My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 749

Vol 5 Chapter 749: Handsome Eagle

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Chapter 749

"Jian Tianming, isn't it? I don't let you see the dawn!"

[Activate the super-dimensional teleportation talent, teleport the host to space position 5, cost 2.3 million talent points.


Brush ~!

The light beam in the space breaks open, Lin Chen, who exhibited the "Blue Dragon and Shadow", sneaks into the void and descends to the Holy City!

Danzhou Shengdan City, once a holy place in the hearts of countless pharmacists, a region of imposing dignity and grandeur, has now become a gathering place for countless three religions and nine masters!

Lin Qing's body protection, Lin Chen released four phantom avatars!

This time, Shengdan City gathered countless forces, Lin Chen not only had to kill people on this trip, but his doppelgangers also took the opportunity to break up a wave!

"go with!"

The four avatars escaped into the void, the breath lurked, and the spiritual power of the avatars was like two large nets, covering all the breath, and escaped to the four directions of the Holy City.

Lin Chen said nothing, the body spread the wings of the purple phoenix and went straight to the Temple of Truth in Shengdan City.

The True Temple, cast behind the summit of the Summit Pride Club, is magnificent, like a sword vertical, and is engraved with many congratulations to the True God.

The True Temple, where forces from different continents of Kyushu gathered together, sat quietly in the hall.

Lin Chen did not dare to dive directly into the hall. These forces are no less than the ordinary ancient family. Some strong men are very powerful. They may be able to capture the traces of the "Blue Dragon and Shadow". If they are found, they will be attacked by the group.

Lin Chen was not afraid of these strong men, but he was afraid that Jian Tianming would slip away.

"How long will Master Tianming?"

"Oh, in a hurry, Lord Tianming is the first descendant of the true God. He said that Lord True God will reward our Eucharist, and there will definitely be it. Once the golden mouth is opened, it will not be wrong."

"Qua, but it seems that Master Jian Tianming was angry before?"

Lin Chen, who had disappeared, quietly stood at a window, quietly eavesdropping on the content of the conversation.

A large number of power leaders are curious to discuss.

"It's normal to be in a bad mood. After Master Jiantianming went out of the customs, after hearing the rumors of Linchen in Lingzhou, he was willing to fight against him. The great true **** didn't want Jiantianming to contact Lin Chen. Action."

"Although he can't act, Master Jian Tianming's instincts and tastes are natural, and after knowing those celestial daughters related to Lin Chen, he personally dispatched himself, but has been unable to return. This is naturally not much better."

"Lao Demon, even you know this, it seems that you are already a celebrity beside Master Tianming!"

Lin Chen overhearing these conversations, Meiyu is fierce, and his murderousness is especially violent!

"It turns out that this beast has secretly stared at the friends around me. If it wasn't for the messenger of the Holy World to take everyone away, perhaps an irreparable result has already happened!"

Awe-inspiring, Lin Chen decided that Jian Tianming would die!

Danzhou has almost gathered the number and power of the strongest forces after the headquarters of the Pseudo-God Alliance of China, especially a large number of Sky Tower and Emperor forces have also come out!

The forces in the sky tower generally do not touch Kyushu, they only trail in the sky tower, but this time at least involved more than half of the forces in the tower, in the 5-10 main city, most of the famous strongmen on the battle list were dispatched , But what kind of blood has the hypocrisy alliance made this time!

The number of strong light theory, the power in Danzhou has been equal to the Lingzhou Alliance!

This is also part of the strength of the Pseudo-God Alliance, which shows that the headquarters will be stronger!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and he was not afraid of fighting, but how to achieve a positive confrontation with so many forces and ensure that the large amount of resources they had gathered here was converted into attribute values, which was much harder than fighting!

"We must create opportunities to attract everyone's firepower."

Just as Lin Chen was thinking about countermeasures, a powerful voice came out!

"Master Tianming is back!"

Hearing this rumor, Lin Chen was instantly murderous and awe-inspiring! The Nine Great Sky Tribulation Warriors are ready to move!

Outside the shrine, a young man came from Yujian, with a three-foot green front, his hands behind his back, his eyebrows like swords, handsome and handsome.

The young man's scary red eyes seemed a bit cold, not like an old monster who had lived for 100,000 years. He was completely a slightly wicked scholar swordsman.

The golden pupil twins turned, Lin Chen suddenly discovered that this person was actually a ninth middle-level cultivation practice, or a sword emperor!

He is holding an iron chain, which binds two beautiful women with thin clothes. Jian Tianming pulled the second daughter into the hall like a dog.

All the leaders of the forces in the temple stood up in awe.

"Seen Master Tianming!"

Jian Tianming nodded lightly and asked casually.

"Well, it's all there."

The dragon force surged, the energy flickered, and Lin Chen, who was in the left window of the hall, was preparing to shoot.

Suddenly, his eyes changed, revealing a smile of interest!

"Interesting, the avatar actually encountered this kind of thing?"

Lin Chen's idea escaped into the fourth avatar.

Lin Chen's body temporarily evacuated the'Temple of Truth'.

Sun City, southeast.

A palace with a special border, majestic palace, jade cut and cast, on both sides divided into mountains, birds and flowers.

"Blue Dragon Possession" in the fourth avatar, Qinglong Piying completely eliminated his breath.

Doppelganger lies on the ceiling in a room!

The view in the room is absolutely stunning!

"Dead, why are you so useless, I came to you with Tianming~"

"Don't worry, today is still a long time, ha ha ha ha ha! No one will find this place!"

An old woman and a young woman frankly opposed each other, and the sheets turned over and over again, and Lin Chen was so happy!

However, the most important thing is the conversation between the two!

Is this woman actually Jian Tianming's concubine?

"Interesting, haha!"

Lin Mou, touching his chin, took out his big baby, Magic Eye Stone!

Then, he pointed the Demon Eye Stone in the direction of the two.

At the same moment, Lin Chen, who was in Shengdan Square, smiled evilly.

Lin Chen's body also opened the magic eye stone and placed it on the void seat at the highest position of Shengdan Square!

And, he connected the light and shadow refraction of another magic eye stone.

Brush ~!

At this moment, a ten-foot wide and hundred-foot long light screen emerged.

The sudden appearance attracted everyone's attention!

You know, after a few days of assembly, there are too many forces and powerful people in the city of Sundance. This time, it has attracted millions of people to look at the light screen thrown at the magic eye stone!

Inside the light screen, there are two white flowers that roll back and forth sheets, a normal person knows what to do!

"Poof! My day, which talent did this, why shouldn't you take the magic eyestone?"

"Awesome! What is the situation!"

Looking at the face of a lot of powerful people, this is really amazing! Can this kind of thing use magic eye stone?

"Dead Ghost, you are great, much stronger than Jian Tianming!"

At this time, the woman's soft, cat-like voice came from the magic eye stone, causing countless powerful men to scalp instantly!

The woman in the light screen is actually the woman of Master Jian Tianming?

At this time, the voice of a young man with a straight voice, mixed with powerful fighting spirit, spread through tens of thousands of miles and covered the whole square!

"Welcome you to watch the scene of the birth of the large green hat king. I am the commentary handsome eagle this time. You can also call me the handsome eagle."

More people looked at it, and the twisting figure in the light screen kept attracting new eyes.

"Okay, now let's focus our attention on the screen. You can see that our male No. 1 is adopting passive defense at this time, but his under plate is very stable. It seems to be panicking. The old dog, with a static brake, later made a stop without losing the courage, it is really a master in Hua Cong Gao's hands."

Lin's serious explanation made waves after wave of influence from all parties!

"Well, look at our No. 1 female again. She has superb skills, like a dragon with a jade face, straight into the sky under the galaxy, and nine days in search of the sun and the moon. Ma...hey, our male No.1 suddenly changed the offensive! Difficult, is this the legendary, mud bull into the sea?"

At this time, just below the square, a handsome young man suddenly drank coldly!

"No, this is to catch fire from the mountain!"