My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 746

Vol 5 Chapter 746: Let My Legend Spread Over Kyushu

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Chapter 746: Let My Legends Cover Kyushu

Among them, the strong man quickly served softly, "Serve and serve, we all serve, uncle Lin Chen, we also have no way to live, you just raise your hand and let us go..."

brush! Once he lifted his hand to erase, Lin Chen decomposed a bottle of seventh-order intermediate-level super medicine, and the attribute value increased!

All the strong are dumbfounded!

grass! Why do you want to do this?

"Do you agree with me? It's about my farts. Lin Lin made it clear today that I want to bully you! How come, if you feel uncomfortable, come and beat me. Come, hurry, my skin tickles!"

Lin Chen put his face up and patted, arrogantly arrogant.

"If you don't hit me? If you don't hit me, you will."

Without saying anything, Lin Chen decomposed all the remaining high-level exercises!

Many strong men from the Qing family were shocked and angry, too fucking!

What the **** is this?

How can there be such a cheap person! Robbed all their things in front of their young family?

Are their youths shameless?

But they couldn't beat him in the whole family, it's so special!

[The number of people who detected hostility towards the host began to increase.

The system pops up a light screen, and Lin Chen's mouth is slightly raised!

Just when many strong men planned to fight Lin Chen, he jumped into the air and laughed at everyone!

"Those who are not convinced here, welcome to come to Lingzhou to challenge someone in Lin! The arrogant Lin Chen is waiting for you to punch!"

The purple phoenix wings were flying in anger, and Lin Chen's violent laughter was like a thunderous wind and thundered, and it sounded 100,000 miles!

"Hahaha, surrender to the pseudo-god, I am someone from Lin! If tomorrow is the end of Kyushu, then today Kyushu will be covered with my legend, life and death are bearish, and if you don't, you will do it!"

The sound of laughter was magnificent, like a generation of ghosts!

Tianzhou Mu Family!

Staring at the completely evacuated treasure hall warehouse, many elders of the Mu family looked dull, and their faces were hollowed out in despair!

"How is it possible that our space ban seal has not been damaged at all? Why is everything gone!"

The owner of the Mu family is almost crazy, and the murderous intentions surge!

That is the tribute they will offer to the "True God". If they are gone, they will suffer the crime of "deception of the True God". Don't even ask for the blessings of the True God, even their lives are not guaranteed!

"Look at the owner, there are words on the wall!"

The two elders spoke in unison, all staring at the high walls of the treasure hall.

The vigorous and powerful line was engraved on the wall: you are really poor-Lin Chen.


All Mu family members, men, women, children, and children alike send out a'quality greeting' from the heart!

Is this **** thing personal?

Stealing all the family members of the Mu family, still thinking they are poor?

Too **** is too much!

"Lin Chen! My grandma!"

Tianzhou Zhao family, in a secret attic room.

"Zhao Wuyan, you, what did you drink for me?"

The lady's clothes are a little messy, showing a little white skin, and her jade hand is covering her lips, her face flushed, and she was angry and angry!

The one-eyed man in the room laughed humorously-"Hey, that's the legendary dry wood fire for joy, you will know in a quarter of an hour, what is cruel! I like to see you, the unwilling to give in , I will stay in front of me to show my pleasure!"

One-eyed man is like the head of the Zhao family, Zhao Wuyan!

At this moment, the head of the Zhao family was very impressed, and even once thought that he had become the most handsome man in Tianzhou!

Because, he intimidated and lured many ancient aristocrats in Tianzhou into the True God Alliance, and was praised by the high-level leaders of the True God Alliance. Once he was to be given a "Holy Body" quota for the Zhao family!

Extremely happy, on the way back, he forcibly took away a proud daughter of heaven who did not want to succumb to the "True God", ready to satisfy his "special hobby."

"Homeowner, our tribute has been filled, and you need to take a look at it yourself, you see..."

A secret voice came from hundreds of miles away, Zhao Wuyan frowned, and then smirked: "I will come back to play with you after I have accepted the tribute!"

After talking, Zhao Wuyan left and bounded the space under the room. Only the beautiful woman with a flushing face remained.

After a while, the space barrier was unleashed, and the lady was surprised.

I saw that a teenager led a dozen strong black spotted dogs.

The silver robe boy is Lin Chen! With a wave of his hand, a wood robbery and fighting spirit entered the beautys body, lifting her medicine!

When the beautiful woman stunned, she immediately reacted. When she put on her clothes, she was grateful!

"Thank you for your life-saving grace, Mo'er is very grateful!"

"You hide it first, I'm going to play with him a lot!"

Lin Chen waved his hand and he took out his big baby.

The babies in his hands are all bottles and cans, and what is written on them is that "the fairy also descends from the "seven in seven out of the dragon" after the ten consecutive shots in the different shots", all of which are among the best in Kyushu. medicine'!

At this moment, someone laughed, like a child!

"Dare to abduct and sell obscene women, it really is a man who acts as a dog for a false god, and there is no good thing! After a quarter of an hour, I let you know what cruelty is!"

After squeezing the jade bottle, countless wonder medicine powders and powders all entered the large mouth of a dozen black spotted dogs!

More than a dozen male black spotted dogs whose blood was boiling suddenly wailed!

Immediately afterwards, Lin Chen unfolded Qinglong Biaoying and hid in the room with Zhou Moer.

Seeing him with a smile of "human and animal harmless", Zhou Moer felt a bit creepy!

This teenager looked harmless to humans and animals. How did he feel that he was so skilled at doing this kind of thing...

A moment later, the room door opened again, and Zhao Wuyan's voice came.

"Little beauty, it's a drug attack, I'm here..."

brush! A gray and white rune exploded out of thin air, and millions of rune energy hit the "slow rune". Zhao Wuyan was caught off guard. His mid-eighth mid-term repair was immediately blocked to more than 90%!

"Oops, what the **** is this?"

Zhao Wuyan felt uncomfortable and was terrified!

Bang ~! Lin Chen lifted the "Blue Dragon and Shadow", jumped out, and shot the palm of "Seven Struggles" into Zhao Wuyan's body!

Boom! Boom! Boom! The terrible dragon's strength is like a mad dragon turning over, completely crushing the life wheel of Zhao Qiyan's body!

Was scrapped! At this moment when Zhao Wuyan was blocked by the slow rune, it would be useless to allow him any more cards!

Lin Chen's 9.3 million dragon power is enough to compete with the Nine Heavy Battle Emperor, and the seven stupid strengths are the purple top-level combat skills! This palm directly abolished Zhao Wuyan.

"You, are you Lin Chen?"

Zhao Wuyan had blood in his mouth, staring dumbfounded at the teenager standing in front of him.

"Guess the prize!"

Lin Chen took Zhou Mo'er away, waved his palm, and perfected the space boundary. Zhao Wuyan, who lost his cultivation behavior, could not open this boundary!

"Roar roar!"

More than a dozen mad black spotted dogs swarmed up, they only have a male instinct, that is, pan him!

Zhao Wuyan knew at this moment, what is cruel!

Before leaving, Zhou Mo'er kept his lips lightly covered!

This scene is so explosive!