My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 747

Vol 5 Chapter 747: I'm The King Of Robbery

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Chapter 747

Two hours later, Zhao Wuyan, who was sitting in the Pavilion, had messy hair and ruptured clothes. His hand holding the tea cup shivered slightly, his expression was dull, and his face was weak.

The ancestors and elders in the cabinet were furious and frightened!

Lin Chen actually sneaked into them! They also abolished their Zhao family head, Zhao Wuyan?

Even more distraught, when everyone knew that Zhao Wuyan had an accident, he turned the treasure house of the Zhao family upside down! Even the seal of the space ban has not been triggered, it can be said that the entire treasure trove has been stolen without knowing it!

The entire Zhao family, with the exception of Zhao Wuyan, had no personnel losses, but nearly lost thousands of years of accumulation!

"Hahaha! That's it, that's it!"

Zhao Wuyan lost his soul and laughed as if he had lost his mind!

Seeing this scene, the two ancestors of the Zhao family were furious!

"Lin Chen, my Zhao family and you never die!"


In the void, two figures flew.

"Do you think I was cruel to Zhao Wuyan just like that?"

Lin Chen smiled and asked Zhou Mo'er.

When the beautiful woman stunned, she said very seriously"No, its not cruel at all, and I will return to one another by my own way. If Mr. Lin Chen didnt save me, my ending might be even more miserable. Moer would like to be a dog for his son. Work!"

"Even if the dogs and horses work hard, don't treat the false gods as dogs and do what a Kyushu man should do."

Lin Chen flashed into transparency, leaving Zhou Moer alone. After her eyes flashed a few minutes, she hurried in the direction of Lingzhou!

On this day, Tianzhou was in chaos!

However, this seemed to be just the beginning, just the next day, a more terrifying storm centered on Lin Chen itself and began to sweep the land of Kyushu!

Ningzhou biting ghost fog area.

An ancient ruin cave house is thousands of feet tall, standing in the very center of the area where the spirit fog is swallowed!

Dozens of high-ranking warlords of Tianyou Mansion formed a powerful team, infiltrated the spirit fog area and entered the ancient ruins!

Tianyoufu is made up of the three ancestors of the Blood State, second only to the Five Halls, Wanquanzhuang, Diyingzong, Huayinzong, and the Seven Gates of the Ningzhou!

There are many dangerous situations such as Ancient Sword Qi Formation, Nine Eclipse Sky Poison, and so on.

The strongmen of the Heavenly Mansion, after avoiding these dangerous situations again and again, finally reached the end of the Dong Mansion!

Standing in front of the giant gate of Dongfu, a crowd of powerful people sighed!

"Ten thousand years! I've waited for the joint layout to decrypt for ten thousand years, and finally let us break here. It is said that there have been countless inheritances of the arrogant generation. Now, it's ours!"

"If there is this batch of inheritance, it is not possible for us to be the strongest combination alliance accepted by True God in the future!"

The strongmen of the "Tianyou Mansion" pushed open the giant gate, and after full of yearning and excitement, they invested in the giant gate!

Behind the monumental gate, there is a desolate and silent tomb palace, each tombstone has mourned the token, the atmosphere is strong, and once told the honor of its owner!

But everyone was stunned!

In the ancient tomb, is it empty? In front of these tombstones, there is nothing?

"Impossible! But the history books were clearly remembered. Nearly a hundred great emperors, Tianjiao, fell here, and their talents were unmatched in the early days of the ancient antiquity at the time. Rumors were that they had sanctified qualifications and it was impossible to leave nothing behind!"

The two old ancestors hysterically roared and could not accept the reality in front of them!

"My grass! Look at the stone pillar!"

Suddenly, the two Taishang elders yelled!

Everyone looked at it, and there were two lines of words on the stone pillar.

"Handsome force Lin Chen, just arrived in Mingzhou. Twenty-two-year-old, seven-fold war emperor. The person is handsome enough, thank you. Thank you all the good people for cracking the secrets of the ruins, Lin took it first, and the heart is very beautiful. After tasting the little wine, I am very happy. You great people, really the ultimate wage earners."

All the powerful people in Tianyoufu are in a state of sluggishness and coercion!

Lin Chen who is actually Lingzhou Alliance?

For today and for this moment, they have joined forces for nearly ten thousand years to lay out, crack the eight ancient mysteries, collect countless news, and some still rely on the important information they desperately snatched back!

To this end, I also searched for hundreds of historical records, read the historical comparison of nearly 200,000 years, and learned about the many hidden killing opportunities of Dongfu. This is the result of safely stepping into Dongfu today!

Everything is prepared for nearly ten thousand years, the hard work of countless warlords!

But this was Nima's first place?

This is simply an old bachelor who hasn't touched a woman for thousands of years. Finally, when he turned to the bed, he came to the bed, his trousers were torn, but suddenly found that the other party was bigger than you?

It's simply riding the neck and shit, bullying people! Why are you mocking them as wage earners?

Take a step back and think more and more angry, endure for a while and think more and more loss!

"I'll do Lin Chen who is a fairy!"

"The old man really **** up with blood mold for eight lifetimes!"

"Dead! This person must die! He doesn't die, I die!"

All the strongmen of Tianyoufu burst into hysterical roar, like a wild beast, and could not control their emotions at all!

Bang ~!

The strong men of the Heavenly Mansion were violently killed outside the Tomb Mansion, and had just left the area of the Spirit Devouring Fog.

Their complexion changed again. This is their super-long-distance Chuanyin Yujian that they have carefully crafted. If they are crushed and used, it proves that there have been major changes!

They quickly picked up the jade jade, and there was a hurried report from the other end.

"Elders, something is not going well. Lin Chen broke into our treasure trove and robbed us, we can't stop him..."

The words are not finished, everyone's heart is another gimmick!

Lin Chen again?

I only heard the young man's laughter in the jade jade.

"Hi~! Hi~~! I look left and right, look up and down, it turns out that each treasure house is not simple. I thought and thought, I guessed and guessed, the action of the handsome man is really hard to guess~ ~!"

The atmosphere is strange...

Is this Nima or individual?

Singing songs while robbing their treasure house?

All the powerhouses in Tianyoufu: wdnmd!


So, since Tianzhou, Ningzhou has also begun a spiral explosion!

What Lin went through, swept through the eight wilderness, decomposed all the way, all kinds of cool!

Lin flew to the high sky of Ningzhou and sighed when he saw his attributes surging to an unprecedented level!

"I can't imagine that the ancient tomb palace can allow me to get tens of millions of merits in one breath. If I go on in this way, I really have a chance to update the 6.0 version of the system. Don't be too happy!"

And Lin Chen's talent point has even exceeded the unprecedented 100 million points!

When Lin Chen saw the new version of the system with "enhanced functions", he almost couldn't help but scolded himself when the near-abnormal update conditions required attribute values: Is it necessary to rob the entire Kyushu?

He didn't even think of it. One day, he really took this path!

Lin Chen put on his homemade sunglasses and laughed with pride!

"Kill the King, I am Lin Chen!"