My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 750

Vol 5 Chapter 750: I Am Willing To Call You The Greenest

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Chapter 750: I am willing to call you the greenest

"Get fire from the mountains? I rely on it!"

"I'm served! It's really ridiculous, and it's so invincible!"

"Is Nima admiring now?"

Inside and outside the Sundial Plaza, even all the emperor strongmen suspended in the void felt numb!

crazy! This must be crazy!

In the end, which fairy would dare to do such an absurd thing?

The woman of Lord Jian Tianming wore a green hat to him and was released on the spot?

This is Shou Xinggong hanging, it's too long!

Bang ~!

Then, in the southwest direction, on the other side of Shengdan Square, hundreds of thousands of miles away, another light screen was projected in the area of Danhuang Temple!

The scene presented by this light screen is exactly the same as Sundial Square, but its angle has been changed to the side!

Countless strongmen almost didn't stare at their eyes!

Did Nima change the viewing angle?

Why don't you go to heaven! Is this thing so particular?

The actual situation is that Lin Chen's avatar only needs to fix the position of the magic eye stone, and it will not be found at all.

He quietly placed a second magic eye stone in the room, in order to let more people see and attract more strong people's attention!

In this way, he will have the opportunity to sneak into the most heavily guarded area and decompose many resources allocated for the false god!

Bang ~!

Two battle streams rose into the sky, trying to destroy the light screen cast by the magic eye stone, and was instantly killed by Lin Chen with a punch of 9.4 million dragons!

The voice of the commentary continued to spread.

"At this time, it can be seen that the male and female No. 1 are inseparable from each other. From the perspective of posture and momentum, the two sides are about fifty-five at the same time, equally divided. Static braking, not moving like a mountain but condensing like a wave."

"Huh? Look, everyone. At this time, our female No. 1 used a trick to root the old tree. Wow! This male No. 1 is stronger. He actually gave some backflips to our female No. 1, and then Turning freely at 250 degrees is a trick for the little yellow eel to find his mother, lying in the trough, wonderful, too **** wonderful! I'm about to move to cry!"

"At this time, our female No. 1 attack is retreating, are you coming, is that the kind of hysterical sea that never breaks, calling your face innumerably? No, she doesn't! Our female No. 1 player is very tough No, she actually used a beggar to cook rice?"

Lins excited commentary, combined with the splendid sight, made the forces of all parties stupefied and stupid!

Some of the little pure and cute little ones even watched with interest! Lingzhou Lin was really a genius of commentary delayed by pretending to be the realm!

Buzz~! In the northwest direction, on top of Lingjian Mountain, two light screens were set up. It was Lin Chen's third avatar and took out two new magic eye stones!

These two optical screens are even more terrifying! The location is just right, in the middle of the countless Yuanzun Realm and Tiangang Realm, so that the wonderful scenery is seen by more people!

This is clearer than the other two light screens, and is slowly moving, showing a different angle of view.

Some older generations are stupid!

Really **** is a rotating perspective?

In the true temple; when Jian Tianming and the forces of all parties talk to each other.

"Master Tianming, no, not good!"

The two war emperors broke into the hall, kneeling on one knee and sweating in cold sweat.

"Master Jian Tianming, something happened outside."

Jian Tianming frowned-"What's the matter?"

The two war emperors looked at each other, trembling and shaking tremblingly: "The little one does not know how to describe it in words, but also wants Master Tianming to take a trip in person..."

Jian Tianming saw that the outside world became more noisy. As soon as she brushed her sleeves, two strong winds bombarded the body of the two, vomiting blood and coma!

"Both wastes, the report will not say, what use do you want."

Bang ~! Jian Tianming turned into a sword light, and the patriarchs and ancestors of all strengths were also curious and followed.

Hundreds of powerful battle royal atmospheres emerged from the true temple, and they went straight to Shengdan Square.

When Jian Tianming headed to the square, the picture refracted by the empty light screen made him stunned!

The woman in the picture is his concubine!

"Devil, you are much better than Tianming, oh!"

The unreasonable moan came from the Devil's Eye Stone, which made the strong men who had just arrived blew their brows!

Mom, this Jian Tianming has played with a woman for a lifetime, but this time her own woman was played by someone else!

Looking at his old man's face again, he is actually Jian Tianming's uncle, the Eightfold Battle Emperor, and one of the highly respected elders of the true God family!

Jian Tianming rushed to the crown in anger, only to listen, Ling Jianshan sent an excited commentary like Hong Zhong!

"Now our male No. 1 is still full of momentum, he is looking for opportunities, what? His speed is still increasing, it can be seen that he can actually go to a higher level! A lot of afterimages, I can't see clearly!"

"Here, this is the long lost, snake eel dancing? Too **** strong, could it be the outcome is about to be announced? Are you coming, the kind of female players that do not collapse the hysterical sea call you countless face ?"

"No, she didn't! She stood up, stood up!"


Lin Chen even applauded!

The people in charge standing behind Jian Tianming have scalp numbness! Did Nima even give it an explanation?

"Wonderful, very exciting! My handsome eagle has never seen such a wonderful love action scene."

"At this moment, this love and this scene is truly a superb view of the world. My handsome eagle is only a poem by Sao that can express the admiration in my heart!"

"A stream and a valley opened slightly on both sides of the peach peak. The three-foot gun was defeated by the navy. There were four turns, five backs, six chants and seven volts, and eight turns flooded like nine deep and then undulating. Zhen Nai admired, admire!"

Bang~! Tear ~!

The sword light is like a dragon, the light screen refracted by the broken magic eye stone, Jian Tianming turns around and roars!

"Hurry, go and find this **** for me, shit, I'm going to kill these two bastards!"

It was ashamed to go to my grandma's house! It was actually released in front of so many people that this kind of picture would have to be known all over the world?

Lin Chen leaped forward, flashing to Jian Tianming and others, not far away, laughing wildly.

"It turned out to be our honorable Jian Tianming. Come on well!"

After talking, Lin Chen threw a crown cut from an emerald in his hand and slammed it toward Jiantianming!

"My Lin Chen, would like to call you the greenest! King Green Hat!"

Bang~! Fingers shuttle, flashing across the sky.

Jian Tianming smashed the green crown with one finger, his expression was uncertain-"Lin Chen?"

"How about, not surprised, not unexpected."

Lin Chen jumped up and launched the'Golden Eyes Twins'. Today, nearly 80% of the forces have gathered in the square, and the top strongmen who are almost in the Temple of Truth are all gathered here!

"It's now, let's delay the time first, and give them a hail fishing moon in the backyard!"

In my heart, I noticed that Lin Chens first avatar had infiltrated behind the True Temple and was located in front of a sky island. The two spaceships with a length of two boats stopped here. The stationed strongmen actually had only two eightfold war emperors. Five players in the Seventh Warlord, and more than 20 low-level warlords!