My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 755

Vol 5 Chapter 755: Shen Lingshuang

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Chapter 755

"I don't believe you bad guys! You must be a bad guy!"

Nizi squeaked, seeing that the seal did not exist, and her spiritual power emerged again, condensing into a tens of feet giant hammer and knocking on Lin Chen's head!

Bang~! Lin Chens mid-level spiritual power swept a wind blade like a storm ripple, and easily shattered this spiritual giant hammer.

"Okay, you still know this superb spiritual method at a young age. You tell me the truth. Where did you come from? You got it right. Brother gave you a lollipop."

Seeing Lin Chenyun is breezy, the girl in white is frightened and scared, this person is as scary as those!

"Unless you let me go, I won't believe you!"

Nizi is clever and clenches her lips.

"You can rest assured that if I want to plot against you, why should I untie your seal and save you from it? Right, and in terms of your strength, even if I let you go, the situation in Kyushu is so chaotic. , Do you think you can escape the tracking of those people?"

Lin Chen fooled the girl to have a suit, seeing that Xiao Nizi didn't put on a suit, he was also happy to fight slowly.

In this way, Xiao Nizi calmed down. She looked at this weird handsome guy and said with a lip: "Huh, maybe you are with them, you just come to win my trust!"

Someone Lin smiled: "Do you want me to send you back?"

Xiao Nizi: "..."

Seeing that she didn't speak, Lin Chen stepped forward to bandage the wound for her, grabbed the Xuebaihao arm in her hand, and applied spirit cream from the wound.

"You, don't disturb me..."

The little girl in white who rebelled at first saw Lin Chenyin's serious eyes at last. He was relieved a little by vigilance in the heart, and the volatility of his self-explosion also returned to calm down.

Bai Ruoyan on the side, staring at the little girl in white, was lost in thought.

"Okay, the injury is stable. You have two choices now. If you dont trust me, I can send you back now. This person is so good and virtuous. Girl. Or you tell me your experience, I'm covering you with Lin."

Lin Chen sat in the desert, facing Xiao Nizi's eyes.

She stared staringly at Lin Chen. After half a ring, Hao's arm embraced Xue Bairuo's tiny jade legs and slowly said.

"I have no parents, and my memory is only twelve years old. I woke up from a great wasteland. Since then, I have been wandering in Mingzhou, and finally adopted by the Shen family. After the Shen family was destroyed, I was captured by those people."

When answering this question, the girl was a bit lonely.

Lin Chen was stunned, only 12 years old memory, is it amnesia?

"Little sister, can you practice this volume of exercises to show your sister?"

Bai Ruoyan smiled like a flower, beautiful and beautiful, like a pure and holy angel, infected the little girl, she looked at it for a moment, and nodded cleverly-"Um..."

Lin Chen puzzled and looked at Bai Ruoyan, and he saw that the volume of practice called "Wu Ling Qing Yan Palm" was among the top of the Qing Order.

This little girl is only in a natural environment. At present, there is no time for their situation to give this Nizi this top-level Qinggong practice time. It takes three months to get started.

Bai Ruoyan returned to Lin Chen with a patient look, and saw that Xiao Nizi took the roll of jade jade, and her eyes unconsciously showed a trace of disdain, transporting the fighting spirit into the jade jade, and quickly reading this exercise.

Next, a scene of Xuan Qi appeared!

Xiao Nizi circulates the brilliant light throughout her body. All of these lights are the colors of the attribute light ball, and most of them are the essence of the exercises!

Someone Lin was dumbfounded!

A quarter of an hour

Sigh~! boom!

The momentum of the dull thunder exploded into Xiaohan, the huge crater blasted dozens of feet in the desert, the aura rioted, and the space was rippled!

Seeing Xiao Nizi's delicate jade hands, the five-colored clouds shone like smoke. She turned her head and gazed at her elder sister in a white dress, and asked with a smile, "Sister, is that all right."

Bai Ruoyan caressed her hair blue silk and smiled: "Well, it's a great job."

The little girl in white is very helpful. The big sister always gives her a feeling of peace of mind, which makes her like to be by her side and trust her unconsciously.

But this scene Lin Chen was so shocked!

What is this ghost's evil talent?

Did you learn the top-level exercises of Qingjie in just one quarter of an hour?

I thought that when Lin Chen studied "Shenhuang Nine Tips" in Tiange Branch of the Wasteland, the value of the merits of the active method and the proficiency of the exercise method also took half an hour to integrate the memory of practice!

Seeing Lin Chen's face surprised, the little girl in white stood with her hands on her hips, and her little Qiong nose stood up, proudly saying-"It's just a practice of a blue-scale practice, what's surprising."

Lin Chen's mouth twitched, as if at this moment he understood that others had looked at his own eyes, and he completed the Qing-level exercises in a quarter of an hour, which is too nonsense!

It is rare to see Lin Chen surprised, Bai Ruoyan chuckled, and told Lin Chen.

"Brother Lin Chen, don't be too surprised. With her talent, it is quite normal to achieve this level. If my guess is correct, this Nizi should be a born Wusheng bloodline, and maybe even the Wushen bloodline! "

"This kind of bloodline has been awakened since the age of twelve, and its spiritual strength and cultivation capacity have skyrocketed. It is almost unprepared for combat skills and exercises. There are very few bottlenecks in practice, such as the flow of clouds and water, which is the ultimate talent for truly arrogant of all evils in the world. One, but after awakening the bloodline, you will lose your previous memories."

"These talents, even if they are records of ancient times, there are only two cases that appear, and they are only the blood of the Wusheng, the blood of the Wushen, only a legend."

Bai Ruoyan's guess made Lin Chen's scalp numb!

He couldn't help complaining about the system.

"System, wouldn't your **** be fake?"


Can't think of someone Lin picking up all kinds of attributes, exercises, talents, runes, weapons, even today, why did he pick up a girl from the blood of the martial saint, or even the blood of the martial god?

I patted the head of the little girl in white, and the spirit of her body poured into Lin Chen's palm.

[Get 7800 points of merit, 12500 points of merit, 11580 points of merit,]

Seeing that the little girl was able to derive the merit attribute value, Lin Chen smiled and said, "What's your name."

"I don't have a name, but Shen's sister named me Shen Lingshuang."

Seemingly recalling those enemies who had slaughtered the entire Shen family, Shen Lingshuang bit her silver teeth lightly, not willing to lip her lips.

"Shen Lingshuang, right, Nizi, I ask you, do you want to avenge the Shen family!"

Shen Lingshuang focused on the head: "Of course I want!"

"Then you will be my apprentice. Starting today, as long as you are with my Lin Chen, I promise to bring you revenge!"

Shen Lingshuang hesitated, but thought that the Shen family had taken over her sisters, and a sly stern face appeared, with a focus on her head.

Lin Chen stretched out his fist, Shen Lingshuang lifted the delicate little pink fist to touch his fist.

"This is what you said! I want to avenge my sisters!"