My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 741

Vol 5 Chapter 741: Lao Yin Ratio

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Chapter 741

[Tuning the Tianyin rune has hidden the spirit of the hosts spiritual warfare. Consume 1.4 million rune energy, cooling time: 39 seconds.

Faintly perceiving Lin Chen's mental strength is showing signs of rapid exhaustion, the Danzhou old monsters look shocked!

"Something wrong! There is a problem here!"

"Be careful!"

The three Danzhou old monsters had no time to remind the powerful people around them, unconsciously unfold the spiritual hood, cover the sun and the moon, protect the square miles, and protect more than 200 war emperors!

Boom~! Bang~! The second half of the breath urged by the spiritual hood, there is no sign of blooming violent spiritual energy explosion!

Wringing and annihilating the blue column of annihilation like a wild dragon, the spiritual shroud was destroyed and shattered, three Danzhou monsters vomited blood and retreated, and their faces were pale!

All the strong men have been subjected to different levels of spiritual impact with penetration, which shocked them to shake their minds and turmoil in the sea!

However, the few old monsters led by them can still remain sane, and the mental damage suffered by more than 200 warlords is very limited. Most of the power of annihilation is blocked by the three Danzhou old monsters!

"Cut, didn't you succeed in sneak attack."

Lin Chen pouted, Li Mang blinked in his eyes.

"Have you got a hammer, Lin Chen, you **** damned?"

The three ancestors headed were angry!

"Ah? How could it happen, I just shot a little bit of mental shock while in practice. You just happened to be within my range and accidentally bumped into it. You can only blame me for shooting too much It's far away, how can it be a sneak attack? Can the handsome thing be called a sneak attack? It's a friendly exchange, right."

Someone Lin immediately resumed his smile, and was so angry that many strong men were exposed, and he almost didn't rush to fight with him!

While they are paying attention to the moment of being scattered among the other strong players in the league, they launch the most difficult "spiritual attack" to defend. If they are not the three Danzhou monsters, all of them will be injured!

The skill of his skill is like taking off the pants of an thief and picking flowers into the room!

Even the strong of the Lingzhou Alliance can't help but be ashamed, this little friend Lin Chen really has no taboos......

Lin Chen waved again.

"What's more, you guys came to see me today for bragging? Okay, that guy named Zhang Deshuai, quickly pull the cow up!"

Pull the cow up? A lot of strong people are surprised!

"Don't talk nonsense, our great true God Lord has a decree to pass to you, kneel down and take the decree!"

As the gray old man with a cane on his head grinned loudly, a magic eye stone was opened in his palm, and a beam of light radiated inside the magic eye stone condensed into a light screen, and a hoarse voice was heard.

"The mortals of the Lingzhou Alliance, this seat is the true **** of the Holy Realm..."

The light screen was completely dark, but there was an almost invincible momentum, and the powerful of the Lingzhou Alliance was shocked!

This is not the momentum of the emperor, it is those true gods!

Then, the voice inside the devil's eye stone continued with endless confusion and majesty.

"Kyushu was originally created by me and you. You were just blinded by the ancient Hundred Saints and returned to this seat. You will get eternal life, be protected by the Eucharist, and know the true calendar..."

Bang ~! As soon as the voice fell, the four avatars that appeared like ghosts instantly launched the "Ultimate Moment" and the Sixfold Change!

Three avatars draw swords, draw bows, draw two swords, bless two major attack runes, one trick Zi Lian Xing Xing plus one knife Speed Mirror directly greet each other in the back row!

"Three powers in one, pull and cut!"

The fourth avatar emerged like a ghost, when a fist smashed into the void, the mysterious strength of a fighting star turned to the void, twisting and bending the crystal wall of space!

This dragon force energetically twisted the space where the Magic Eye Stone was located, and even the gray monsters could not react, and the tearing force and cutting force instantly crushed the Magic Eye Stone!

The false gods are full of bewitching voices, and they suddenly stop!


Outside Kyushu, there is a space plane outside the sky. A fierce and furious roar roared through the stars!

"This kid actually attacked and interrupted the notice of this seat?"

Lingzhou; Tiange College.

Sigh~! boom! The fighting spirit raged, the sky dome burst, and the strong men on both sides withdrew and became crossbows!

The aftermath of energy dissipated, and more than 30 strong men joined forces to block the offensive of the four major avatars. They were affected by the "penetrating" rune, suffered various degrees of minor injuries, and looked gloomy!

It's so special! This kid actually attacked again!

This little bastard's sneak attack is fascinating!

Yin than! Definitely an old Yin ratio!

"What do you look like if you put a pig's nose in a green onion? What did you do to create Kyushu and return Nima's decree! I'll go to your mother!"

Lin Chen smiled angrily, spitting foam, a rare expression of contempt, gazing in all directions!

Even if it is only 1 in 10,000 probability, he will never give the other party a chance to counter the alliance!

This time the opponents goal was made clear. He wanted to "throw an olive branch" and wanted to add another heavy hammer in this desperate and urgent atmosphere to completely dismantle the military heart of the Lingzhou Alliance!

Once a strong party is bewitched, the consequences can be disastrous! Lin Chen could not have this opportunity for them!

To preach to these people? He Lin is not a 15th century Western knight!

Since it is already a dead enemy, there is only one sentence!

At all costs and means, this group of people is killed to death till the end! There is no escape route between the two parties!

"All the league's strongmen listen to the order, Kyushu is already alive and dead, and beat me up with this group of bitches!"

Lin Chen drew out the Five Dragon Dynasty Emperor Gun and rushed towards the old gray monster while thundering!

It seems that the strong players of the Lingzhou League take him as the core of his heart. His shock shook everyone's blood, and all of them started a lineup that surrounded the joint attack!

Some college elders withdrew their spirits to the bottom of the college to protect their students!

"Shame your face, a group of dogs who don't know what to do, fight!"

The gray old monster angered, and countless powerful people unfolded in the Quartet. Dragon to Dragon, Human to Human!

But seeing the five-color dragon gun like a shocked electric shock, the gray old crooked silver crutches slammed above the point of the gun.

"The old guy is pretty tough!"

Lin Chen's eyes were sullen, and the gray monster was not only cultivated in the later period of Jiuzhong, but also a top-level body-finishing emperor of 9.2 million Dragon Power!

On the mainland of Kyushu, it turned out to be a crouching tiger and a hidden dragon. The turmoil of the advent of false gods forced these hidden monsters for countless years!

Both physical training and fighting strength cultivation are top-notch, even if singled out, Lin Chen might be unavoidable to win him!

With a punch in the backhand, the two sides retreated ten miles away. Lin Chen made up his mind!

"There is no time to get entangled with him, the strong players of the league can't damage here!"

[Twenty thousand blank attribute values start to be converted into twenty thousand point gangster mine attribute values, consuming 200,000 point sky values, and the production of the top-level killing skill "Five Thunder Booming Tops" was successful.

Lin Chen is preparing to send a "Five Thunders" to the "friends" present, a cloud of light and gentle laughter, echoing between the world.

"Sure enough, today's mainland is still reduced to this look."

The laughter is bland and unremarkable, but it seems to contain an invisible power. If the sound spreads ripples, through the void, the moment when the space ripples, the invisible power bombards all the enemy war emperors!

boom! boom! boom!

The emperors of various roads kept vomiting blood and retreated, the injuries were uneven!