My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 756

Vol 5 Chapter 756: Airborne Pseudo God Headquarters

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Chapter 756

Lin Chen gave two blue-level combat skills to let Shen Lingshuang learn in one breath. He discovered that every time Shen Lingshuang launched the power of bloodline to learn combat skills, the body would derive the light of "kungfu essence".

Every time he learns new combat skills, Lin Chen can always get tens of thousands of skills on Shen Lingshuang!

Lin Chen could not help but sigh, talented people can really do whatever they want! At the beginning, he collected a lot of exercises and spirits in order to quickly learn the advanced high-level combat skills. For Shen Lingshuang, it was only a moment.

Only for a moment in the desert, Lin Chen launched the jade jade space of Holy Qi left by Jian Tianming!

The end point of this jade jade space is the headquarters of the False God Alliance!


ShenzhouEast East Region. The vocals are booming.

The previously dilapidated family of pseudo-gods has been renewed and transformed into the headquarters of the so-called True God Alliance!

In addition to Lingzhou, Kyushu, there are countless powerful people swarming here almost every day, squeezing their scalp for the protection and care of the true God.

The former Dragon family is now the headquarters of the True God.

Inside the headquarters; a hall.

"Now the strong towers of the sky tower come out together, and the people of the heroes of Kyushu gather together. As soon as the true **** comes, I can wait and destroy the Lingzhou Union!"

"I don't know what happened to Master Jian Tianming. It seems that it is time to enter the space channel. Why is there no movement at all."

A few days ago, the strongmen who attacked the Lingzhou Alliance gathered in the headquarters hall, and there were ten old monsters and Longcan ancestors who had infiltrated the sky tower that day.

"I can't think of attracting many demon kings beside the devil's eyes. Even the avatar of the true **** can't take him together and die. This is really strange!"

Long Can sat in a corner of the hall, shaking his head and sighing.

Today, the headquarters of the True God are headless, and the people in charge, hidden monsters, and ancient giants who come here do not accept each other. The True God Headquarters, which was originally led by Jian Tianming, disappeared at this time.

Suddenly, a figure rushed in!

"You are not good! There are enemy attacks!"

As soon as this remark came out, many powerful people were sinking into the water, and now there are countless top forces in Kyushu, and the forces that dare to attack here are only Lingzhou Alliance!

Do they want to start a decisive battle in advance?

"How many enemies!"

Long Can immediately questioned the war emperor.

"There are only two people, one man and one woman."

This answer caused a brief silence and stunnedness in the hall.

Two people dare to break into their true **** headquarters, who gave the courage and courage?

brush! brush! brush!

The forces of all parties disappeared in the hall like lightning, the space moved, the stars turned into stars, and they instantly reached the outside.

But if you look at the Dragon Tower of the Dragon Family directly above the top of the sky, if you look closely, you will find that there are two figures standing on the top of the tower.

When the foreign forces and powerful people at the headquarters below looked up, some were horrified, some doubted, and they even recognized the two figures on the top of the tower!

"Isn't that kid the Linchen of Lingzhou!"

"A big dog, he dared to go straight to our headquarters, is it possible that he thinks he can compete with us all?"

"It's simply defying Shenwei, ancestors, please capture this son!"

A large number of powerful people below walked in the air, shouting to the people in charge of the ancient family flying out of the hall!

Above the top of the tower, Shen Lingshuang's legs beside Lin Chen shivered. She never expected that Lin Chen would take herself straight to the other's base camp!

She once wondered if she, the "master", was crazy! Did you even ask yourself to sing before you set off?

"What the **** do he want..."

Shen Lingshuang hid behind Lin Chen with some fear, looking up at his profile.

Lin Chen smiled, he would not be stupid enough to single out everyone in the opponent's headquarters, even if his strength soared, but if the strong players present attacked together, Mo could kill him!

"You look at you, what are you afraid of."

Lin Chen glared at Shen Lingshuang, who was holding her thigh behind her, and she laughed wildly!

"Today, I am someone from Lin who is not aimed at everyone here. I just want to say that those who surrender to false gods are all rubbish! I just want to hammer everyone, or be killed by everyone!"

Sounds like waves, spreading across the entire Far East area, countless strong people are angry and smile!

"Fuck you, do you want to beat so many of us alone?"

"It seems that Lin Chen is ignorant of heaven and earth!"

You should know that the current Far East region has gathered half of the forces of the Sky Pagoda, and even most of the Kyushu forces. There are countless powerful people, seven, eight, and not a few. The Nine Heavy Battle Emperor is more than a hundred people!

No matter how strong Lin Chen is, he can't compete with this lineup!


"What do you think?"

Long Can turned around and asked the ten hidden elders around him who walked in the sky tower.

"No matter how strong this child is, it is impossible for us to contend against all of us with our own strength, unless he is a practitioner of the Three Tribes and the Emperor, or a saint."

The other old monsters shook their heads and smiled. This kid is still young and vigorous!

"Well, let's do it together, this trick is tricky, don't give him time!"

I don't know which ancestor spoke, and hundreds of powerful warlords with more than eight weights quickly rose up!

Sigh~! Bang~!

Before the ancestors of various parties launched an attack on Lin Chen, the terrible stuffy thunder exploded like a loud explosion, blasting the sky and breaking the space barriers!

"There is actually thunder, there is a space boundary under my cloth here, and any thunder robbery is impossible to penetrate!"

"It seems a bit wrong, everyone be careful!"

Some sensitive ancestors and grotesques suddenly alert!

Lin Chen standing at the top of the tower smiled, perfectly in line with his expected time!

When his "Five Thunder Booming" nirvana was previously launched, the warlords used the "Holy Air" space to escape the jade temporarily.

"Well, there is more than half of the energy left by the five thunders. Although it is not as lasting as last time, two hundred regiments of thunderclouds bombed together and concentrated in an area, enough for the pseudo-god alliance to drink a pot!"

Bang ~!

The voice just fell, and countless thunderclouds seemed to move space from the southeast to the instant, coming to the headquarters of the false god!

Among the powerful emperors who rose into the void, half of the emperors, with five-colored thunderclouds suspended above their heads, thunder and moon that swallowed the stars, surged like thunder tide!

"I'm fucking, it's this again!"

Long Chan's eyes are staring out, is this the trick again?

In the Dragon Clan of Huangzhou, he had personally learned the power of this "five thunders", he could not even escape! Only hardwired!

He didn't expect that Lin Chen could play such a terrible hole again, this kid is not human!

The tumultuous world of thunder and thunder is ruined, swept like a tide and spread across the sky.

Countless strong men shivered in the vast and splendid Lei Yunxia, seemingly angering the endless Tianwei, and they were to be punished with a thunder penalty!