My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 738

Vol 5 Chapter 738: Back To College

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Chapter 738



The fist wind blasted in front of them, exploded in an instant, the rage wave lifted the sky, the five strengths combined, cut through, torn, pulled, twisted, and finally penetrated their bodies, constantly strangling them At the same time of vitality, the four demon kings flew!

With blood on his arms, Lin Chen still kept retreating at full speed. The next moment, the vision changed abruptly!

Sigh~! The dark red Magic Eye burst out of anger, and a strange dark red palm came out from the inside, rushing for hundreds of miles, and lightning struck Lin Chen!

In front of this dark red palm, Lin Chen had no strength to parry and was instantly suppressed to move!

"Gquack, a good young human race boy, become the king's food!"

A scream in the magic eye, Lin Chen's pupils shrink!

In a moment, he connected the system's three major talents of "Sun God" and "God-killer" and "Desperate Life and Death"!

He has no choice!

The palm protruding from the Magic Eye is no less than the pinnacle demon king! Lin Chen suppressed in one face!

Because of the mysterious man's "magic seal", Lin Chen was protected from the magical power of the magic eye, causing him to almost forget the existence of the magic eye! Focusing on the distance between the two demon kings, the result is that they are attacked instantly!

When Lin Chen is desperate to fight for time with the three strongest talents, the purple and black magic mark in his palm suddenly glows with aurora, and accepts stars, if there is a blue sea roar!

Tear ~! The terrible suction suddenly exploded with Lin Chens palm, and infinite magical energy flowed out from the demons eyes, all of which were absorbed into the "magic seal", and even the dark red palms were also torn off, all refining into Lin Chens demon. Inne!

"!! Why, why do you have the breath of that race, **** it, is it the old stuff! Is it still alive in a million years?"

A sharp scream came out of the magic eyes, Lin Chen stunned a breath, subconsciously running the fighting spirit and mental strength to explore the body, nothing abnormal!

"Exactly time is up, system, space orientation 4!"

[Teleporting to space position 4 consumes 2.15 million talent points.

brush! Breaking the light beam of space overhead, Lin Chen's figure disappeared instantly!

The storm seemed to calm down in an instant, and countless demon emperors and low-level demon kings looked around, but did not see the breath of their human race.

On this day, the demon clan of the Tianshan Mountain suffered an unprecedented hit. More than half of the mid-level demon king fell, more than half of the low-level devil king died, and more than one-third of the devil death!

"Are these guys awake?"

In the main city of No. 10, the main tower of the tower was suspended in the air, and his sly eyes stared into the distance.

In the last war, his injuries have not recovered as before. It is precisely because of the incomplete seal of the Magic Eye that those guys under the Devils Cave can extend part of their power to the outside world.

Even he can't easily get close to the devil's eye. Once they get close, they will shock those creatures!


Main City No. 1, Golden Prison Mountain Range.

Lin Chen fell beside a cliff, breathing in a hurry, there was still a bit of shock left undecided.

Entering the Tianshan Mountains this time is the last line of life and death!

Yu simplified the white light, and Bai Ruoyan emerged, holding his palm and looking worried"Brother Lin Chen, are you okay? Did you feel any abnormality?"

"No... very weird..."

Lin Chen shook his head and stared at the magic mark on the palm of his left hand. After the purple and black magic mark flashed for a moment, it dimmed and was hidden in Lin Chen's body.

"This thing absorbed the palms of the demon creatures, still lurking in my body, but I have no effect!"

Lin Chen's expression is extremely solemn!

It is precisely because of such a big change that this Magic Seal has not changed, which is serious!

This proves that this magic mark is completely out of Lin Chen's control, and even the creatures above the peak demon can be completely crushed!

"That Demon Clan claims to be its own king, is it still possible to be a holy demon king?"

Lin Chen cold sweat DC, Saint Demon King, compare the existence of Saints!

This magic seal can even intercept the creatures suspected of the Holy Demon King, and no one knows what will happen to this thing in the next moment!

"The mysterious man gave me this magic mark, which is definitely impossible to be kind, or lack of strength, I am still too weak! If I have the strength of the Holy Land, this is not even a fart! Damn, life is hanging on the waist Go!"

After several thoughts and struggles, with Bai Ruoyan's company, Lin Chen's mind finally recovered.

"Return to the academy! Maybe when the dean wakes up, he may have a solution to this magic mark, and if he can get the other parts of the too endless decision, can practice the orange-order mind, my strength can be Improve a few grades!"

Lin Chen has already seen the power of the orange-order mentality. Bai Ruoyan's cultivation in the middle of the ninth level is against the mid-level devil who is comparable to a battle emperor. She can cross the ranks and do not fall down! The promotion of the orange-order mentality is too much!

Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju, he is determined to get it!

After swallowing two medicines, Lin Chens right arm's injury was temporarily stabilized, and it still needed a little time to recuperate. The'Five Strengths One' required too much strength and shell strength. Lin Chen forcibly used it and did not completely remove his arm. It is a blessing to break.


After leaving the sky tower, Lin Chen did not intend to waste time. He used "super-dimensional transmission" again, teleported back to the direction of space 2, arrived at Wanlinghai, and then returned to the academy.

"This time, a large number of demons have been exterminated in the sky tower, which has increased my blank attribute value to 130,000 points. It has been very rewarding and can be converted into other attributes at any time. It is necessary for emergency."

When Lin Chen turned off the system and opened his eyes, Dragon Emperor had already returned to the position of the academy.

Tiange Academy, the main hall of Hundred Islands.

Lin Chen, who had just returned, received an unexpected heavy news!

"Teacher Yueqi and everyone were taken away by the people of the Holy World?"

In the face of Shen Lianyun's words, Lin Chen's heart sank.

"Everyone leaves, they must have their own plans. With the eyes of the old foxes of the Holy World, there is no need to move them."

Lin Chen pondered a little, and put his heart down halfway. The sectarian messengers of the Holy Realm picked them up, and the motive and possibility of harm were not great.

Looking at its motives, harming the people around Lin Chen will do them no harm.

However, if he can win against the false gods this time, Lin Chen still wants to go to the Holy World to confirm everyone's safety for the first time.

In particular, Sister Yue Qi and Man Qing, Qing Xuan, if the people of the Holy World dare to bully them, with Lin Chens temperament, I am afraid that they can turn everything upside down!

"You really went to the Devil's Eye to bring back the energy of his Holy Vein?"

In the main hall, Lin Chen handed over seven jade boxes. After Shen Lianyun took it, the tears of excitement flashed!

How many years of waiting, how many years of waiting, just for the moment when he wakes up again!

For the will of the Tiange Academy and the Dean, it is waiting for a person who is enough to bear history to appear!

But for Shen Lianyun, she just wanted to see him again!