My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 761

Vol 5 Chapter 761: The Strongest Killer

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Chapter 761

"Everyone, peace is in sight, Kyushu's history is already burdened on us, let's fight!"

The Emperor Lei Tian held the Thunder Dragon War Gun and roared, and many war emperors rushed towards the False God Alliance!

Shen Lianyun, with a large number of college elders, assaulted from the location of the flame mountain to the south, intercepted a large number of strong players of the Pseudo-God Alliance. This is a sneak attack team, attempting to sneak to the headquarters!

The war flickered, the war emperor shot, and the earth and the earth were shocked, and the aftermath of a rainbow of battles pierced the Wanling Sea, dividing the sea surface, breaking the fault of a depth of one hundred feet, and occasionally raising the storm waves, covering the sea surface fault!

All kinds of combat skills are emerging in an endless stream, a variety of high-level secrets, weapons, and battles from both sides!

Even if many ancient families are united, it is still difficult to resist the offensive of the Pseudo-God Alliance! There are too many of them!

In particular, the other party also confuses more than half of the sky tower forces to join, plus a large number of ancient families in the eight states, the number of war emperors has almost doubled!

This serious difference is preparing for the collapse of the northern Yunlong Mountains, hundreds of figures emerged in the sky, stopping thousands of war emperors!

As the first person, the white skirt flutters like smoke, and the beauty is like a fairy.

"Qiankun Holy FireSilence!"

The milky white eternal flame rises into the sky, like a pillar of fire standing between the heavens and the earth, more than 300 Lingzhou war emperors have joined forces, as if they are all in one, and joint combat skills erupted in an instant!

"This is the power of the eternal flame?"

"Not good! Quit!"

Several hidden elders felt their scalp become numb, their body urged, and they quickly retreated with a large team!

With his own strength, Bai Ruoyan led more than 300 war emperors in joint operations. All war emperors were under her control, and the coordination between the offensives was integrated, and more than 300 war emperors stopped thousands of opponents. The famous emperor even has a counterattack!

boom! boom! boom!

The frenzy-like energy shock is constantly surging on the solid space barrier. If there is no space barrier strengthened by the dean himself, this kind of battle has already spread to the Tiange Academy.

Allow the outer circle to kill in the dark, and the inner circle centered on the Tiange Academy will stand still. Those ultimate details will all remain in the center of the inner circle! Because this is to fight against the false gods, it can't be used easily!

Chen Xi shined into the earth with a glare of light, and the two of Lingzhou fought in a fight, standing in front of the gate of purgatory. The expression became more dignified, Lin Chen's mental strength unfolded, and the situation of the war situation was thousands of miles away.

"The combat power is too disparate, it seems that my avatar will enter the outer battlefield in advance."

Lin Chen secretly said, and then the system immediately popped up a light screen.

[Successful production of the top-level killing skill "Five Thunder Boom", costing 100,000 days of Ganglei and 1 million days of Dao. Available times: 5 times.

[Succeeded in making the blue-level nirvana "Red Lotus Fire", consuming 30,000 Hellfire attributes and 300,000 Heavenly Dao. Available times: 3 times.

After using the Orange Rank Talent Enhancer, Lin Chen still has 130,000 blank attributes left, all of which are used to make Mighty Skills! The power of the nirvana will determine the life and death of the outer ring at a critical moment!

brush! brush! brush!

Lin Chens four avatars were airborne on the Quartet battlefield, and the morale of all the strong colleges was greatly boosted!


The dean spit out two words, Lin Chen looked up, the light of Zijin pupil flowed into the pupil.

Above the hundreds of thousands of altitudes, the atmosphere is heavy, and the six strongest breaths have turned into meteors, as if the king is in the world, dominating the eight wastelands!

"Cquack, Lin Chen, I will break your bones!"

"Hahaha, Tiange Academy, are you welcoming the gods like this, there is only one sage on the verge of death? This is too despising us!"

A sneer full of madness was introduced to Tiange Academy as a sound wave, and six meteors fell to the world, approaching the mainland of Lingzhou as quickly as possible!

boom! boom! boom!

The earth shakes, the ground vibrates, and three beams of light rise from the mainland of Lingzhou. They are the last three monuments of the town boundary!

They sensed the breath of pseudo-god, and they spontaneously started the first time!

"Keep them out of the starry sky!"

The dean stepped in and strode away.

The dean's one-handed move, standing between the heavens and the earth, the'Heavenly Spirit Tower' responded to his call, and became extremely small, turning into a small exquisite tower rotating in the dean's palm. It was a complete eighth-order saint. Device?

The Heavenly Spirit Battle Tower is in hand, and the Dean's majesty soared out of the clouds of Lingzhou!

"Enhanced version of the God Killer, let me see how strong you are!"

Lin Chen laughed domineeringly, flew into the air, the dragon emperor purple wing flapped under his feet, moved out of a speed of strange light, and rushed towards the sky!

[Within the range of talented hostile detection, 2.9005 billion creatures have been perceived to be hostile to the host, the number of war emperor realm: 15509 people, the number of seventh-order beasts: 9250 heads, 6 holy realms!

[Has received the host's instruction, started to start the orange rank talent: enhanced version God killer!

Bang~! Click~ Click~

An orange-gold rune flashed over Lin Chen's head, and the space crystal wall exploded!

Lin Chen's whole body released an infinite amount of fighting madness, and the fighting wheel condensed nine lightnings, and then broke through to a higher level!

At this moment, Lin Chen is like a new round of sun shining across the entire Lingzhou!

The orange-golden glow flowed all over his body, the earth roared, the infinite aura gathered around Lin Chen, and Kyushu vibrated!

Everyone couldn't help but turn around and witnessed this scene with their own eyes!

He was so imposing, raging straight into the sky, like a round of blazing sun that covered the haze of hundreds of thousands of years in Kyushu!

Everyone was stunned! Whether it is the Pseudo-God Alliance, or the Lingzhou Alliance, the people of the two camps are completely dumbfounded!

Lin Chen's power has skyrocketed! Ten times, one hundred times, one thousand times, five thousand times, ten thousand times, fifty thousand times, one hundred thousand times, two hundred thousand times!

His vitality life wheel breaks through the robbery instantaneously, and every ray of vitality releases the magnificent divine power!

His body, Wei An was shocking, opened up the world, and contained the universe! Longli broke through the unprecedented boundaries, 10 million Longli, 90 million Longli, only exceeded 100 million in the blink of an eye!

His spirit reverses the sky and shines forever! The spiritual bridge has been transformed into a sea of oceans. At a glance, it is like a thousand years of history to create birth and death.

A person infected by his spiritual fighting spirit has unlimited strength and fighting spirit in his heart!

Whether it is Lin Chen's pure strength, fighting strength, or his spiritual strength, in just half a breath, as the Shura God of War comes, dominating the heavens and the world!

A ray of holy light piled up from the top of Lin Chen's head, the glorious divine prestige poured out like a radiance, the sky dome fell, and the sacred gas of the Nine Heavens Tribulation reflected on the earth of Lingzhou, like the Divine Light sheltering everyone.

At this moment, Lin Chen stepped into the legendary "Holy Land"!

He stepped on the dragon and flowed the orange-gold brilliance in a silver robe. The blue sword was like a bright moon with him. The dragon burst into the sky and screamed all over Kyushu!

"Pseudo-God, get out of Kyushu!"