My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 752

Vol 5 Chapter 752: Massive Attributes

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Chapter 752

You know, he decomposes a volume of purple-level intermediate-level best practice skills, which is only 30,000 points less than the essence of intermediate-level exercises. This girl has 10 million points?

In the end it is sacred!

The situation is urgent now, Lin Chen has no time to ask the girl's origin, see her look scared, it is impossible to answer normally,

Lin Chen put his hand on the girl's fragrant shoulder, the other party thought he was going to infringe, and his mental strength was skyrocketing, and he was about to explode his spirit!

As soon as the thoughts moved, a massive amount of mental power immediately appeared to calm the panic in the girl's heart, trying to stop her from exploding.

In the next moment, Lin Chen's expression changed greatly!

"With the spiritual power of my mid-life, there are few people in the entire Kyushu that can surpass, and can't stop a little Nizi's spirit from exploding?"

Lin Chen was a little ignorant! There are more than one abnormal accident on this girl!

Just when Lin Chen was going to stop it with a slow rune, the spiritual light of the girl's whole body suddenly dimmed, and a series of attribute light **** in her body were crazy sucked away by Lin Chen!

[Obtained 1 million points of merit, 1.5 million points of merit, 1.2 million points of merit,]

[Get 4800 Spiritual Power, 4100 Spiritual Power, 4500 Spiritual Power, 8500 Spiritual Power,]

Attribute value hurricane! Lin Chen's "intermediate skill essence" and "intermediate mental strength" attribute values have risen by 24.9 million points and 280,000 points!

Lin Chen's spiritual breath skyrocketed, approaching the mid-peak peak of Tongtian Realm, and the spiritual power attribute value broke through 1.2 million points!

"His! What the **** is this?"

Lin Chen was shocked!

Only the cultivation of Tiangang Realm can make his attribute value rise more than the attribute points obtained by copying the old man of seven or eight ancient families!

According to common sense, those who are lower than Lin Chenxiu, the attributed light spheres that are dropped are quite scarce or even absent. Even the Seventh Battle Emperor, for Lin Chen, will almost never drop the attribute light ball.

The girl who was taken away by Lin Chen's attribute light ball did not lose anything. Like the original Shangguan Bihan, Lin Chen took away the attribute light ball, but instead let the girl remove some of the burden, Dai Mei stretched, calm Fell asleep.

"It's amazing, the 16-year-old Tiangang Realm is still the perfect state of law, and Yi Zhi's virtual spirit physique is still a few grades stronger. What kind of evil spirit is this?"

Lin Chen's avatar couldn't help but move, but now he had no time to consider or understand too much. What he could be sure of was that if this woman fell into the hands of a false god, the consequences would be unimaginable!

Carrying the girl in white, Lin Chen opened the decomposition function and madly decomposed countless different treasures in the space ship!

[Consume 20,000 Sky Dao value, continue to activate the decomposition function, the host obtains 45.55 million Qi blood energy, 8900 ignition system energy, 45 million points of essence of qi, 1200 spiritual power, 1000 blank attributes, 40,000 talent points,]

All the natural materials and medicinal materials resources, Lin Chen won all, according to the receipt! Everything touched by the palm is decomposed into infinite attribute values!

After Lin Chen set off from Lingzhou, he copied countless forces along the way, and the elemental attribute value and spiritual power surged! The essence of the fighting spirit is even more billions of points!

Bang ~!

At the moment when Lin Chen decomposed all the treasures and resources in the first space ship, a more powerful fighting wave surged from the inside, like the roar of the angry dragon! His cultivation practice finally broke through to the late seventh layer!

The better the potential and the stronger the foundation, the stronger the breakthrough will be!

The average value of Lin Chens intermediate element attribute values is around 4 million, and the background is strong. This breakthrough is cultivated, and the essence attribute value of the intermediate level of combat strength breaks through the 20 billion point mark! If the real dragon breaks through the world, the roaring sky!

"Brother Lin Chen, we have been found!"

Suddenly, a prompt came from Bai Ruoyan, and then she saw that Lin Chen was carrying a girl in white, with a beautiful look and a beautiful beauty embryo, and she couldn't help but be amazed.

Lin Chen avatar replied-"Give me a little more time, if Sister Yan delays them!"

After that, he immediately entered the second space ship!


Shengdan Square; Lin Chen body and three avatars and Dragon Emperor encountered all the siege of the strong!

Lin Chen relied on the Ultimate Moment to bless the infinite dark step, and his figure flashed a few times, no matter how strong the opponents lineup was, he couldnt trap him. In addition to his speed, the attack on him was very limited!

Today's Lin Chen can be called offensive and defensive speed in a perfect one, his gold energy exceeds 5 million points! The hardness of the flesh shell body that launched the Golden Tribulation Battle Body is comparable to the seventh-tier advanced super defensive treasure!

The high value of the element attribute value then launches the "three-inch robbery", with the Golden Prison Dragon Armor, the other party's attacks below the nineth layer, can't touch him at all!

Bang ~!

The terrible fluctuations of fighting spirit came out of Lin Chen's body, and the body's cultivation became a breakthrough to the late seventh layer! Promote all the avatars together!

"Breakthrough to repair?"

"Something wrong, this kid didn't plan to fight us at all!"

"This kid is delaying time!"

"Not good, our stuff!"

Many strong men responded quickly, with eyes like electricity, immediately locking the position of the space ship behind the true temple.

Sure enough, the spatial orientation has been blocked by some Xuanqi forces to block the crystal walls of space, and they can't even perceive them!

Some old hidden monsters were previously puzzled by the reward of forging a holy body. After returning to God, they rushed to the space ship for the first time!

"Well, you, Lin Chen, dare to darken Chen Cang and steal something from the seat!"

Jian Tianming, who launched the thunderfire sword body, circumvented the infinite arc of thunder, his eyes were like fire, and his expression was furious!

"Okay, now is the time to fight!"

Lin Chen shouted and launched the "Seven Changes", the aura suddenly rose, breaking through the higher realm like a broken bamboo!

Lin Chen, who temporarily entered the late stage of the Eighth Layer of Cultivation, continued to ascend. Even the seventh change of the Xiuluo Jiuhuang Change still stopped before the nineth Cultivation.

"Is this the bottleneck of the Nine Heavy Emperor? I am afraid that I can only break through this limit if I really break through the Eightfold Cultivation Act and launch the Seventh Change again!"

As the warlord Xiuwei reached the later stage, the more Lin Chen could feel the absolute difference between this level and Xiuwei!

Tear ~! boom!

An arrow that held Fenghuang Bow shot through two Yashuang Warlords who wanted to track the direction of the space ship!

A sword of light came and shot, the sword point of the star river shot in all directions, the eyes of more than 50 older generation warlords were solemn, and the skills were present.


The sword breaks through the nine sides, and the air is rushing towards the Xiaohan. One sword divides the offensive of many powerful men.

boom! boom! boom!

In front of the two eightfold war emperor exploded and died, a nineth war emperor was wounded and retreated!

The other war emperors were hurt to varying degrees, and their expressions were shocked and frightened!

What kind of attack is this? It can actually have the characteristics of penetrating combat gas defense and treasure defense!