My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 739

Vol 5 Chapter 739: Fight

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Chapter 739

"After all, these hundreds of thousands of waits are in vain. After all these countless days and nights, I don't want to rush into the sky tower all the time, and I want you to wake up again..."

Shen Lianyun, who caressed the jade box, wept with joy, and shed tears of happiness.

Bai Ruoyan and Lin Chen glanced at each other, unconsciously holding each other's hands.

Some college elders in the first hall could not help wiping tears from the corners of their eyes,

Shen Lianyun inherited the dean's will and adhered to the countless years of Tiange Academy. This waiting and agreement for the beloved is moving and makes Lin Chen cherish the people in front of him.

"I will first return the energy of the Holy Vein to him."

Shen Lianyun was so excited that her cheeks were stained with a red glow, like a girl who was about to see her lover again, and all the jade boxes were taken away.

Shen Lianyun just went to the Chamber of Secrets, and immediately the elders came out and handed several secret letters to Lin Chen.

"Friend Lin Chen, this is what your partner left before you left."

Lin Chen took all the letters, spread them out one by one, everyone in Class 66, Ning Qingxuan, Yan Qianyun, Man Qing, all left him a lot of words.

But they seemed to have spirits in their hearts, and all had a fascinating confidence in Lin Chen, that is, they firmly believed that this disaster, Lin Chen could overcome and reach the Holy World safely!

"Even if I am the most handsome, but everyone is too worthy of me Lin. That is the true God blowing to heaven, do you really regard me as the true God?"

Lin Chen smiled and shook his head.

One of his jokes, the elders in the first hall did not take it as a joke, they can fully understand the mood of everyone who went to the Holy Realm.

Lin Chen, who thought about it three years ago, was just a young man who had just arrived in Lingzhou, but his deeds were more terrifying than a man, and the arrogance of his contemporaries was not as bright as one billionth of his!

Every time something earth-shattering happened to him, when everyone thought it was his end point and boundary, the next thing happened would subvert everyone's cognition countless times!

The'top ten geniuses' and'four kings' of the contemporary era are only Yuanzun realm today! But he has stood at the top of Kyushu! Who can think of it, who dares to think about it!

They also firmly believe that this time the crisis of "the true God is coming", with Lin Chen, is hope!

"Haha, little friend Lin Chen, don't come unharmed!"

"It is worthy of being the unprecedented first legend in Kyushu. It is better to be known than to meet. It is worthy to challenge the pseudo-god!"

"It is even blessed that the human race can have Lin Chen, a friend!"

Hearty laughter spread throughout the hall, a group of strong men stepped in, Lin Chen's eyes narrowed.

There are the three giants of Danzhou, the emperor Lei Tian of Tianzhou, and even most of the ancient alliances of Tianzhou, as well as those who were the inheritors of the sacred stele of the town, all of which are first-class strongmen. The strong!

What made Lin Chen unexpected was that even the three most secret dragons of the dragon clan also sent strong men to arrive!

The girl with the green dragon horn hid behind the ancestor in white, turning her curious eyes, looking at Lin Chen timidly.

Everyone opened the space channel to Tiange Academy overnight to form a real big league! It will also be the first time that the human race and the dragon race have joined hands together since ancient times!

It's just that the opponents of this alliance are at an unprecedented level!

"I don't think so many people know my handsome name."

Lin Chen smiled, everyone laughed, and the tense atmosphere dissipated a little.

Everyone sat down, Lin Chen sat at the head of the palace, and Bai Ruoyan was beside him.

"Friend Lin Chen, do you think our success in this battle!"

Suddenly, Emperor Lei Tiantian of Tianzhou asked solemnly.

The atmosphere in the hall tightened again!

In all fairness, all the strong people who can gather here today are people with pride and integrity, but they have put their lives on it!

Against the True God, defeat or death!

This is the fate of all the forces behind them. They must know what they are desperate for and why they mortgaged this battle!

Who are their enemies? Not only the six false gods, but also the entire Kyushu who succumbed to the false gods, the enemies are still all over Kyushu! They are here to challenge the world and history!

This victory is a few percent. I am afraid that only Lin Chen can answer this question!

"I have recovered the energy of the Sacred Veins for the senior dean of our college. Presumably, the dean will wake up soon, and on our side, there will be at least one saint!"

Lin Chen's remarks made the morale of the powerful men in the entire first hall mention!

"However, this victory is still infinitely close to zero."

Lin Chen's voice turned and answered seriously.

When I heard that the answer was not unexpected, everyone's face sank like water, and the atmosphere became more dignified!

Everyone is willing to die, Lin Chen must let them know the truth.

The deans actual situation is not optimistic. He beheaded the two holy demon kings with one person and killed them from the devils eyes. Even if the energy of the holy veins was taken back, it was only a severely injured body, facing six'false gods'. The odds are indeed infinitely close to zero!

In fact, some powerful people know that there are still some holy places in Kyushu.

However, this individual Sacred Realm has never intervened to intervene in Kyushu. It is almost impossible for them to stand in line, because even if the false gods come in, they can calmly evacuate and re-find a new foothold in Every Realm.

Lin Chen stood up, straightened his waist, and sounded like Hong Zhong!

"I'm not a person who deceives everyone. Everyone sitting here is a person who gambles on their lives!"

"Now Kyushu has reached the point of life and death. The ancient sages used their lives to protect the honor and spirit of our lives. We can't give in! The ancient hundred sages and sages are also the pride of heaven, but they have no choice as saints. Fleeing, but defending Kyushu recklessly!"

"Now it's time for life and death, my generation can only fight back to death! If you don't fight, it will exterminate! Standing to die is better than kneeling to die!"

If you don't fight, you will die!

A sentence of eight characters, like a sword hanging from the heart, is engraved in everyone's heart!

Bang ~!

The voice just fell, the vibration shook the whole academy, the space boundary was damaged, and a large arrogant breath was like a storm!

"Hahaha, it's really a barbarous land, even the people stationed in the enchantment are low-level warlords."

"Dare in the projectile area, dare to challenge the God of the True God? The mantis is in the car, looking for death!"

"I don't need the action of Lord God, I can wait to level your alliance personally!"

"Lin Chen, get out for the old man!"

The shouting, shouting, and sneering sounds were constantly mixed with the powerful voice to the entire Tiange Academy, which made Lin Chen's eyes narrow, and actually came to the door so quickly?

"Damn, these traitors!"

Emperor Lei was furious! Suddenly stood up. Obviously, he also felt the familiar breath, and Tianzhou's top strongman arrived!

Tianzhou has always been a relatively peaceful big state, and most of the ancient families are alliances.

But only this matter, the alliance of Tianzhou is divided into two parts!

"Don't worry everyone, we will meet them and they will be done."

Lin Chen smiled, without concealing the monstrous fighting intention in his eyes!

Fight if you want!