My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 742

Vol 5 Chapter 742: Dean Awakening

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Chapter 742

The war emperors in the pseudo-god camp looked shocked and horrified. Which one is the strongest in this world?

In today's Kyushu, how could there be more than 200 top powerhouses who have hit them more than eight fighters without appearing?

"No, is it that the guy is not dead yet?"

The gray-faced old monster seemed to realize something, his old face changed suddenly, and the two old monsters around him were torn apart by lightning.

Bang ~!

The jade jade rolls up a space channel, and more than two hundred war lords within a radius of more than tens of thousands of miles reflect a special space light. The space channel instantly "swallows" their figure and is included in the fierce crack!

Lin Chen's eyes twitched and he instantly communicated the "Mighty Skill" function!

laugh! The cracks in the space are closed, and more than 200 war emperors disappeared instantly. Such a large-scale metamorphic space-moving technique cannot be used in war emperor realm!

The strong state of the Lingzhou Alliance is shocked, and more than 200 war emperors can be injured between words. I am afraid that only one person has the alliance today!

Dean of Tiange Academy!

Dean awoke?

"This is a space jade with sacred power, which can drive the designated target to teleport thousands of miles! It is not the treasure that can exist in Kyushu today, it is from those despicable false gods!"

The white ancestor of the Void Dragon family stared at the direction of their departure, eyes narrowed.

For the attainment of the "power of space", among the creatures of the same level, today Kyushu has no vitality and half of the void dragon. They have the most authoritative talent.

"It's a pity! Let them run!"

The green dragon-horn girl stomped her face flushed with rage.

"Relax, little sister, they are not so easy to run away."

Someone smiled and rubbed the girls lovely soft hair and dragon horns. The latter face was red, and the watery blue eyes stared at him timidly and asked-"Why?"

Lin Chen pointed above, put on his self-made sunglasses, looked up at the void, hehe laughed.

"In this weather, it is easiest to thunder, especially those who bully the teachers and destroy the ancestors, are most likely to be struck by thunder."

Bang ~! The terrible thunder condenses the energy of the heaven and earth, and nearly 200 groups of five-color thunderclouds explode!

boom! boom! boom!

The explosion of thunder continued to explode from the five-color thundercloud, and the powerful emperors of the Alliance who were shocked were stunned, startled and frightened!

"My God, what is this!"

"This... what the **** is going on? How could such a nearly extinct natural disaster appear in our alliance area!"

"Oops! The destruction energy contained in Thundercloud is difficult for me and the Ninefold Warlord to resist!"

Some of the ancestors from Tianzhou and Danzhou took a deep breath and hurriedly waited!

Even the elders of the academy showed a somewhat desperate look. Those five-colored thunderclouds, all of which are the power to destroy thousands of miles of mountains and rivers!

Nearly two hundred regiments of thundercloud? What is that concept? Tiange College's million-mile college territory will be razed to the ground in no time!

Can only pin the last hope to the Dean!

The girl with the green dragon horn concealed her red lips lightly and her eyes flickered. How could she not know this gorgeous and colorful thunder cloud!

The dragon tribes with the void dragon, the soul dragon, and the Tiandou Jingang dragon gazed at the five-colored thundercloud with shock!

This is the thunder, which will hit the seven dragons on that day! Cut the dragon's history into two halves since ancient times!

[Successful technique "Five Thunder Boom" was successfully launched, and the designated target has been locked and tracking started.

"Hahaha, don't worry, these thunderclouds will not attack us. They are just the guys who just gave the pseudo-gods a dog!"

Someone Lin laughed. Everyone was shocked and surprised. Can this thing be recognized?

The laughter just fell, and after nearly two hundred groups of five-colored thunderclouds were condensed and formed, they flew to the east like a flash, almost disappearing in two blinks!

In this scene, the inheritors of Tianzhou, Danzhou, Shenzhou, and many other sacred monuments in the town, all cast their eyes on Lin Chen with a skeptical life!

Is there such an operation? Can Lin Chen still control the natural disaster thundercloud?

Lin Chen knows that once the nirvana is locked and the enemy launches successfully, he will rest until the dead! Will continue to track until the amount of killing skills exhausted!

According to the energy table listed in the system, the number of thunderstrikes is 50 times. If you cross several continents and track down the enemy, it will consume about 40% of the energy, and at least 25-30 thunderstorms!

The moving speed of the five-color thundercloud is very fast! Unless the other party still has a jumping space for "Jiqiyujian", it is impossible to avoid the thunder cloud's locked bombardment, only hard resistance!

"Where did their jade jade teleport to, and where will Thundercloud chase. If they teleport to their headquarters, then the five thunder bursts will fall to their headquarters, that's sour~"

Lin Chen wiped his saliva, staring at the direction where the five-colored thundercloud swept away. He touched his chin very narcissistically.

"Well~ according to my speculation, the stand-alone king of the most handsome little gyro of Wu Lei's top explosion in situ, which was exclusively presented by someone I Lin saw the epic feast of Wan Lei's Guizong who wanted to hit people, will be staged in less than four days. If you dont succumb to the pseudo-god, no one will be close to their headquarters, but if you sincerely want to be a dog for the pseudo-god, it will definitely be on the spot and cool to heaven!"

Many powerful people think about it!

Nima, this is too abnormal!

So many annihilation thunderclouds will actually track the other party to the end of the world? If this falls on their headquarters?

Many people shivered and couldn't think of it! Really dare not think about it!

This guy's method is too defying...


In the first hall, the alliance parties gathered.

Shen Lianyun supported a handsome middle-aged man in a green robe. His face was pale as paper, and his blue eyes looked haunting and calm. All the restless emotions would smooth his eyes.

Although the breath is weak, like the power of a chicken without hands, the body is faintly filled with the divine destruction of the world, making it difficult for any strong person present to feel contempt.

This existence must be one of the'strongest' levels in Kyushu today!

Shen Lianyun helped him to the nearest seat and slowly sat down.

"Have seen the dean!"

The strong men of all sides clenched their fists and respectfully greeted them, their expressions were both excited and excited!

The dean of Tiange Academy, the land of Kyushu 200,000 years ago, was once full of legends!

In a way, without him, Kyushu may have fallen into the era of the demons' troubled times!

The Qingpao man waved his hand and smiled calmly.

"Everyone don't have to pay much courtesy. I'm just a culprit of this era. This stupid body really makes everyone laugh. If they just absorbed the energy of the Holy Vessel and caused the state to be unstable, they would have no chance to escape."

The ancestor of the Void Dragon smiled and said, "Your Excellency Dean is polite, even if you can't take action to destroy the enemy in person, but you have the best students and descendants of Kyushu to complete this for you, not What."

The dean smiled, turning his eyes to Lin Chen, more and more amazing!

He never thought that the academy he founded with his own hands could recruit such excellent and adversary students!