My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 762

Vol 5 Chapter 762: Trinity

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Chapter 762

Infinite hostility turned into Lin Chen's power to reverse life and death. This time, the'Enhanced Version God Killer' talent has increased Lin Chen's overall combat power by nearly 300,000 times! !

The vast starry sky, weaving a brilliant starlight, endless, star sand like sea.

Above the atmospheric altitude of Lingzhou mainland; Golden calamity is like a blade, wooden calamity is like a sea, water calamity is raging, fire is roaring all over the sky, earth calamity casts a fortress, wind calamity is like a storm, thunder calamity turns into dragon, light calamity condenses the moon, dark calamity Cover the sky!

The power of the Nine Great Sky Tribulation is like the Nine Heavy Clouds, dumping the heavenly dome of Lingzhou, and the whole earth of Lingzhou, excitedly shouting the name of Lin Chen!

"Your Excellency Lin Chen!"

"Let's go together, never succumb to false gods!"

A cry full of blood and fighting spirit spread all over the land of Lingzhou, whether it is Tiangang Realm, Yuanzun Realm, War Emperor Realm, as long as the people of Lingzhou, all inspired the **** body!

"All back!"

"Honglian Yehuo!"

Lin Chen's avatars were in three different positions, and launched the'Red Lotus Fire' three times at the same time. The red hot red lotus scattered into the flames of fire, locking every warlord realm of the False God Alliance!

"This is another strange attack that cannot be avoided. Quickly, start a large formation!"

Hundreds of war emperors began to form a regiment, as if it had been expected, they urged the fighting spirit to form three regiments, and the fighting spirit condensed like a glory, forming an ancient mirror of the three fighting spirits, reflecting all the "Red Lotus Fire".

Rao is so, the army is still hit hard! Dozens of war emperors fell!

Lin Chens four avatars started the Ultimate Moment, and when he urged the seventh change, his breath rose sharply to the eighth peak, and his arm suddenly waved!

"Go! Don't give them a chance to breathe!"

"Follow the steps of Lin Chen, kill!"

The Meridian sword turned seven stars, disturbing the situation. The Long Yao knife circulates like the moon, dividing the world into the dawn, and slashing away!

The three avatars launched a raid from three different directions with great force, and the emperors who experienced the Red Lotus Industry Fire nirvana failed and were defeated!

The fourth avatar occupies the highest sky, and Zijin pupil's light flows between his eyes, seeing the entire battlefield.

From time to time, the arm shoots the bow, and the arrows shine through the clouds, and each arrow plays a key role, strongly supporting the three major battlefields!

A palm shock wounded two seven-fold war emperors, and Bai Ruoyan turned to stare at the ninth heaven-striker in the void and whispered to himself.

"Brother Lin Chen, you must be safe..."

Sky Tower, No. 10 main city!

The tower owner stared in amazement at the direction of Lingzhou's void, shocked beyond belief!

"A holy realm was born? This, is this Lin Chen?"


Above the Nine Heavy Heavenly Tribulation, a dragon circling the void, the young man stands with a knife, the silver robe rolls over, no wind automatically, the supernatural power, glance at Kyushu!

Bang ~!

The majestic meteorite fell, and the blade of the bright moon shook gently, and the flake-like blade flashed across, easily cutting the meteorite in half!

Pedal dragon, silver robe like snow, waist belt jade belt, surging Chixiao Shenhua, a pair of **** eyes pierced the world, the blue moon was held in his hand by him, twitching and trembling, as if just a little wave, Cut the sky, moon and sky!

Seeing that Lin Chen was near the Lingzhou starry sky as the **** of war, the dean in charge of the Tianling War Tower couldn't help laughing aloud!

"Hahaha! God bless my Lingzhou!"

He had thought that Lin Chen would hide some cards that could contend with the false gods, but he didn't expect that this little guy unexpectedly went beyond the expectations of all people, and directly repaired the temporary upgrade to the Holy Land!

Even if he is more than he is now, he will not let it go!

"What, what?"

Is the experience of being as strong as the six false gods completely staying in place?

"Is this kid a reincarnated sage?"

"If this is the case, it will kill him even more!"

boom! Qiang! Qiang! Qiang!

Wan Mang swept the sky, Jianguang fierce. The swordsman pseudo-god pulls his incomplete holy sword!

Archaic fierce breath came to the face, the Holy Qi turned Peng, and there was a false **** turned into Kunpeng's body flying into the air!

Above the stars, Lin Chen's eyes collided with six false gods!

Sigh~! boom! boom!

The two majestic Saint-Ways collided with both sides as the center, violently stirred the starry sky and clouds, and the meteorite floating along the way was crushed into powder!

This is the coercion that only the saints have, and represents the level that overrides hundreds of millions of souls!

Bang ~! Lin Chen's figure moved slightly, stepped away from the dark steps, the battle turned to the stars, and when he broke a void, the fist wind smashed into a billion dragons screaming, and the "seven deadly pulls" twisted the void, which will be the head of the soul home pseudo-god. Pull past!

A face-to-face, Lin Chen even shot without saying anything?

"court death!"

The Soul Family pseudo-gods grinned their teeth and backhanded their hands. The holy force glowed with eternal glory. Whatever happened, it collapsed into an inch!


The fists of both sides slammed and exploded a blurred nebula!

Both sides stepped back ten steps, and the Soul Family's false gods looked horrified!

"Hundreds of millions of dragon power, this child has actually stepped into the realm of holy body refining?"

As soon as the words fell, there was a snorting sound, and the blood of the Soul Family's false god's arm split open, and the Holy Blood flowed!

This is seven strengths and five strengths in one, and the final penetrating power penetrates his defense, and a single punch will cause injury!

Lin Chen, who has more than 100 million dragon power, can easily use the two major strengths of the "Seven Powers".

"This is the power of the Holy Land..."

Lin Chen's expression couldn't help but reveal a moment of indulgence!

This kind of metamorphosis is really wonderful!

It seems that it takes only one thought to smash the stars. The pure power of more than 100 million dragons only needs one finger to penetrate the continental plate and push the stars horizontally!

Even his spiritual power far surpasses the realm of heaven and reaches the legendary "Sacred Land"!

Lin Chen looked around the six people. At this time, the six pseudo-gods were wearing jade robes, wearing Guanyu, tall and handsome, and had a powerful temperament. Between the washing and washing of the Holy Spirit, it looks extraordinary, and there is a pity of sympathy among the eyebrows and the look of life!

This look made Lin Chen sick! Come to occupy the mainland of Kyushu, and pack yourself like a god!

"Fuck, invading Kyushu is still afraid to show its body, how dare you fear that the world will see your body like it? Don't you dare to show people your face?"

Lin Chen sipped, sneered

"Small buttock demon, temporarily step into the holy realm, just give me the seat!"

The Mojia pseudo-god is angry and angry, pointing at a gust of wind. The momentum is not strong, it can be referred to as the past, but it has been reduced to the state of destruction of all things!

Dang ~! boom!

The Heavenly Spirit Battle Tower turned up a holy light, and the ghosts eclipsed Yi, blocking the finger of the sword family pseudo-god, and the dean stood proudly beside Lin Chen.

"If he is not enough, plus me?"

Dean St. Wei Geshi, the blue sacred light rolled into a vast river of heaven, his eyes gleaming like stars, sharp as a sword, no fear at all!

squeak! squeak! grumble! grumble!

The weird cries seemed to bite the bones, tens of thousands of peoples faces and ghosts were surging like the tide, Lin Chen smiled lightly, raised a horizontal stroke with his fingertips, and the spirit was like a horizontal line. Tear all spirit ghosts!

One of the pseudo-gods dumbfounded and retreated, his face stunned, "Is it still a holy spirit?"