My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 754

Vol 5 Chapter 754: I Will Rub

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Chapter 754

Jian Tianming frowned. He never fought unsure battles. Now he fights Lin Chen head-on. Only then did he know why his "fathers" had prevented him from contacting Lin Chen!

The guy who didn't even cultivate in the early stage of Jiu Zhong could actually compete with him evenly. This is an unprecedented difference!

"You have more than one kind of blood power, your boy, is he a bastard."

Suddenly, Lin Chen sneered, it is no wonder that Jian Tianming is so special, I am afraid he is not only pregnant with the blood of a false god, maybe two!

Lenovo thinks so, Lin Chen can't help gagging!

"Shut up! The identity and bloodline of this seat is noble many times more than that of your mortal wild dogs, which round will get you to talk!"

Like a fox stepped on its tail, Jian Tianming roared angrily, and some hysterical grinning said-"My father, the supreme true gods are about to come to Lingzhou, then your women, relatives, I will be good Entertain them, I will insult them in front of you, ha ha ha!"

[Launch Sky Rune, has hidden the host's mental attack, consumes 300,000 rune energy, cooling time: 40 seconds.

Lin Chen's face sank like water, and his eyes became particularly cold as a sword.

"Relax, you don't have this opportunity!"

The words just fell, bang!

The azure spiritual light column across the sky dome contains the energy of annihilation of the world, and it penetrates Jian Tianming's body and his spiritual consciousness like a mad dragon!

"Ah! What is this?"

Click~ His spiritual defense weapon broke, and the whole person burst out screaming like a pig!

However, he still retains the last trace of wisdom and immediately starts his body to escape!

Brush ~! Lin Chen's avatar projected the "Fenghuang Bow", the body stretched out his hands, and his face was cold and ruthless.

I saw it; Lin Chen held the bow with one hand and used the "Five Dragon Dynasty Emperor Gun" as an arrow to put on the bow string?

"I will let you die terribly!"

At the moment when the bow string was filled, a gray and white rung was born from the sky!

[Start the combination of skills Junlin world talent, accumulate energy: 650,000 points, will increase the host's next attack.

The rune energy suddenly dropped by 3.5 million points, the space solidified, and the fighting was slow, which blocked the action of Jian Tianming!

"Shadow Broken Arrow!"

Let the fingertips release the bowstring, the five dragon dynasty guns are like the sharpest spurs in the world, the dark light shimmers in thunder, and the arrow light carries a spiral wind blade and a ray of dark awns. In front of Naruto!

"What combat skill is this?"

Jian Tianming's pupils were frightened, and he almost used all his strength to break free from the slow rune bondage.

The space jade jade with holy force in his waist hasnt been used yet.

Tear ~! Bang ~!

The five dragon dynasty guns penetrated Jian Tianming's body! The increase in "Jinlintianxia" has increased Lin Chen's attack by more than 30 times.

With Lin Chen's current cultivation as a 30-fold improvement, far more than ever!


Jian Tianming's body shattered like a cracked stone and exploded violently. Ling Jianshan behind him turned into powder, smashing thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, and an "arrow" shattered the whole ground.

The moment when his body burst, the sky's attribute light sphere spread out.

Unlike the ordinary strong, Jian Tianming is the descendant of the first pseudo-god, and it is likely to be more than two types of pseudo-god blood, with hundreds of light spheres dropped, presenting an amazing quantity and super high quality !

The colorful light spheres are connected together, like a gorgeous galaxy, Lin Chen slightly air-conditioned!

"This is at least the four values that the late Nine Heavy Warlords could drop. The descendants of the first pseudo-gods are not covered!"

Lin Chen urged the Dragon Emperor, without a word, to take away all the attribute light balls!

[Get 4,500 points of gold energy, 9,800 points of spiritual power, 400,000 points of rune energy, 48.5 million points of essence of fighting spirit, 290,000 points of merit,]

[Open nine amethyst treasure chests, get: 800,000 talent points, 1 million rune energy, 3000 blank attributes,]

When included in the attribute light sphere, Lin Chen also won a space jade containing Holy Qi.

Jian Tianming's everything was exploded, but the thing was safe and sound.

This jade jade was the space jade jade that covered hundreds of war emperors from Enzhou that day, cast by saints and above!

"This space jade looks like a direct connection to the headquarters of the pseudo-god? Hahaha! Good stuff, it's just that my big thunder show is ready to be staged!"

The corner of the mouth outlined a bare foot, not afraid to laugh hard at wearing shoes, Lin Chen put away this jade slip.

Originally, Lin Chen just came here to rob and did not intend to take away the heads of these guys now, but this sword Tianming is a complete threat. If you dont kill this person, Lin Chen is completely unthinkable!

For a lifetime, some people and beliefs to be guarded must not have any threat potential!

At this time, the strong players of the Quartet spread out one after another, and the shock was undecided. The power of that arrow was really terrible!

"Master Jian Tianming was shot by this boy with an arrow?"

"It's terrible, this child's combat power is far more than the ordinary Emperor Jiuzhong's late Emperor, the entire Kyushu, no one can suppress its edge!"

When all the forces in charge of the people shocked and feared, several of Lin Chen's avatars and the Dragon Emperor suddenly broke out of the encirclement, and no one dared to block it!


Lin Chen and his avatars exploded an eight-color energy finger, bombarded to the bottom of Shengdan Square, and shattered the true temple!

When the smoke was rolling, countless strong men dared not stop Lin Chen from leaving, and looked at the direction of the space ship behind the true temple again, many strong men's faces changed!

"Oops, our people failed to stop the people who looted the space ship!"

"Grass! I have accumulated for thousands of years, and it will be destroyed once! Lao Tzu is also going to pay tribute to the True God for a chance to wash the Eucharist!"

The only five late nine-headed old monsters headed alone, revealed horror in their eyes!

They flashed in shape, moved the void, and quickly rushed into the space ship, looking around.

"No, that little Nizi is gone?"

"How is it possible to see the dead even if you die! That little Nizi is the person whom the great true God personally calls for!"

"Lin Chen, he **** your fairy board!"

Innumerable roars and roars continue to rise and fall, the murderous intentions skyrocket, the Holy City is chaotic!


If Lin Chen insists on fighting again, he will certainly be able to destroy a group of enemies, but this is by no means the purpose of his trip. Robbery is only a part of his actions. Pulling "hate" is his main purpose!

However, the little girl in white encountered inside the space ship is indeed what Lin Chen expected!

Danzhou Starry SkyA desert.

The little girl in white covered her arms, her ears were red and her eyes were like stars, and she stared at Lin Chen with a smirk on her face.

I saw someone Lin rubbed his hands, hehe laughed.

"Sister, don't worry, I will rub it, it won't flow out."