My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 740

Vol 5 Chapter 740: I Slipped

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Chapter 740

Now Lin Chen, except for a few sacred realms, most places in Kyushu, he can come and go freely, without fear!

Brush ~! The purple phoenix wings spread in anger, Lin Chen stepped on the "dark step", his figure flashed, and Bai Ruoyan walked lightly, closely followed.

All the strong men in the first hall have sharp eyes and are dispatched one after another. Whether it is the dragon or the strong of the human race, it seems that they are united and acting together at the moment!

This battle is inevitable!


More than two hundred figures stepped into the void, everyone's breath was as strong as the sea, all are high-level war emperors!

"Well, the old man doesn't believe it. In a projectile place, what qualifications are to offend the true God, die!"

The old man with crutches in front of the team disdains sneer. The tip of the stick gently taps into the void.

Refers to Wanyue Zhentian, a piece of gray light vast energy is rolled down with his fingers on his head, vast and vast, almost trying to crush the college mountain area directly into smash!

The crystal walls of the space are cracked, and countless college elders and students in the mountains show a look of despair!

With this finger, there is no retreat, and it can almost destroy the core area of the entire mountain range!

Tear ~! The wind breaking noise roared, the figure was rotating like a light wheel, and a whip leg was swept out of the sky.

"Cut off!"

Bang~! The shadow of the legs swept across the sky, cutting the energy fingers into smashes and turning them into the sky, shining across the sky.

Everyone's eyes flashed! Ninth battle emperor's supreme blow, was so easily broken?

Countless gazes stared into the void, the young man rolled the silver robe, his hands clasped his chest, a cynical confident smile hung between the corners of his mouth.

"Well, as far as the opening show is concerned, this firework is not gorgeous enough."

Yinpao's figure patted the shoulder and smiled jokingly.

Xingmang embellished the void, sprinkled on the back of the teenager, looked extraordinary, looked at the world!

As if only one person could carry the whole world!

"It's Senior Lin Chen!"

"Everyone don't need to be afraid, senior Lin Chen is here, ha ha ha! Fuck!"

"Senior Lin Chen is the first in the world!"

"The stand-alone king is the most..."

"We got a traitor, beat him!"

When many young students recognized Lin Chen, they couldn't hold back excitedly, waved their arms and spit fragrantly!

Some of the hidden strange old monsters who saw Lin Chen for the first time could not help but put away the last trace of contempt in their hearts. The leg just now, the exquisite control of pure power is the level they first saw!

"The potential is indeed very strong, but in front of the true God is a ants."

"The old man wanted to understand the strength of this child, but there was a little boy who was still wet, but with a little brute force!"

The three hidden elders in the late Jiu Zhong headed by the head laughed a few words, as if not afraid of Lin Chen.

"Oh, a bunch of guys who are anxious to become dogs. Was this dog chain anxiously wagging their tails before they were attached? Just because the false **** threw you a few hoops, would you wish to kneel down and be a dog? "

Lin Chen flicked that fingernail, and in a few words made several hidden world old monsters exposed with anger!

"I thought I was shaking my old dog by shaking my tail and begging for pity. It never ended well."

Lin Chen sneered.

With his current "Golden Eyes Twins", it is natural to see through the three hidden elders who got a trace of "Holy Spirit", creating a "pseudo-holy body" similar to the ancestors of the six major families. If it is launched, its strength can be matched. A battle for the emperor.

That's why they came over so fearlessly!

It's a pity that if they knew someone Lin was in the Tianshan Mountains of the Ten Thousand Demons Battlefield, the story of "Looking over from the Demon King" would not dare to be so arrogant if they gave them eight leopards!

"Lin Chen!"

The ancestors and elders of the Seven Dragons once again saw Lin Chen, awe-inspiring and majestic!

Last time, Lin Chen's "Five Thunder Boom" hit the entire Dragon clan high level, but now they have not recovered.

"Oh? You dragon traitors have recovered?"

Lin Chen raised his eyebrows, although the powerful dragons of the seven dragons were not completely healed, but at least 70% had recovered!

If the injury recovers so quickly, there must be intervention from outside factors!

"It turns out that there is a high-level pharmacist in Danzhou in their team."

Lin Tian's mental strength was cleared in the middle of Tongtian Realm, and Lin Chen suddenly understood.

"Traitor? Did you put your **** on me, I still get you to give me instructions on the Dragon Race?"

Several ancestors became angry and angry!

"He is not qualified to give directions, then I will wait!"

The relentlessly cold drink mixed with Long Xiao was ringing across the sky!

Bang ~! The three great dragon clan strongmen are suspended in the air, and the head of the white-haired ancestor is brewing with rage in the eyes!

"The Void Dragon, the Tiandou Jingang Dragon, the Living Dragon, and the three dragons are really united with them?"

Three hidden old monsters jumped in their hearts. Two of the three dragons were ranked first and second!

The three tribes occupy nearly 40% of the collective fighting power of the ten dragons!

"You traitors, how did your ancestors die? Didn't you forget? Even the younger generations don't even know, even the old guys don't know what they are? It's almost in collaboration with these innocent things. Insult my dragon's glory!"

The void white dragon ancestor of the head of the ten races, the old man with white hair scolded the seven oldest ancestors!

"Old and immortal, don't slap your mouth full of justice, how ugly is your face? It's disgusting!"

"Your three tribes occupy the best cultivation resources of the ten tribes, and of course can teach us from the top, what pretend to be saints!"

The ancestors of the Seven Clan roared, and the White Dragon ancestor sneered-"If it weren't for your wolf ambition and attempted to occupy the ancestral altar, how could I block the ancestral altar! This group of stupid waste!"

"At least, we dare to stand here and bet on the life of the glory of the dragon ancestors. Even if we die, the honor of the dragon clan will still live!"

The tongue and lip guns on both sides are diametrically opposed!

At this time, many strong players of the Lingzhou Alliance emerged one after another, Tianzhou, Danzhou, Shenzhou Luofu and others. The attention of the enemy's more than two hundred war emperors shifted slightly to the powerful of the Lingzhou Alliance.

Bang ~! Suddenly, at the moment when the other party was a little distracted, four fingers of eight-color energy were born, and a clear blue dragon's sword blade cut across the sky!

The powerful dragons of the various parties suddenly startled, suddenly changed their bodies, the dragon breathed out, the dragon force shot the void, and forcibly took the blow!

"Lin Chen, are you **** attacking?"

The ancestors of the Seventh Clan suddenly roared when they saw four figures standing in the void below!

"Sorry, sorry, I slipped my hand, I wanted to fight this group of kings."

Lin Chen's very polite apology, with a smile on his face, is extremely sincere.

Quite a lot of strong people's mouths are pumping wildly, you **** slippery!

The attack just now was a real killer trick, forcing the Dragon ancestors to use the body to dare to face up!

Suddenly, the three hidden old monsters belonging to Danzhou in the opposing team are in shock!

Their spiritual power vaguely felt that Lin Chen's spiritual power dried up like a well, and dried up quickly, with no signs!

This kid is still in trouble!