My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 745

Vol 5 Chapter 745: I'm Here To Do Magic For You

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Chapter 745: I'm here to do magic for you~

Only one day, Lin Chen went out.

Bai Ruoyan sat quietly and elegantly on the bench outside the secret room, and there were dozens of inheritors of the town's sacred monument.

They saw Lin Chen for the first time, and asked curiously: "How is it, did you come up with a solution?"

The holy stele inheritors are almost the last young blood and hope of the mainland of Kyushu except Lin Chen. They can choose to live and die together in a camp with themselves. Lin Chen still appreciates them.

"Well, for the time being I have a direction. First, follow the dean's method to find the tower owner, but before I go to the sky tower, I have more important things to do!"

Seeing the corners of his mouth rising wildly, more than twenty holy steles gathered here gathered a strong curiosity in their hearts.

Now that time is running out, what is more important than finding the owner of the sky tower?

"Lin, Lin Chen!"

Behind the Tianjiao, a timid voice from the woman came.

Everyone turned their heads to see that the beautiful lady was cold and touching, and she was all glamorous, and her pretty face was stained with a flush of excitement.

"Are you... the woman in the pseudo-ceremony?"

Lin Chen recalled for a moment, the girl seemed to call, Yun Qingxue?

Yun Qingxue was rescued after being attacked by Lin Chens True Mountain of God. He exhausted all his energy to avoid the familys investigation and came to Lingzhou to thank Lin Chen in person!

"Well, the little girl Yun Qingxue, came to Lingzhou to thank you personally, and thank you for the life-saving grace of His Excellency Lin!

Yun Qingxue said half of his excitement, and suddenly felt something wrong. Seeing the ridiculous laughter of everyone's "Unexpected Enlightenment" around her, she turned red with a pretty face!

"Hey, Brother Lin Chen is really a blessing. I am envious, jealous, and hateful of this Yanfu brother!"

"What a blessing, if I were caught by the false god's running dog and you rescued me, I would also give you a promise."

Several Super Tianjiao ridiculed and laughed, Yun Qingxue quickly waved his hand-"No, everyone misunderstood, how dare the young girl dare to be self-effacing, how can He De deserve the honor of Lin Chen, just to show that the life of the little girl was only saved by Lin Chen , Willing to do the best for the Lingzhou Alliance."

Lin Chen made a haha"The girl is too polite, I admit that I am handsome in Lin, but no one is born noble, and no one deserves who is worthy. Since the girl is determined to face Kyushu with us The most critical moment, then please stand up and live proudly as the people of Kyushu!"

After all, Lin Chen rose into the air, followed by Bai Ruoyan, waving goodbye to everyone.

Looking at his back, Yun Qingxue muttered to himself.

"Are you proud to live..."

Lin Chen returned to the first hall and asked the vice president Shen Lianyun for a list.

This list will list the attitudes of each ancient family in Kyushu towards the Lingzhou Union. Some of them have remained neutral, and most of them have become the devils claws. They have colluded in secret in four rounds, and only a few have become the alliances. A strength.

"Now there is a dean sitting in the college. Unless the false **** comes or the saint comes, it is solid. I can let go and do a big job!"

Putting together the list, Lin Chen's eyes were full of fierce light!

His goal is only one, to turn the mainland of Kyushu upside down!

Do everything and fight all the way!


Kyushu has begun to turmoil. Some areas have been siege because some forces did not support the "True God", and the fighting situation is quite serious.

After an hour; Tianzhou Qingjia.

The Qing family was originally part of the Tianzhou ancient alliance, and later split from the alliance because of its support for the "True God". The heritage is still strong!

"All transferred to warehouse 1, these are all resources that should be given to the True God Lord to gather strength!"

The ancestral home of the Qing family, a large number of natural materials, medicinal materials, are constantly being sent into the warehouse bounded by a powerful space!

"Eh, Elder Qing Luan, something is wrong! Why are our things gone?"

The three elders guarding the outer door of the warehouse suddenly screamed, and the two elder elders frowned and stepped into the warehouse.

I saw that the space enchantment was safe and sound, but most of the strange treasures, resources, exercises, and all within the enchantment disappeared strangely!

"Hey, what's going on with this?"

"Stolen so many things without triggering the space enchantment? Impossible! The late Emperor Jiuzhong did not have this strength!"

When the two elders were shocked, a silver robe silhouetted with Erlang legs sitting in the center of the warehouse, beside him there was a crystal counter that condensed the space, and inside were three high-grade seventh-grade treasures. It is like a'tribute' prepared by their young family.

"Who are you!"

"There is an enemy attack, everyone is ready!"

The elders suddenly yelled, and many Qing family warlords dispatched lightning, and surrounded the entire warehouse!

"I can't change my name, I can't change my surname, I am the king of Kuroshu's most handsome Langli Little Black Dragon, Lin Chen!"

Lin Chen?

This name, like the **** of plague, shocked the strong body of the green family, backed three feet, and waited for it!

"Do you know what I am doing today?"

Lin Chen smiled strangely, the two elders did not dare to answer the call, and with their eightfold war emperor's strength, they might not be able to stop this Lin Chen!

"I'm here today to come and bully your group of big pens. Oh no, come and perform magic for you group of great people."

In front of the strong family of the Qing family, Lin Chen reached out and touched the crystal counter with a smile: "Please see, the magic to be performed next is'riding **** on the neck and bullying you hard'". "

I saw that Lin Chen touched the counter in his palm, and he didn't even destroy the space boundary. The three high-end seven-grade treasures inside slowly disappeared into a flash of glory and disappeared at a rapid speed!

[Consume 20,000 Sky Dao values, decompose target weapons, get attribute values: 985 fire energy, 880,000 essence of combat spirit, 3999 talent points, 3000 rune energy,]

"No, no! That's my family heirloom!"

"You devil, what did you do!"

The two elders burst into crying as if being cut off!

"Heirlooms are all given to the false gods. This is a trick to bully the ancestors and ancestors. Well, it seems that the intensity will be increased!"

Lin Chen stretched out his hand again, and erased another Purple Level Intermediate Inferior Mind Method, and then decomposed it into a series of attribute values in front of everyone!

All the strong in the Qing family took a breath!

What weird demon law is this? Reach out and touch it? This is not income income, but directly erased!

"Look, this volume of purple-level advanced inferior combat skills, I heard that it is the singularity of your youth."

Someone Lin raised his hand and smiled at the counter, another volume of practice disappeared!


And also Nima is a robber!

The two Taishang elders were so anxious that they ran away on the spot!

"Lin Chen, why are you so deceiving too..."

Bang ~! boom! boom!

Two loud noises, the second elder was blasted, injured blood!

"That's right, I'm just coming to bully Lin! Let's treat you as a dog to a pseudo-god. I'm optimistic about the handsome face of Lao Tzu.

Lin Chen screamed loudly, deterring the Qingjia collective strong!