My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 760

Vol 5 Chapter 760: The Beginning Of The War

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Chapter 760

The vast starry sky, the flickering light of the six stars from dim to bright and blazing, took only a few months!


Six special and different space planes, a sudden burst of violent energy, an inexhaustible amount of warfare sweeping like a huge wave, if the waves are breaking, all the obstacles are crushed, and the stars explode!

"Finally absorbed the nuclear energy!"

"Even the strength of 40% has not been restored, this world is really barren!"

"After destroying the kid, after occupying Kyushu, wouldn't it be everything?"

"Children Lin Chen, this seat will personally cramp you!"


Shenzhou, the true temple is empty.

The strong men headed by Long Can changed their faces slightly, and the color of ecstasy immediately appeared!

"Fu Zhao, the Lord of the True God has arrived. All are dispatched. The goal is to smash the Lingzhou and destroy Lin Chen!"


"Tap Lingzhou, kill Lin Chen!"

Innumerable Tiangang Realm, Yuanzun Realm, and even a large number of War Emperor Realms shouted together, and the sky was torn apart. The powerful men in the sky were like tigers going down the mountain, and lions fleeing into the fifteen space channels. Lingzhou!

Divine desert, desolate.

A black robe has a shadow like a fire, and its eyes are sharp like a sword. It penetrates through time and space and gazes at the sky island of the Lingzhou Tiange Academy.

At the same time, there are more countless storm clouds and powerful people gathering from Kyushu and turbulence!

"Kill Lin Chen's bastard, shit, we have no dispute with the world, just because he didn't join his lineup, will he also loot our treasure house?"

"The goddess of the grass, my Long Yunhuang Temple has accumulated tens of thousands of years destroyed by the hand of this son. Without killing this son, I swear not to be a man!"

"It's unbearable, he can't stand Lin Chen anymore, he can't carry the encirclement and suppression of so many forces, and destroy him!"

"Dare to dare to be brazen on his own, but the true **** or the league, I just want to destroy him now!"

Angry, shouting, roaring. Everywhere in Kyushu, the sectarian families, ancient forces that were robbed by Lin Chen, and the ancient forces were full of enthusiasm, anger, and murderous intentions. It was difficult to wash away!

They spontaneously united like spirits, all directed at Lingzhou!

It's simple, because it's so special!

Lin Chen's previous actions were not stealing, but robbing! In front of countless powerhouses, they have looted their treasure house again and again, and sometimes even the promises on them are not let go!

From the moment Lin Chen ransacked the eight major states, all forces moved around the body and started to gather at the fastest speed to Lingzhou!


"Have you seen Lin Chen!"

Shangguan family, barren land Baijia, Yanxiamen, barren land branch, Lengjia, Hanjia, Shenzhou Luofu, Danzhou Sanlao, dragon clan strong, seeing those familiar faces, Lin Chen seemed to see himself along the way Reflections and memories.

"Unexpectedly, everyone came this time."

Lin Chen smiled, everyone looked at each other, and each other's previous festivals and confrontations seemed to pass by with a smile, and they all came together!

And everyone's sigh is more mixed, unparalleled!

When they met Lin Chen, the former was just an obscure young man, or the first to show his edge. Now that only five or six years have passed, he has stood on the top of Kyushu, and he has commanded all the top strongmen and legends with his own strength. "True God" in the battle!

The winner writes history, the loser has no bones!

"This is the last banquet before the war, let everyone be happy to celebrate, to wait for work, it is not a good thing to stretch too tight before the war. Moreover, I have noticed their breath, and I expect that they will come at 5 am tomorrow. ."

The dean smiled, and Shen Lianyun quietly accompanied him.

Delicate and delicate hands held Lin Chen's five fingers, Bai Ruoyan looked at him quietly and gracefully, Shen Lingshuang stood beside him, Lin Chen smiled!

"There are always so many times in life, you need to go all out to ignore the moment of life and death."

This night, Lingzhou was brightly lit, tens of thousands of people couldn't sleep, and hundreds of billions of human races talked about wine, even at the headquarters of the college.

It was late at night that everyone resisted the dispersal of alcohol by fighting, and began to leave and walk into the space channel and return to their position!

At this time, Lingzhou was like a castle sturdy, and the majestic massive barriers of space were like transparent curtains.

Tiange Academy, the gate of purgatory.

Lin Chen proudly stood at the entrance of the purgatory secret realm above the clouds, his eyes deep, staring into the distance.

The purgatory secret realm is the highest place in Lingzhou, and Lin Chen will also become the first person to meet the enemy.

In the hundreds of millions of miles in Lingzhou, countless Lingzhou people held their breaths and gazed at the sky above with a determined look!

Lin Chen glanced at the system's "enhanced version of God Killer" talent again.

[Within the range of natural hostility detection, 2.8754 billion creatures have been perceived to be hostile to the host, including dragons, humans... The number of Tiangang environments: 99.79 million. Number of Yuanzunjing: 10.09 million. The number of battle royal realm: 15440 people. Fifth-order beasts... Number of seventh-order beasts: 9250.

Lin Chen breathed a sigh of relief, the flash in his eyes, hundreds of millions of hostility, will turn into his last strength against the false god!

The Dean walked into the air without warning, standing next to Lin Chen, his eyes dignified.

"They're here. You can't let these guys descend into Lingzhou, you have to stop them from the sky!"

The voice just fell, and the noise was like a dragon!


In the southwest, the space barriers of the Wanling Sea were punctured, and thousands of figures, like the ancient giants in the heavens and the earth, appeared in the sky!

Thousands of people entered the area in four different directions, but all of them are war emperors?

Warlords of the Pseudo-God Alliance! They arrived first!

In fact, in Kyushu, except for the blood state, every big state has a population of over one trillion. The hundreds of thousands of warlords are the most powerful people born in the history of hundreds of thousands of Kyushu!

"Lin Chen, come up to lead!"

Ten old monsters in the late nineth layer burst into roar and shocked the sea and the waves!

"Destroy my dragon clan, today I will show you the details of my dragon clan!"

The ancestors of the seven dragons clamored madly, and they turned into huge dragons, howling at the sky!

"A group of traitors, you are not qualified to let His Excellency Lin Chen personally shoot!"

Roar ~! The void and white dragon's beautiful and white dragon body was born, and the vigorous and powerful dragon body was like a white cloud in the rain, traversing to the front of the Seven Dragons!

Followed by three strong dragons, tens of thousands of dragons were born, dragons fought in chaos, and the world collapsed!

"The sea of fire and the red lotus hell!"

The Red Dragon Flame Dragon swayed the dragon's tail, the meteor shower-like flame dragon breath came into the world, and the head rolled up the endless sea of fire!

"Frost Kyushu!"

A large number of ice-robbing dragons roamed the void, spit out tens of thousands of ice blades, the wind and air passed, and the ice was frozen for thousands of miles.

"Void shifts, polar creatures."

The Void Dragon and the Spirit Dragon are unwilling to show their weakness, offering their magical powers, and the battlefield is in chaos!