My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 753

Vol 5 Chapter 753: Lin Chen Vs Jian Tianming

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Chapter 753

The "Meridian Sword" is in hand, with one sword and one bow, and the two avatars stand on one side, standing proudly among the group of heroes.

Dang ~! The gun broke through the sky, and a star-like gunlight burst through Jian Tianming's thunderfire sword body!

Jian Tianming raised his hand and cut the sword crosswise. Between the blade and the strangling, his figure retreated dozens of steps to stabilize his figure!

Lin Chen was struck back by a sword for a few steps, volleyed in a circle, rolled in a silver robe, and fell neatly on the dragon's head. His robe hunted and hunted, extremely chic.

"Now is the beginning of the show, don't worry."

Holding the Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun in hand, Lin Chen's waist was straight like a gun, majestic and majestic, standing proudly above the Dragon Emperor's head, the corner of his mouth evoked the arc of evil charm, and Jian Tianming's pupils shrank!

"Damn, there are actually secrets that can improve several big realms. It turns out that this is his real strength. This kid hides deep!"

Lin Chen had been using body skills and pure power to circumvent them before, leading Jian Tianming to think that his fighting spirit cultivation was not worth it. Now, as soon as he strikes, there is even more than one kind of Heavenly Tribulation!

"Don't be afraid! We have more than two hundred people in the Seventh Warlords, one hundred people in the Eighth Warlords, and thirty-seven people in the Nineth Warlords. Why don't you fear this son and go together! Kill him, and the true God will reward us heavily, the day of ascension , Right now!"

The two hidden old monsters in the firmament tower stabilized the army's heart, and all of them were stunned by interests, and roared to Lin Chen with a roar!

I have to say, the two names of "True God" are too loud, and there is a roar, even these old monsters that have lived for tens of thousands of years or 100,000 years can desperately work, and the temptation of power is crazy enough!

The three avatars were fighting with swords and bows, their fists were fierce like raptors and tigers, and the warlords flickered in the sky.

The Dragon Emperor's Frightened Dragon Sweeping Body Method goes straight to the numerous war emperor groups! It has already opened 960,000 dragon veins and has a strong natural defense. It does not need to be afraid of the other party's attack!

Bang ~! The offensive that tears the sky dome broke out again, and for the first time, the Sundance Square, which has not been damaged by the changes for more than 100,000 years, began to show signs of cracking for the first time!

Lin Chen's body and Jian Tianming stood against each other, allowing the Quartet to fight fiercely, but never bothered them.

"Why, make you afraid?"

Seeing Jian Tianming's expression cautious, Lin Chen laughed.

"Counsel? It's up to you, you are not qualified to let this seat mention this word! You have a hole card, this seat has the same!"

Jian Tianming sneered, Lin Chen nodded deeply.

"Well, it's worthy of being the Green Hat King. It's not the same as speaking, admiring it."

Jian Tianming: "My Nima..."

Tear ~! Lin Chen waited for the machine gun to emerge like a dragon, a stroke of Douhuang86-style moon-broken star river, one shot opened the sky, and the dragon force rolled over!

Seraru's sword marks hit the void, and the swords and guns collided, tearing the sky!

This sword's power is not small, Lin Chen shocked back dozens of miles, but still at ease.

At this time, a continuous healing power poured into the body, nourishing Lin Chen's little injuries.

[Consuming 10,000 talent points, the fatal bloodthirst is successfully launched, and has obtained 28% of the healing effect from the actual damage. Trigger the talent combination skill success, the host can unconditionally launch the active talent in the talent combination skill.

Lin Chen's eyes lit up and opened'Combination Skills King's Land'!

[The host opens the talent combinationJunlingtianxia, and starts to enter the state of accumulating energy value: 0 points.

Each of the powerful emperors killed by the three avatars, except for the drop of the attribute light ball, began to be converted into energy value and accumulated in the talent of Junlintianxia!


Jian Tianming, who was on the other side with Lin Chen, did not retreat, but spit out a blood, full of consternation!

"His attack penetrated my defense. It was too weird to give him a chance to fight fast!"

In one thought, Jian Tianming urged the power of the blood vessels in the body. With a buzzing sound, Huanghuang's momentum was as high as the sun and the moon, hanging up to the sky dome, like a saint's king, suppressing all Yunyun beings!

Jian Tianming revealed by Leiguang, circling through the whole body like a dragon-like flame, resembling a thunder-fire giant who descended from Kyushu!

Combined with its sharp and irresistible Kendo cultivation practice, there is an unmatched sense of oppression among the powerful people present!

The ninth-level mid-cultivation is that the "holy body" plus the "blood power" superimposed on two, no less than Lin Chen encountered in the sky tower and part of the intermediate devil, the strength is comparable to a battle emperor!

"That's the power of the bloodline of the descendants of the first false gods. Interesting, I want to see how strong it is! Even if the big Luo Jinxian is close, you must die!"

Lin Chen stood tightly on the gun body, and suddenly a flash of flame flashed through, and it was almost impossible to catch the war with the naked eye!

Jian Tianming's sword tip almost penetrated to Lin Chen in an instant!

Dang ~!

The body of the gun reverberated, and more than 9 million dragons exploded. With a sharp edge, Lin Chen shocked his arms.

Jian Tianming kept killing with one sword, and struck ten swords with lightning, Lin Chen retreated and retreated, and a cutting strength whip leg took advantage of the gap and cut to the opponents waist!

This time, Charging and Penetrating Runes are launched together! The sharp legs as sharp as the blade penetrated Jian Tianming's defense, the bones were broken, and the blood spit and flew!

Lin Chen smashed the point of the gun with anger, and pressed his blade forward to creak, and then stepped away again, flashing ghostly to the palm behind him!

"Xuanlong Claw!"

Jian Tianming reached out with a claw, and the two sides collided and collided, like two shocking light beams, constantly flashing between the sky, wherever he passed, destroying all buildings or blocking things!

Lin Chen, who has always crushed the enemy with speed, was caught up by his opponent for the first time in his "infinite dark step"!

This place is not Lingzhou, Lin Chen can completely let go of his hands and feet and do this guy alone, his bloodline power is'Leijian bloodline', he can use the secondary system of lightning power to increase a large speed, with the'holy body' and The suppression of Xiuwei forced to catch up with Lin Chen's infinite dark steps!

Today's Lin Chen, if he uses the four avatars to siege, the fighting power of the main body is also equal to the battle emperor, playing a rival with Jian Tianming!


"Longyang Jin!"

"Blood Shura!"

"Yongye QianjianJiansha!"

A variety of top-level combat skills broke out on the duo, and the countless powerful players were dumbfounded and constantly affected by the aftermath of their battles, so they had to give them the battlefield!

On the other side, the position of the space ship was found, and the three nine-time war emperors led the people to suppress Bai Ruoyan, and she was easily blocked by one person with ease.

The Lin Chen avatar is decomposing all the rare and precious treasures at a speed that is visible to the naked eye, and infinite resources are turned into his attribute values!

After dozens of breathing battles, no one knew that the treasures and resources they had carefully prepared had already been decomposed by Lin Chen!

Bang~! Guns and swords collide, blades rotate, blades strangle, one shot is turned, the blade is blocked, and the back is chopped up!

The five-color dragon gun fought across the sky, Lin Chen was in fortune. Punched his lower abdomen with a punch, and the space was torn!

Layers of thunder and light emerged in Jian Tianming's body and condensed into a thunder curtain. When the boxing wind was blocked, a sword pierced Lin Chen's spatial position!

"Sure enough, it's a monster. Jiu Chongxiu didn't have any rubbish. He could fight this seat to such a point that even my holy body and bloodline could not take him!"