My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 751

Vol 5 Chapter 751: Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 751

"I drop mom, there are even seven-tier top treasures!"

Lin Chens doppelganger Zijin pupil looked a little, his eyes shining!

It is worthy of the strength that is second only to the headquarters of the pseudo-god. This kind of background, at least hundreds of ancient family members have moved in!


The pupils of "Golden Eyes Twins" tremble slightly, and Lin Chen's vague spaceship's head still conceals a little girl in the heavenly environment?

Even more bizarre is that this little girl seems to possess the spiritual power of perfection of the state of law!

"How is it possible? The spiritual power of the perfect state of law, even many war emperors do not have it!"

Lin Chen's doppelganger revealed a shock, the snow-white jade Jane's chest flashed, and Bai Ruoyan's shadow appeared, slightly worried-"Isn't it alright?"

There are too many strong players in Shengdan City, and even she does not want Lin Chen to go deep into the enemy camp to such an extent that almost all the combat powers of the three big states or more are gathered. If you siege together, the variables are too big!

"Don't worry, there is a war over there, and we will start."

Lin Chen smiled, and the other side he pointed to was naturally Shengdan Square!


"This son is Lin Chen?"

"I didn't think I would have been born in the closed tower for ten thousand years, Kyushu still has this kind of talent! This is really crazy enough to break into our headquarters!"

Some old monsters in the sky tower showed a look of great interest to Lin Chen, but Jian Tianming was so angry that his eyes were red and red, and his sword was pointed at Lin Chen!

"You are Lin Chen? Very good, you have not come to you in this seat, so you will come to your own door to find death..."

"Ah~! No, old ghost, I'm going to die~~"

The woman's moaning came from the magic eye stones on the other side. Lin Chen also had a serious look at the moment before, and suddenly a "poof" sound!

Lin Chen: "Mr. Jian, I have received strict training. No matter how funny it is, I will not laugh unless I can't help it."

"Fuck! Don't hurry to shut the magic eye stone for Lao Tzu!"

Jian Tian was so angry that his neck was red, and he screamed at the several eightfold war emperors around him. The latter hurried towards Ling Jianshan!

"Who can abandon this son, this seat rewards him for a chance to forge the Eucharist!"

Although Jian Tianming is thunderous and raging, Lin Chen can turn Kyushu upside down. It is not a soft egg. He will not be naive enough to let himself take the lead!

brush! brush! brush!

As soon as the words fell, the hidden monsters from the sky pagoda walked in the air and jumped like stars pill, sealing all the retreats of Lin Chen to death!

"Hey, the old man is worrying about nothing, you guys have come to the door."

Two black mist-like skeletons appeared in front of Lin Chen's eyes, and suddenly found a black gas palm to grab Lin Chen, wanting to tear his chest ribs, dismantling Lin Chen!

Sigh~! Bang~! The black mist was surging, Lin's lines were not moving, the crystal of the'three-inch robbery' flashing on his chest flashed, and the golden prison dragon's armor was even more radiant, with a playful smile staring at the figure in the skull.

"What's wrong? Didn't you eat, try harder!"

"This... how is this possible?"

The old man in black robe in Black Mist was shocked and lost his voice. His cultivation in the mid-nine-layer of Jiuzhong did not dare to take his attack so lightly and unscathed in the later period of Nine-layer!

Tear ~! Boom~!

Lin Chen's fist'Qi Ju pull' twisted the space and twisted it. The black body robe's proud "body method" lost most of its power. When his face was horrified, the fist wind burst through his body and vomited blood. Roll off several attribute light balls!

"Shoot together! This is weird!"

Many strong men screamed, Lin Chen completely ignored, and a tear strength whip legs blasted the old man in black robe, flesh and blood swayed and blurred, and the attribute light ball continued to fall out, screaming!

Inch starry, embellishment. A panlong-like sword gas was cut off from the top of Lin Chen's head, the eight-sided sword-mans twitched the wind and clouds, countless attacks were formed in an instant, and the space was solidified by the powerful inside the tower.

boom! Bang ~!

The spirit of heaven and earth within a thousand miles was exploded in an instant, and Lin Chens position rolled up a huge energy hurricane!

"Something wrong! That kid rushed out!"

Suddenly, the strong man of Tongtianjing's spiritual strength shouted!

A whirlpool of dark air twisted, like a star-shaped shuttle, swept away the sword and drove away!

"Unscathed? Sure enough, it's a bit ghostly, sword body!"

Jian Tianming urged the Holy Body, rushing with all his swords, and rushing towards Xiaohan, reflecting the entire Shengdan Square!

The war of encirclement and suppression initiated by Jian Tianming against Lin Chen immediately started from Shengdan Square, and countless forces were involved in this battle. Jian Tianming and others did not care about the life and death of these people and focused on attacking Lin Chen!


With the sound of a dragon roaring, the vast blue dragon was born, and the azure blue dragon tail was like a sword slashing into the sky. The dragon sword chopped off and repelled more than 70 warlords. The sword cut the three front warlords in the front row and the head. Flying across!

Many strong men took a cold breath!

What kind of dragon clan is this? With a sword to repel so many of them, even the dragon clan chief or ten dragon clan ancestors are absolutely impossible!

Ling JianshanDan Huangdian, war broke out in both directions at the same time, Lin Chen's avatar was attacked!

While being in full swing here, the space ship behind the True Temple was attacked violently by avatars!

"Master Jian Tianming, here is..."

Tear ~! A blade of snow flakes like a mirror moon, and the last eightfold war emperor was cut into two pieces. He easily collected several attributed light balls, and Lin Chen decisively rushed into the giant ship!

No one would think that Lin Chen would personally arrive at the Holy City to challenge so many strong men. In addition, the space ship is almost within a hundred miles from the true temple. Jian Tianming didnt send too many strong men to guard here. All gathered in the Temple of Truth!

Sigh~! The pure milky white flames burned the entire sky dome, blocking this space as much as possible, and Bai Ruoyan personally protected the law of Lin Chen's avatar.

Breaking into the first space ship, many mountains of top materials and treasures piled up, some are cold like ice mountain purgatory, some are hot like a dragon roaring, or a piece of ancient keel that condenses the power of extraterrestrial stars, all are It is impossible to use the special exotic treasures contained in the ring, or a whole row of advanced ring.

But Lin Chen's avatar seemed uninterested in these things, and rushed into the first cabin of the space ship!

"What a strong attribute light, what the **** is this little girl!"

Before Lin Chen entered the cabin, he felt the radiance of the arrogant property, pushing the first cabin away!

"Um! Um~!"

The voice of the girl struggling and fear came, and her mouth was covered. This is a girl who looks like a 16-year-old girl, with long hair like a waterfall, a small face like an egg, a skin like a fat, and blue eyes flowing through the waves, but full of fear and fear.

Even more mysterious is her dark purple pupil. Lin Chen felt that extraordinary spiritual power appeared in her pupil! If there is no special spiritual seal, I am afraid that a spiritual attack has already been launched on Lin Chen!

"What a strong mental force! What a special physique this is!"

Almost blinded by the attribute light, on this girl, it was actually full of yellow attribute light **** and blue spiritual power attribute values!

Lin Chen roughly estimated that the elite attribute value of the intermediate-level exercises on this girl would be at least tens of millions of points!

This terrible value made Lin Chen's scalp numb!