My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 758

Vol 5 Chapter 758: Tower Master's Answer

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Chapter 758

After leaving the false **** headquarters, Lin Chen ransacked all the remaining forces, and weeping everywhere!

Two days later, Lin Chen went to the sky tower.

When he reached the entrance of the Sky Dome, he stepped into the space channel, moved in the void, and was sending Lin Chen into the Sky Dome.

Stepping into the sky tower, Lin Chen hurried to the main city of No. 10.

Lin Chen has not yet reached the main city of No. 3, and the indifferent voice across the space echoes into the void.

"Little Lin Chen, you come to me."

Lin Chen stayed for a long time, arched his hands and clenched his fists: "Younger Lin Chen, come to visit the Tower Master."

"Since your dean awakened, I have a hunch that you will come to the door, come in and tell."

The voice just fell, the floating light was free, and the figure was like a light and a shadow, Lin Chen disappeared.

When looking around, it was already on the top of the mountain, on the cliff, the tower master stood with his hands down, his eyes were free of Xuan Qi's light, and seemed to see through the starry sky.

In the face of such a strong man, small means and one-sided words are useless, Lin Chen said directly: "Predecessors, now when Kyushu is alive and dead, false gods come, tamper with history, and occupy Kyushu. If you do not act again, Kyushu will fall to pseudo The hand of God. Lin Chen, the younger generation, boldly invited the tower master to help Kyushu!"

"I have guessed your intentions, but the responsibility of this seat is to protect the sky tower, the sky tower will not fall, and the hope and civilization of the human race still exist."

The main face of the tower was expressionless, and Lin Chen snorted coldly.

"No, if this battle fails, all the civilizations of Kyushu will lose their meaning. The mainland of Kyushu will be the puppet continent that is rampant!

"Predecessors kept this place to suppress the Demon Clan. But if Kyushu is gone, what's the point of suppressing the Demon Clan! A human race without humanity, not a human race! How can it be called civilization without human civilization!"

The main body of the tower shook unconsciously, why did he not understand this truth?

He has been holy for 400,000 years, and has read the history of Kyushu for thousands of years.

He has been waiting for a human race that can eradicate all demons under the eyes of the nine demons!

Will that person be Lin Chen? But at least, he does not have this qualification now!

But he is the most promising person in the history of Kyushu! Miss him, maybe Kyushu will have no chance to turn over again!

If you let go of a battle and the sky tower loses its guard, it will be noticed by the Holy Demon King under the "Magic Eye". Clan, Kyushu!

If you do not participate in the war, you can still suppress it for a period of time, and the false gods will come, you can only occupy the Lingzhou first, and the remaining eight major states still have some town boundary sacred monuments. They cant invade the entire Kyushu mainland in a short time!

It is only a matter of time that their power can overthrow and destroy the sacred monument of the township in the eight states.

The war will lead to a troubled world for the demons.

If you don't fight, you will lose Lin Chen and Kyushu's last hope!

Whether it is the false gods occupying Kyushu or the demons attacking the mainland of Kyushu, it is a devastating disaster!

However, from the standpoint of the tower owner, as long as it can suppress the magic eye and have the shelter of the sky tower, even the hypocrite can't forcibly blast the sky tower, or even dare to get close! Because the sky tower is an artifact!

Even the tower owner cannot drive the sky tower, it contains the will of the ancient god!

The worst result of not participating in the war is that at least Shenzhou can continue.

"I can go to war, but there is only one condition."

Suddenly, the tower owner's eyes were sharp and he turned to Lin Chen.

"That's you Lin Chen, leaving Kyushu. If you give up this battle, I would like to defend Kyushu with a fighting spirit."

Lin Chen's heart shakes!

The tower master actually left Lin Chen with his last hope!

As long as Lin Chen is not dead, the hope of Kyushu will not be cut off. Even if the false **** is defeated in the First World War, if Lin Chen who leaves is sanctified in the future, or even a higher holy king, there is still hope to revitalize Kyushu!

His potential, the tower owner has already seen from the "Ancient God Mansion" in the orange-level secret realm! This may be the only option!

"Impossible! I can't do this kind of thing to abandon my partner in a critical situation. The Kyushu man is standing upright and doing something, not doing something!"

Lin Chen's deep drink was like a Crouching Dragon's roar, and his fighting spirit was like a peerless war gun, about to pierce the sky!

"Senior, give a cheerful answer. Except for asking me to escape, the others are still negotiable."

The tower master shook his head.

"The moment before the false **** came, if I didn't arrive in Lingzhou, that would be my answer, you go."

Although the tower master didn't change his face, Meiyu had already struggled a bit.

Lin Chen never thought that even a character of his series would be so hesitant at this juncture.

After five generations of tower owners, the Sky Tower has passed down countless years and experienced the changes of the three great eras of the ancient, ancient and ancient times. Countless efforts have been concentrated in the hand. It is not the current tower owner who can make a single bet.

He still needs time to consider.

"I hope this is not the last time I met the tower owner."

Lin Chen bowed his hand, and his body flashed into the void, leaving the top of the pavilion.


One day later; Tiange Academy.

"Isn't the Tower Master not coming? With his wisdom, he may have already seen through the situation. Since he didn't answer clearly, it is very likely that he will not help each other. Only a trace of hope will not be easily disintegrated. It seems that we have to fight alone."

The dean sat in the secret room calmly, as if he didn't care about the result.

He turned to Lin Chen and said with a smile-"Actually, I also agree with the tower master's statement. If you can be let go, you will certainly be able to subvert these holy prison criminals in the future. It is a pity that your kid is like a mirror, rather than bending."

Lin Chen spread his hand, this time is completely different from the previous ancient change of Lingzhou. At that time, there was a vice president and the entire academy. So annihilated.

The false gods are different. Their first goal is his Lin Chen, followed by occupying Lingzhou to extract nuclear energy, which is equivalent to pushing Kyushu to extinction. If even they are gone, the dean or tower alone Lord, I am afraid it is really fierce.

The former dean had not refined the energy of the Holy Veins and could not move around easily, but now it is the Holy Vein left by the perfect self. The whole body is shone with holy light.

Lin Chen secretly surprised, this is the prestige of the saint, even if the dean deliberately suppresses it, he can clearly feel that the war emperor is in front of the saint, but it can only be destroyed in a blink of an eye.

In addition, Lin Chen also asked about the piece of red silk obtained from the dean's heritage. The dean admitted that this thing was obtained from his visit to other continents. It seems to record some ancient civilizations, and he can't spy on many secrets.

Only by collecting the complete red satin or meeting certain conditions can the secret be revealed. At present, the enemy, Lin Chen has no time to analyze what is magical about this object, and throw it directly in Nahua.

As for Shen Lingshuang's blood and origin, even the dean could not see through it, which made Lin Chen more curious about this nizi.

However, it is imperative that Lin Chen is ready to prepare all the cards!

He found a secret room and began to retreat.

He turned Kyushu upside down, all the layout, only to bet on this result!