My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 743

Vol 5 Chapter 743: News

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Chapter 743

"Under the age of 22, the top body-cultivating emperor, the mid-level cultivation of the Seventh Layer, the mid-level spiritual power of the heaven, and the body of the Heavenly Tribulation. Guys, to what extent are you going to be evil!"

In the end it's a saint, and his eyes are really spicy.

With a sigh in his heart, Lin Chen smiled with a fist"The students have seen the dean, and these achievements are totally worthless than the dean's achievements."

"Stinky kid, how old are you! When I was as old as you, Yuan Zunjing was less than eightfold. I was thinking about picking girls all day long, ha ha ha!"

The dean laughed, and Shen Lianyun's pretty face next to him turned red, and he gave him a few white eyes.

"This girl..."

When the director's eyes condensed on Bai Ruoyan beside Lin Chen, his expression was dignified.

Shen Lianyun and Lin Chen briefly said Bai Ruoyan's deeds and adventures, and the dean marveled!

"It turned out to be the eternal flame. I couldn't think of such a drastic change in Lingzhou during my sleep. When I waited for the time, the flame showed no signs of gathering spirits."

As strong as the era when Bai Shengqi came out, no one surrendered to the'eternal flame', showing how much this thing is against the sky!

The eternal flame was once called the origin of everything, and even the Holy Realm cannot be easily approached, let alone controlled. Its divine power has the power to destroy the world!

"Nizi, you..." The dean hesitated, when he was about to speak.

"Thanks to seniors for their concern, the juniors have their own scores."

Bai Ruoyan interrupted him, she knew that the dean must be able to see through his state at this time.

The energy of the holy flame begins to grow more and more because of the "Shenyan Heart Sutra", and it will soon be beyond its control!

The false **** came. The war is coming, full of unknowns. Now Bai Ruoyan, he just wants to be quietly with Lin Chen.

The dean nodded, the war is coming, this time may not be the time to solve this problem.

Lin Chen wondered, what did the two talk about? Why can't I understand it?

"Chief, what state are you in?"

Lin Chen went straight in, without any nonsense, and asked the questions everyone wanted to know!

The dean Yun Qingfeng was light and smiled, and said with a smile-"It will take a few days to merge my energy of the Holy Veins, except for the part that suppresses the Devil's Eye, probably between the boundary between the Second Holy Realm and the First Holy Realm."

"If there is no Eighth-order Saint Pill against the sky, Shouyuan will die in only a thousand years. If the hypocrisy comes, I can delay one or two. After the war, whether I can survive is destiny. Then Kyushu will depend on you. , Kid Lin Chen."

Shen Lianyun unconsciously grasped the dean's sleeve.

Lin Chen frowned, this combat power is still very different!

Moreover, the dean said that it was completely unrealistic to delay the two false gods. He beheaded the two holy demon kings, and his seriously injured body appeared to be more serious than several false gods. Delayed two, unless he fought hard. !

"Oh, those guys' abacuses are also loud enough. Choose to come in Lingzhou. Today, there are less than 30 town boundary sacred monuments in Kyushu. There are only two town sacred monuments in Lingzhou. One of them can hold the town monument.

The azure eyes of the dean transmitted a wise and deep light.

"In addition to the many clan heritages that the ancient family has retained, it may be able to avoid the temporary difficulties of the aftermath of the battle, but the long battle will definitely affect the entire Lingzhou!"

"Your Excellency President, rest assured that this war concerns us all in Kyushu. We will never hide it. The Sanlongchi Formation of my tribe will start and help the Alliance!"

The void ancestor Long said seriously, the dean shook his head-"It's not that simple, you will start the Holy Dragon Pool, and the other seven races will also use it, so your opponents will instead have to deal with their own compatriots."

"Actually, we still have a chance, that is the owner of the sky tower. We have had a few sides of the relationship, but if the boy Lin Chen came out to negotiate with him, he might still be able to draw him. So our lineup will have The two saints, together with many hole cards, have a chance to knock them back."

When the Dean turned to Lin Chen, everyone was shocked!

Sky Tower Master?

This most mysterious existence of Kyushu is also a holy land!

"Me? If I were a female, I could still consider selling the hue to make a good man, but what would I do if I were a male? There is no substantive benefit. People may leave Kyushu at any time, so why risk our lives to help us? ."

Lin Chen shrugged and the dean smiled mysteriously: "You will know when you go."

"By the way, Dean, inherit the volume of incomplete mentality in the crystal ball. Do you have any news about other incomplete parts! That volume of mentality is very important to me!"

Suddenly, Lin Chen secretly heard Dean, seeing the Dean's current situation, walking hard, and simply asked him directly.

If you can collect three remnants of the "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue" at the moment, then Lin Chen is also considered to be an orange-order mind!

At that time, with the orange-order mentality and the two major "orange-order talents", he may not be able to fight several pseudo-gods!

"The incomplete mind is indeed very strong. According to my consideration, it is at least the orange level, and perhaps even more. But I have no information about it because it was exchanged from a friend at a time. Coming, the man may have news of another incomplete part of it, but he has been imprisoned in the Holy Prison of the Holy World!"

When the dean passed on Lin Chen, his heart fell into the bottom.

There is a Holy Realm in the Holy Prison. He doesnt even know how to go to the Holy Realm, let alone enter the Holy Prison!

What's more, what exists in the prison?

He is a war emperor, how can he get in there to find merit?

"It seems that Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju is temporarily impossible, so I can only try another possibility!"

Lin Chen suddenly stood up and looked at the elders of the college.

"Elder, prepare the best room for me, I will retreat for two days!"

The elders acted immediately. Lin Chen gave the dean a fist and followed him. Everyone has no complaints and time is pressing. They should give Lin Chen enough time to prepare.

In the first hall, the dean and the powerful of all parties are still discussing the preparations before the war.


Inside the room; Lin Chen fell into contemplation and turned on the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 5.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivated as: The mid-seventh stage of the Battle Royal Realm-the essence of the intermediate combat spirit: 14.1 billion points.

Ultimate Strength: 8.999,000 Dragon Power (Talent Blessing: 9.2 million)-Intermediate Qi and Blood Energy: 17.7 billion points.

Intermediate mental strength: 760,000 points (Mid-Tiantianjing mid-term)

Intermediate skill essence: 0 points-Intermediate rune energy: 38.84 million points.

Heavenly value: 46.13 million points-talent points: 88.80 million points.

Intermediate elemental energy: 4.5 million points in the fire system, 4.1 million points in the soil system, 3.95 million points in the wood system, 4.55 million points in the gold system, 4.8 million points in the water system, 4.15 million points in the thunder system, 4.02 million points in the wind system, and 3.85 million points in the light system , Dark Department of 3.99 million points.

Qigong Status Bar (Whether Open)-Blood Vessel Status Bar (Whether Open)

Passive talent bar (whether it is open)-nirvana bar (whether it is open)

Active Talents: (Blue Level) Thief Omen, (Blue Level) Fatal Bloodthirst, (Purple Level) Super Dimensional Transmission, (Purple Level) Ultimate Moment, (Purple Level) Ultimate Return, (Purple Level One Time) Super Full counterattack, (Purple Order) King's Landing (Cooling Time: 28 days) (Orange Rank One Time) God Killer, (Quasi Orange Rank) Fatal Life and Death, (Orange Rank One Time) Sun God.

Characteristic rune column (whether it is open)-talent combination skills: Fatal Bloodthirsty-Super Dimensional Transmission-Junlin Tianxia-Fatal Life and Death.

Hold blank attribute: 115220 points (can be converted into any attribute value at will).

"System, I want to start the fusion function. The fusion attribute value is: 100,000 talent points, 100,000 rune energy, and 100,000 sky value!"

Lin Chen turned on the Fusion function and started mad fusion!