My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 737

Vol 5 Chapter 737: The Strongest Punch

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Chapter 737

"Wu Lei banging, give me the fuck!"

With pride, Lin Chen pointed to the sky, and when the drink was shaken, the situation changed suddenly!

Sigh~! Boom~!

Five-color thunder cloud, tearing the sky and sky, splitting thousands of feet thick and thick, the long five-color thunder!

boom! boom! boom!

At this moment, between the heavens and the earth, the endless five-color thunder is reflected, and the colorful is reflected in the magnificent beauty.

What kind of scene is that? The warlords of the tenth main city outside the boundary Tianshan, which are far away from countless miles, clearly saw that the central area of the boundary Tianshan, the colorful thunder light rushed to the Xiaohan, and the candle lit the sky, as if to tear this world!

Under the demon lord, the gray smoke disappeared. The sky-long Devil Emperor Crystal was torn, leaving only the white attribute ball.

The low-level devil, being severely wounded three times and five times, continued to blast to death!

Although the intermediate demon king was not seriously injured, most of them were involved!

Senior demon lord, directly ignoring the power of the "five thunders" continues to rush towards Lin Chen!


Bang ~! The tremendous spirit beam of tremendous energy annihilating across the void, hit the young man in the blue shirt who was being injured by the ``five thunders''!


Young man in green shirt vomiting blood!

The moment the dark vortex reversed, Lin Chen emerged from the young man in the green shirt, and his fists were ready to blow out!

Tear ~! If there is a fist of ten thousand dragons, it will be destroyed and blown out again and again!

Daoquan's weathered knife-cutting, dragon-like tearing, eagle-like pull, and several distinct strengths merged and penetrated through the body of the young man in a green shirt, and he exploded him alive!

brush! The void dropped dozens of human-shaped orb-like attribute light spheres, which was extremely mysterious. Lin Chen saw such a large attribute light sphere for the first time!

But he didn't have a chance at all, and turned around abruptly, two senior demons, and four intermediate demons only within a thousand miles of him!

[Junlin launched the world, the first time to accumulate energy: 1.95 million points. Will increase the host's next attack.

Boom~! Nine-color Heavenly Tribulation turned to palms and merged into a star, Lin Chen flew out!

"A bunch of ghosts, try this!"

Nine Tribulation Stars glowed with nine aurora lights, like a meteor hitting the six-headed devil head-on, their inscrutable eyes popped with instinctive fear!

There is no earth-shattering explosion, only a magnificent beam of light that suddenly rotates and blooms, nine colors, straight to the sky!

Between the rotation of the beam of light, it seems that everything is completely destroyed. After removing the crystal of the Holy Vessel standing still, all the demon kings are drawn into the nine-color beam of light, as if they have fallen into destruction!

The energy crystal layer of Sancunjiao protects himself, Lin Chen steps away, his figure flashes back, and stares into the nine-color beam.

This time the Nine Tribulation Stars are infinitely close to the Nine Tribulation Stars superimposed on the "Four Great Talents" of Lingzhou.

"With my current cultivation practices and element attribute values, the use of the Nine Trial Stars in the normal state can threaten the Second Trial Battle Emperor at most. One of the two senior demon kings has the strongest strength, which may be comparable to the Four Trial Battle Emperor. ."

The vitality of the Demon Race is extremely tenacious, and he has no absolute certainty about such a star of the Nine Tribulation!

When the nine-color beam of light dissipated, Lin Chen's heart moved, and the bodies of the demon kings with hundreds of feet were still standing!

More than half of his body is still dead! The savage pupils are a little more fearful!

At the other end, he was nearly seriously injured, and his upper body split a gap of ten feet.

It has become the main force to resist Lin Chen's "Nine Tribulation Stars" this time, but Rao is so, the four-headed intermediate demon has vanished!

Brush ~!

At this moment, the two demon kings were desperate to fight with Lin Chen. At this moment, the four figures and even Bai Ruoyan and the Dragon Emperor appeared at the seven'crystals of the Holy Vessel' at the same time. They opened the special jade box prepared by the vice president The vein crystals are all included in the jade box!


Lin Chen clapped his hands, and two of his avatars started the super-dimensional teleportation, sent it to Lin Chen, and hid seven "crystals of the Holy Vein" in Najie.

Get it done! Yo-Yo runs right!

The other two avatars, pretending to rush towards the two demon kings desperately, but actually to take away the blank attribute light ball that the devil kings fell!

boom! After the attributes were collected, the avatar was bombed to death by a senior demon king!

Lin Chen consumes talent points to accelerate the cooldown of the "super-dimensional transmission" talent, leaving 50 seconds of cooling time.

"Brother Lin Chen, bad!"

Bai Ruoyan flicked to Lin Chen, his expression changed slightly.

Fifty thousand miles outside the boundary of Tianshan Mountain, two monstrous creatures descended, watching their momentum, completely above the'advanced devil'!

"Is it the pinnacle demon?"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, the pinnacle demon king, that is, the demon creatures second only to the holy demon king, and the human race's five robbery and war emperor!

The'Peak Demon King' will wander the Ten Thousand Demon Battlefield outside the Tianshan Mountains. They have higher spiritual abilities. They always want to find an opportunity to break through the sky tower and rush out of the outer Kyushu. Now they perceive Lin Chen's invasion and rush to Boundary Tianshan!

Bang ~! After the gusty wind rolled, Lin Chen pulled Bai Ruoyan back crazy! Two senior demon kings are catching up!

"The extra-dimensional teleportation still has 30 seconds to cool down, which must be delayed for 30 seconds!"

"Sister Ruoyan! Come in!"

Lin Chen sipped, and Bai Ruoyan's teeth gnawed into a snowy white jade jade escaped into Lin Chen's arms.

This series of creatures, she couldn't even block, she had to give it to Lin Chen.

[Combination TechniqueJunlin launched the world, and the energy accumulated is 3.95 million points. Will increase the host's next attack.

3.95 million points! The value of the second "Junlintianxia" will be doubled than before!

Sigh~! The overwhelming scarlet spirit emerged with the appearance of two hundred feet, and the two humanoid Peak Demon Kings stepped out, striding like a river and crossing thousands of miles in one step!

The trembling space crystal wall is broken by cracks, Lin Chen feels that if he engages at close range, the other party can crush himself only by his momentum!

Five robbery war emperor, you can crush the nineth war emperor! Not at all the power of two classes!

"Human race, trespassing on our habitat, dying."

Even the headed demon monarch can still speak out?

"The IQ is not high, but the face is quite thick. This is the territory of my human race. When will it become your habitat, don't smell better than your face, seven strengths!"

Lin Chen sneered after retreating to the Magic Eye, his shoulders shook sharply, and the whole person was tumbling like an angry dragon.

When 9.3 million dragons gather together like Wanlong and condense above Lin Chens right arm, they face the four-headed demon king who is only a thousand miles away from him, and burst out with fists!

"Seven Powers and Five Powers in One!"

boom! Long Jin, who has overturned the world, exploded!

Lin Chen twitched his air-conditioning, his right arm muscles and bones broke! This trick was too reluctant for him!

When the five strengths are on the two sides in different ways, when the fist wind hits the four demon kings, the peak demon leader headed with a sneer: "Poorly weak attack..."

Boom~! Demon King wanted to resist this fist, and before he finished, Lin Chen's power suddenly jumped!

More than 9.3 million dragon powers, the moment when the boundary broke, it completely broke through the ten million dragon powers!

I don't know yet! Ten million and soared to 20 million dragon power!

Even Lin Chen himself did not know to what extent the power of this punch was increased by the talent of Junlintianxia in an instant!