My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 748

Vol 5 Chapter 748: 1. The Descendants Of The First False Gods?

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Chapter 748: The descendants of the first false gods?

It was less than a day and a half, and someone Lin had looted all the families of the two big states, Tianzhou and Mingzhou, who cast their enemies against the false gods! There are countless enemies, more and more powerful emperors, hate Lin Chen, they want to cramp his bones!

And, those families that deliberately remain neutral have not let go!

Many ancient families deliberately remained neutral, seeming to be in the dark, but actually secretly manipulated the abacus on both sides.

All of them have old monsters who have lived for countless years. They are so good that they don't want to lose themselves.

Most of these forces are clueless, trying to wait and see the situation.

If Lin Chenfang successfully repulsed the false gods and defended Kyushu by then, they would still be able to make a name for themselves without surrendering to the enemy camp. Backhand came a friendly to join the Lingzhou Union, and made a fortune.

With this operation, these wall head grasses can directly enjoy the peace that the Lingzhou Alliance fights back and forth!

If the Alliance of Lingzhou loses, they can immediately fall to the false **** side! Wagging his tail and begging for pity.

For this kind of goods, Lin Chen has not let go of any wall head grass power!

He gave all these forces and the family a haidilao moon, and all his family was decomposed cleanly! There is no hair left!

Relying on Lin Chen's strength and body style, combined with the two great tricks of "Tianyin Rune" and "Qinglong Piying", the other party can't stop someone from him!

Even if he could stop someone in Lin, how could he stop his four avatars and the Dragon Emperor? As long as one avatar breaks into the enemy's treasure trove and the decomposition function is fully fired, the other party's background is directly inaccessible!

If you want to do it, then get it done!

As long as it is in the league list, there is no family in the Lingzhou League in the standing team, he Lin someone will rob and clean up!

If you want to be a wicked person, then be the end!

"The value of the essence of the fighting spirit has skyrocketed by more than 4 billion points. Maybe soon, I will be able to enter the late seventh stage!"

The'Super Dimensional Teleportation' was opened, and this time, Lin Chen teleported to the Blood State!

As the most chaotic big state in Kyushu, Blood State has lost one of its top forces after the top powerhouse of the Five Palaces was destroyed by Lin Chen in the Weeping Blood Plain, plus the news of the "True God is coming" spread throughout the mainland of Blood State, all forces are Fall into chaos.

Some join the True God camp, and some are regarded as the last doomsday of Kyushu, frantically burning and looting, and enjoying the last time.

Blood State Panlong City.

Countless slave boys and girls who were liberated by Lin Chen looked around blankly.

" will be here, Lin Chen!"

"This place's Qianqiuyaye will one day let your life be repaid!"

Two old men in black in eight layers were seriously injured and escaped into the void.

Lin Chen did not pursue, he has looted the entire Panlong City, most of the rare treasures will be decomposed!

"Unexpectedly, the layout of the false gods has penetrated into Kyushu, and even the blood state has their minions!"

The four top forces that were destroyed earlier all have strongholds for extracting the energy of the earth's core, and the energy has been pumped away. It can be seen that this blood state has long been planted by the false gods!

"Fortunately, it was discovered early. If these pseudo-gods are allowed to infiltrate Kyushu for another ten thousand years, no, maybe within five thousand years, the nuclear energy of Kyushu will be taken by a third of them!"

Too little energy in the earth's core will cause Dazhou to collapse and separate, and will not be able to support a large state land plate that can survive for trillions of creatures.

A big state with one-third less geo-nuclear energy will cause super large-scale natural disasters such as landslides and tsunamis and space storms, enough to threaten all life under the war emperor!

If the loss exceeds half, the mainland will start to split!

In some respects, the emergence of Lin Chen made the pseudo-gods extremely fearful and came into the world early, but instead avoided these extremely dangerous situations, otherwise Kyushu will have a terrible disaster in thousands of years, covering every major State!

By then, I don't know how many people are going to die!

Lin Chen mobilized a ray of spiritual power and injected them into the sea of spiritual knowledge of these rescued young girls!

Their eyes, after becoming slaves, renewed their fighting spirit and vitality for the first time!

"Thank you for your blessings, for your life-giving grace, and forever forever!"

Many slave boys kneeled excitedly, and the spiritual power given to them by Lin Chen was nothing else. It was the spirit of Lin Chens "fighting spirit". It was like inheriting the merits. Lin Chen passed his "fighting spirit" to One point for them.

Lin Chen waved his hand, and a space channel spread out-"This space channel leads to the edge of the Blood State. Whether you little guys can survive or not depends on your own."

After all, Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan around him flickered, and moved the void. Leave the last option to all liberated slaves.

Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan swept through the blood state in almost one day!

"Lin Chen, I want to kill you!"

"Devil, this guy is a mortal demon! I have accumulated tens of thousands of years in the Devil's Dragon Gate, and all of them have been swept away by this king and bastard!"

"Go to your Lingzhou Alliance, the little ones, go all out and kill Lingzhou! Our goal is only one, that is Lin Chen! Say anything to take his head!"

Where Lin Chen has passed, the rate of rise of scolding is almost the same as the growth rate of his attribute value!

In nearly a day, Lin Chen, who has finished ninety percent of the blood state, has increased his spirit of fighting by nearly two billion points!

The distance from the Seventh Layer was repaired as if it could be broken with just a trace.

Meteor Soul City, Yunge Hall.

At this time, Lin Chen was carrying the neck of the blood-dressed man in one hand, and his robe was embroidered with the words "Devotion to the True God", covered with blood.

"Ha ha ha! Lin Chen, even if you kill me, Lord Jian Tianming has commanded all the forces in Danzhou, ready to go to the headquarters of Shenzhou in one fell swoop, and you are just a prodigal dog!"

The blood-clothed man smiled awe-inspiringly-"Master Jian Tianming is a descendant of the first true god. His strength is enough to crush you and the other nine commodities. If he hadn't been out of the customs for thousands of years, how could there be your Linchen legend in this Kyushu!"

"Oh? The descendants of the first false gods?"

Lin Chen raised a brow. Since he stepped into the war emperor's realm, the descendants of the false gods would never enter his eyes again.

The blood-covered man in the **** corner of his mouth grinned tremendously-"Hahaha! Then the True God will come, I will wait for eternal life! And you, a prodigal dog, are destined to turn into a piece of loess under the power of the True God! I heard Lord Jian Tianming But she is very interested in the women around you. After your death, Master Tianming will definitely make your women comfortable!"


Lin Chen chopped off his neck, his cynical smile gradually disappeared, and his expression was extremely flat.

Bai Ruoyan quietly accompanied him, and she knew that Jian Tianming might be finished!

The dragon has a counterscale, and those who touch it die!