My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 759

Vol 5 Chapter 759: Strengthen God Killer

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Chapter 759

In the secret room, Lin Chen sat down.

In a moment, the system was turned on.

[Tiandao Picking System 5.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: The late seventh layer of the Battle Royal Realm-the essence of the intermediate combat spirit: 21.3 billion points.

Ultimate Strength: 9 million Dragon Power (Talent Blessing: 9.5 million)-Intermediate Qi and Blood Energy: 26 billion points.

Intermediate mental strength: 1.45 million points (the mid-peak peak of Tongtianjing)

Intermediate skill essence: 124.55 million points-Intermediate rune energy: 94.5 million points.

Heavenly value: 54.65 million points-Talent points: 134.8 million points.

Intermediate elemental energy: 8.21 million points in fire system, 7.9 million points in soil system, 7.33 million points in wood system, 8.20 million points in gold system, 7.3 million points in water system, 7.5 million points in thunder system, 7.99 million points in wind system, and 5.2 million points in light system The dark line is 5.8 million points.

Qigong Status Bar (Whether Open)-Blood Vessel Status Bar (Whether Open)

Passive talent bar (whether it is open)-nirvana bar (whether it is open)

Active Talents: (Blue Rank) Thief Omen, (Blue Rank) Fatal Bloodthirst, (Purple Rank) Super Dimensional Transmission, (Purple Rank) Ultimate Moment, (Purple Rank) Ultimate Return, (Purple Rank One Time) Super Total counterattack, (Purple Order) King's Landing (Cooling Time: 24 days), (Orange Order One Time) God Killer, (Quasi Orange Order) Fatal Life and Death, (Orange Order One Time) Sun God.

Characteristic rune column (whether open)-talent combination skills: fatal bloodthirsty-super-dimensional transmission-Junlintianxia-fatal life and death.

Hold blank attribute: 230660 points (can be converted into any attribute value at will).

Intermediate element attribute value exceeding the average value of 6.8 million, Lin Chen's strength is stronger than the previous one!

There are more than 200,000 blank attributes, which is definitely one of the Xeon's trump cards!

However, this is by no means his goal of action. The reason why he disturbed Kyushu and robbed a large number of ancient forces is only for the sublimation of the talent of God Killer!

[The host uses the orange level talent enhancer to strengthen the target talent: (orange level one-time) God killer. Consumes 100,000 blank attributes, 25 million points of sky value, and 85 million points of talent points. Are you sure to consume the specified attribute value and enhancer for enhancement?

Lin Chen took a deep breath and everything was here!

"I confirm!"


The orange-level intensifier sways and shakes, incorporating the God-killer talent.

After a while, the intensifier disappeared and a brand new light screen popped up.

[Ding ~! The enhancement is successful, and the host obtains (one-off orange level) enhanced version of the **** killer talent. The range of the enemy is increased, and the talent level is: Orange Rank Intermediate.

The light screen popped up by the system hasn't made Lin Chen too ecstatic. The next series of explanations made him suffocate!

[Within the range of talented hostile detection, it is currently perceived that 24754 billion creatures are hostile to the host, including dragons, humans... The number of Tiangang environments: 98.74 million. Number of Yuanzunjing: 7.09 million. The number of war emperor realm: 13,580 people. Fifth-order beasts... Number of seventh-order beasts: 8,950.

Two trillion creatures!

More than two trillion creatures are hostile to Lin Chen!

Lin Chen's face was filled with excitement and excitement, and he bet himself right!

That's right, this time Lin Chen has turned Kyushu upside down. It's not just for attribute value, but more importantly,'add enemies'!

He put everything under the enhanced version of the God-killer talent. The stronger the enemys strength and the greater the number, the stronger the power of the temporary increase user!

However, the ordinary God-killer talent has a limited range of judgment of hostility, and the effect after the enhanced version is completely different!

Lin Chen preliminarily concluded that the enhanced version of the God Killer has a range of detection of "hostility" dozens of times that of the original!

Completely covered the entire Kyushu! In other words, there are now more than two trillion creatures all hostile to Lin Chen throughout the mainland of Kyushu!

Hostility is never easy. If every living creature does not have the faith to actually kill the other party, the attack will not be judged to be hostile. The only thing that is angry and not hostile is definitely not an enemy.

Those who are angry with Lin Chen may not dare to resist Lin Chen. But those with hostility want to kill Lin Chen first and then quickly, as long as people are in front of them, they will rush to fight Lin Chen!

There is a systematic judgment that the "hostility" can hardly be disguised, otherwise Lin Chen also wants to use the entire "Lingzhou Alliance" as an enemy to launch the God-killers.

At this time, the number of'enemy' is still increasing and rising constantly, because Lin Chen has almost looted all non-alliance forces in the eight states except Lingzhou, occupying three-quarters of Kyushu's overall combat power!

This number of enemies will become his strongest capital to challenge the false god!

"The things that can be done are done. Next, it depends on who can seize the heaven!"

Lin Chen pushed away the secret room, but it was the sky islands of the Tiange Academy that greeted him.

The vastness of the dragon's air is glorious, and it is domineering. It carries the glory of the dragons and illuminates the entire college and even the high altitude of Lingzhou!

Lin Chen shook his head and exclaimed, "The Dragon Clan's Holy Dragon Pool has also moved out."

Launched by the dean and the void ancestor of the Dragon Dragon, the Dragon Clan will move their own Saint Dragon Pool space to the top of Tiange Academy in the past few days and will be used in the final battle!

While other forces are not idle, with the assistance of the dean, many ancient forces have moved out their ultimate heritage!

brush! brush! brush!

The fighting spirit rushed into the sky, condensing into a sword altar, with the hidden edge of ten thousand swords hanging from the sky. This is the sword altar of Tianzhou Shenjian Valley, created by Kaishan Jiansheng!

The remnants of the dragon's breath that had been emptied were cloud-like and condensed into ten dragon shapes. Right above the Lingzhou, this was created by Emperor Lei's Lei Family's card "Wan Lei Xuanwu Dragon Qi", which was created by the Holy Dragon Qi.

The towering red trees descended like a sea of trees, spreading the lush foliage, dyeing the sky with red, and the magnificent shore was majestic like a holy sign. Lingzhou Ling Family's'Red Flame Tao Jinshu', gathered 100,000 years of red flame power, can burst out of no time, igniting supernatural power!

Lin Chen was amazed. These ultimate heritages were once ancient things and left behind by the holy land that had emerged in the ancient family. Only when the family faces the crisis of life and death will it be activated.

In the past, it was not at all possible for Warlord Realm to control or start independently, and now there is a dean who is a saint. Vientiane fortune has actively activated the ultimate heritage of many ancient families and moved them to Tiange Academy!

However, the power of control is still held by the descendants of the ancient family. After these ultimate heritages are activated, they can only be controlled by their blood descendants. The dean is only a matchmaker.

This is the last moment of life and death, almost no one will hide it!

This battle will divide the history of Kyushu into two!

"Squad leader, are you out?"

Qin Xiaofeng came, his face ecstatic. Because of his special life background, the second elder in his family was still unattended, so he did not choose to go to the Holy Realm, but stayed in Kyushu.

"Everyone is waiting for you in the first hall, squad leader!"

Hearing what Qin Xiaofeng said, Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, and went to the first hall with him.

Tonight, there were tens of thousands of banquets in the first hall, and countless familiar faces reflected in Lin Chen's eyes.