with both offensive and defensive speed, perfect integration, killing the devil emperors, and the hegemony!

[Obtain 10 blank attributes, 20 blank attributes, 10 blank attributes,]

[Save energy at one time: 500,000, 520,000, 530,000,]

[Second energy accumulation: 150,000, 160,000, 180,000,]

The progress bar for two energy accumulations has risen madly, and Lin Chen's two moves "King's Land" continue to accumulate energy!

Bang ~! Finally, an intermediate and advanced demon sensed the anomaly, and rushed out. The third fold was waiting for it, stepping back and stepping back, deliberately dragging them away from the position of "Holy Vessel Energy"!

Suddenly, a beautiful snow-white shadow came down into the void, and the Dragon Emperor was born to protect the beautiful lady.

"Sister Yan, be careful!"

Lin Chen asked, the lady nodded with a smile.

Between the release of Xuanqing Dragon Field, the dragon tail swayed, and a piece of Azure Dragon Sword slashed down against the senior demon flying out!

Dang ~! The peerless dragon sword that divides the mountains and rivers is split on the body of the senior demon king, and it is blocked by his arm without hurting him!

Although the Dragon Emperor is strong, his opponent is, after all, the three emperors and battle emperors. Even delaying time is extremely difficult!

The senior demon raised his hand and photographed, the sound of cracking brocade came from the air, while easily breaking the Xuanqing dragon domain, and trying to completely tear the dragon emperor's dragon scale defense, it was almost a face-to-face defeat!

"Seven Powers!"

boom! boom! The terrible boxing style roared like a dragon, and the ghost-like avatar appeared, hitting the upper body of the senior demon with one punch!

boom! The space is cracked and the explosion is shocking! This punch, cut, tear, pull, three kinds of endless strength to burst!

Hundreds of senior demon kings were shaken back by two steps, their avatars were in full swing, the fist of both hands was like a violent wind and rain, and each punch was a "seven strengths"!

"Strain! Strangle! Pull out!"

Double penetration, with vitality penetrating like a dragon, and twisting as a wild dragon, actually retreated the senior demon king with 9.3 million dragon strength!

Boom! Boom! The avatar is close to desperate, half breathing and fisting, and the violent dragon strength and strength are respectively penetrated into the senior demon in different ways with penetrating runes!

Click~ Split arm is broken and overused!

Lin Chens dragon power can only barely exert the first five kinds of strength in the "Seven Powers", the latter two; explosive strength, killing strength. Not enough.

boom! Crushed with a palm, bursting into avatars! The violent eyes of the high-level demon emerged with anger, and were hurt by such a weak human race!

[The host launches Phantom Rune, consuming 250,000 rune energy.

Brush ~! The space was distorted, and Lin Chen, who was walking in the dark, reappeared, with a smile on his face.

"Spicy Chicken Demon King, come and beat me!"

The demon roared, and the violent eyes flew over the brutal killing intention, rushed to the doppelganger, and the battle started again!

At this moment when the scene was extremely chaotic, Lin Chen almost held his breath, and when he was crystallized from the "Holy Vessel" three thousand miles away, he was about to urge the "Tianyin Rune" to open up.

Buzz~! Buzz~! Buzz~!

The fighting spirit fluctuated like ripples, and Lin Chen's head suddenly exploded a blue feather umbrella that was spinning very fast!

The blue light of the feather umbrella shone between the mountains and gorges, attracting the attention of the four-headed devil, Lin Chen's position was exposed!

He actually abandoned his fortune-teller's fortune-teller, and he wanted Lin Chen to die here?

Lin Chen's mouth twitched, and three intermediate demons and a senior demons instantly locked him! Suddenly, the sudden pressure struck, and the chills spread all over!

The wing of the phoenix spreads in anger, and the dark step steps, Lin Chen quickly retreats, and suddenly feels that there is an infinite amount of gas behind him like a wild dragon biting!

A large number of Devil Emperors rushed out from behind the mountain top, and the T-shirt teenager released another eleven people, and he killed two Demon Kings and a large number of Devil Emperors by himself!

The T-shirt teenager laughed!

"Haha, Lin Chen, I didn't expect it. This time, even if you give up this avatar, you will die!"

Lin Chen raised a brow.

"This pseudo-god Lao Yin can still have a hand of Yin Laozi at this juncture?"

There are tigers in front, and wolves in the back, now it is not look over from the demon king but rushes!

"Come and come, and I'm going to turn upside down!"

[Ultra-dimensional talent is successfully used, the current position of the fixed point of the host is space coordinate No. 6.

Talent launched, Lin Chen rushed back towards the densely packed Devil Emperor and Qingshen Junior!

This wave of action even stunned the young man in a blue shirt!

This kid didn't escape? There are two intermediate demon kings behind him, and the one who discovered Lin Chen is the six-headed demon king!

The four major points are physically and mentally evacuated immediately, and the Dragon Emperor with Bai Ruoyan escapes into the void!

"Then come to the end!"

Behind the four demon kings approached step by step, the two demon kings and thousands of demon emperors blocked the retreat, Lin Chen grinned wildly!

[Having begun to target those who are hostile to the host for a hundred thousand miles, start the "Five Thunder Boom" nirvana attack.

Bang ~! The five-colored thundercloud rises like an ocean tide!

All demons are locked!

"This kid actually has this trick?"

The scalp tingling of the young man in the blue shirt is another killing trick that can't even hide!

Even as a saint-level operator, he has never seen such a strange attack in this world, which can completely lock a creature!

What a **** dog it is!