My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 744

Vol 5 Chapter 744: A Turn

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Chapter 744

[Consumption of 30,000 days of Dao value, successful fusion, get the purple-level intermediate mind...]

[Consumption of 30,000 days of Dao value, successful fusion, get green rank talent...]

[Consumption of 30,000 days of value, successful fusion, and access to the seventh-level intermediate medicine...]

Lin Chen continues to start the fusion function, each time it consumes 100,000 rune energy, 100,000 talent points and 100,000 heavenly value, constantly fused new immortals, exercises, weapons, heaven and earth treasures, from time to time There is a new talent, but it is still tasteless and not very useful.

"It's almost seventy times merged, not even a godslayer fragment and talent combo box!"

Lin Chen is a little impatient. This fusion function is too random. Anything may be fused out. From time to time, a combo box or a piece of God Killer will appear as soon as it enters the soul!

The only valuable thing is that in the fifty-ninth fusion, the passive blue-level talent Fate of Heaven appeared, and healed the host once when he was on the verge of death!

"My attribute values are limited and can no longer be merged."

After consuming all three attribute values up to 8 million, Lin Chen stopped fusion.

Although the odds of this battle are small, there is still a silver lining, and that is his two great Orange Tier talents!

God killer and sun god!

If the two talents can allow him to temporarily possess the strength of the Holy Class, then it may not be impossible to fight!

Moreover, he also has'Fate and Death' and'King's Land', if he can make a temporary breakthrough to enter the Holy Realm, he will be able to use a stronger move.

However, Lin Chen has a suffocating sense of oppression in the face of the senior devil, not to mention the holy realm that is stronger than the devil countless times. This opportunity is still very slim!

Suddenly, Lin Chen slapped his thigh!

"Yes, I almost forgot this!"

With a thought connected to the system, Lin Chen turned on the "Orange Rank Talent Booster" from the system!

This enhancer can strengthen the orange talent once, and has a greatly improved power!

Click on the talent bar, drag the Sun God talent into the intensifier, and the system will pop up options.

[Enhancement (one-time orange-level talent) Apollo, the required target value: 100,000 blank attributes, 30 million point sky value, 80 million talent points.

[Expected Talent Strengthening Effect: In the state of the sun god, the heavier the sun essence, the power of the sun doubles on the original basis, and the duration of the sun **** state doubles. And get the gift of the sun: condensed into the sun **** armor with the sun **** power, with absolute defense in the same level.

Lin Chen was slightly air-conditioned, and the increase in multiplier would mean that he used the "Enhanced Version" of the Sun God talent, which would be twice as strong as the original version!

The duration has been increased from 60 seconds to 120 seconds, and the sun's gift effect is obtained, with absolute defense!

[The system prompts the host: If the orange-level talent enhancer is used for a one-time talent, the effect is also one-time. The enhanced talent will not be upgraded. If the host still gets the same talent next time, it is still the original effect.

The light screen popped by the system made Lin Chen's mouth twitch, and the thoughts in his heart suddenly disappeared!

"Take your monkey, I thought that after strengthening the designated talent, it will be the effect of the enhanced version in the future, and Bai is happy."

If Lin Chen has a permanent orange rank talent, using this talent enhancer is indeed a permanent enhancement effect, but anyway, he does not!

Both of his two orange rank talents are one-off. The strongest permanent talent is the fatal life and death of the quasi-orange rank.

Lin Chen couldn't be extravagant, and it is not an exaggeration to say that the orange-order talents can be called against the sky!

Since the system opened the talent function, the orange rank talent has always been his strongest trump card, and it is also his capital to create many miracles! There is no substitute for any tricks, it is too difficult to get a permanent orange rank talent!

The system didn't even point out how to get the permanent orange rank talent, this thing is simply the ultimate luxury!

"Although the enhanced version of the Sun God's talent is strong, the gambling component is too big! In case the pseudo **** comes at night, the other party will not give me enough time to find the area where the power of the sun is strong."

Lin Chen didn't decide for the time being, and then moved the God-killer talent into the intensifier.

[Enhancement (one-time orange-level talent) God killer, the required target value: 100,000 blank attributes, 25 million points of Dao value, 85 million points of talent.

[Expected Talent Strengthening Effect: The God Killers enemies search range is greatly expanded, and those who are clearly hostile to the host can be turned into enemy targets.

"It's just an increase in the enemy's range? What kind of ghost enhancement is this, then I might as well strengthen the talent of the Sun God!"

Lin Chen's mouth twitched, which was too much! Can this be considered reinforcement?

After consuming such a high amount of attribute value, only in return for an increase in the range of the enemy?

"It seems that we can only bet on the talent of the sun god!"

Lin Chen shook his head and sighed, put the talent of "Sun God" into the intensifier again, and clicked "OK".

Suddenly, the system popped up a light screen-[The talent point attribute value is insufficient.

Lin Chen glanced, his own Dao value and blank attribute are enough, but the talent points are still missing a few million points!

"Is it still necessary to find the attribute value of the talent point at this juncture? It's really numb..."

Lin Chen's words didn't finish, the whole person was struck by lightning!

He re-opened the intensifier and the enhanced "God-killer" talent shows that the sharp edge of his eyes is getting stronger!

After half a ring, someone wiped cold sweat!

"I'm an immortal, I was almost killed by myself!"

Lin Chen is really grateful for this lack of talent! Did it save him half of his life!

Increased range of enemies? This effect is placed on any trick, it is difficult to arouse Lin Chen's attention.

But what is the core of the God Killer talent? The strength and number of enemies! The stronger the enemy, the stronger the host, the more enemies, the stronger the host!

That's right! In the past, the God-killer talent is indeed the more enemies, the stronger Lin Chen is, but the calculation of the goal of this talent with hostility should be within the prescribed range!

If not, every time Lin Chen launches the God-killer, those former enemies of life and death will also become the God-killer talent for calculating hostile targets!

However, he had launched several times before the "God Killer", and there was no such sign, only the enemy in front of him was calculated to calculate the enemy target of the "God Killer".

But if, does this calculation range increase?

So far, Lin Chens heartbeat has accelerated...

An unprecedented bold idea came into being!

At the moment when this idea came into being, Lin Chen's cerebral cortex was trembling!

In his eyes, the flashing light became more and more turbulent, crazy, and free, like a crazy gambler!