My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 763

Vol 5 Chapter 763: Lingzhou Has No Cowards

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Chapter 763

The six pseudo-gods and even the Dean all showed shock and spiritual power to enter the holy realm. This kind of spiritual will is also a first-class level in the holy world!

Refine the body of the body, cultivate the Holy Realm, and enter the level of spiritual power! Trinity, Lin Chen at the moment is simply invulnerable!

Lin Chen glanced at the system with lightning, less than 50 million talent points and 94 million rune energy left!

Holy Realm is a different war emperor realm. Lin Chen's realm of emperor realm activates a recharge rune once, consuming less than 10,000 rune energy, but Holy Realm is activated, at least millions of points! Needless to say, penetrating runes is at least twice as powerful as runes!

Both of Lin Chens two attacking runes cannot be used indiscriminately as they did in the Battle of the Emperor Realm, and they must be used at the moment of victory and defeat!

The characteristic rune depends on the host's cultivation behavior and the use of combat skills to determine the rune energy consumption, unlike the talent that only consumes the specified attribute value.

When the pseudo-gods were shocked, Lin Chen quickly withdrew his mind and quickly drove away the "dark step" to swoop away!

Choke~! The sword came out like a dragon yin, Lin Chen slammed the sword, the billions of dragons burst, the water robbery battle body blessed, the azure blue moon glowed majestic and bright!

"The Mirror of Attack!"

Tear ~! The sonic boom raged around the world, and the glorious snow flakes flashed across like a mirror moon in the water, cut across!

"Different skills of carving insects, broken! Shenghai Manyan!" The Mo family false gods stepped on the waves, majestic, and rolled a wave of wind blades, looking like a waterfall in Yinchuan!

Bang~! The blade of light and the wind were stirred, and the infinite silver awn was scattered. It actually bounced back to the Mojia pseudo-god. The edge of the awn passed, his face slightly changed, and his figure shook slightly. When he moved the void, he was cut off a strand of hair, almost cut. With one arm, avoid dangerously!

"Is it possible to rebound the attack of this seat, is this the stupid sword of Li Changsheng?"

"This son imperial ambassador's sword technique, blessing his pure power, even surpassed Li Changsheng!"

"Don't be afraid, let's do it together! Act as planned!"

The six pseudo-gods immediately split into several streams of light and blasted the Lingzhou mainland. Lin Chen's eyes were fierce and violent, madly mobilizing the water robbery, the arms fluttered the'blue blue moon', and three strokes in one breath. month'!

Because of the spiritual power of the Holy Land, Lin Chen mobilized the fighting speed very fast, and his reaction speed was even faster than the pseudo-gods. When the knife was released, the moonlight was extremely fast, as if it was reflected by the moonlight in an instant. Nine days and ten places!

"Senro hundred saints!"

The Soul-House Pseudo-God is majestic, grasping the Void with a palm, actually grabbing Lin Chens Moonlight Sword Light from the sky, but the blade of Qi and Yun Yun shattered into his body and shocked him to retreat!

Jianmang is like snow, and the faint cold frost dots the starry sky, like a light wave that explodes the sky and smashes the Speed Moon!

Roar ~!

The Wang Pseudo-God who turned into Kunpeng was even more fierce, swallowing Lin Chens Moonlight Blade!

"The boy handed over to us three, and you will be responsible for the town monument!"

Sword family, soul family, and Wang family pseudo-gods spread the same cold voice, Lin Chen with his own strength, instantly stopped the three pseudo-gods, fighting the vast sky!

However, the situation is not optimistic! In a face-to-face meeting, Lin Chen was suppressed by the three false gods and fell into a disadvantageous position!

Without the intention of the three false gods to kill Lin Chen, he could not stop the three people on the opposite side!

"Vientiane War Spirit Town!"

Bang ~! The Heavenly Soul Tower transformed into a tens of thousands of giant towers with lightning, suppressing the world, like a continental plate slanting away, pushing the Star River horizontally, and suddenly shaking the Dragon Family false god, the terrible strength shocked the corner of his mouth and blood retreated!

The dean shot!

The Dean was alone, and without fear of life and death, he controlled the Sky Spirit Battle Tower and slaughtered to three other false gods!

"Sacred Words, Blood Rain Point Poured Tens of Thousands of Li!"

Mojia pseudo-sacred mouth spit a few **** characters of the Holy Light, and when bursting open, weeping bloody, **** rain pockets pouring down!

Every drop of blood rain contains the power to pierce everything, and it is not as strong as the peak demon in the sky tower before. This tens of thousands of blood rain bombards one place, and the power can penetrate the stars!

If it were to fall on Lingzhou, it would be a world disaster!

"Vientiane Makes Palm!"

Sacred air is blue, Nazang mountains and rivers are thousands of miles, the dean raised his hand, the light of light, glory and glory, actually purified most of the power of blood rain, smashing the endless blood rain, and a sigh of sigh in the throat, wounded. !

"Just because you are a dying person and want to stop me, it is too naive!"

The Mo Jia pseudo-god sneered. He is a saint-level fortune-teller among the six pseudo-gods. After breaking through the heavens, he has already discovered that the dean is already scarred. If he is not supported by the last energy of the Holy Veins, he has no fighting power at all. !

"Long Di Sha, this person's holy body is incomplete, there is no need to fight with the fighting spirit, it can be crushed with pure power, and forced him to close combat, this is his weakness!"

The Mo Family pseudo-spirit snorted, and the Dean's look changed!

Roar ~!

The dragon sound shattered the stars, and hundreds of thousands of Jincan dragons were born. They were completely transformed from the sacred body. This is the Golden Dragon Passage of the dragon family pseudo-god. It can turn the sacred spirit into a dragon!

"I'll block him!"

The Jincan dragon swept the dragon's tail, and the mighty dragon force forced the dean to mobilize the Tianling battle tower to stand in front of him, so as to catch the other party's slap!

"Oops, I didn't expect these pseudo-gods to be so strong, and the mathematician pushed my situation and weaknesses!"

The dean shouted badly, he thought he could stop the two, but he didn't expect that only the Longjia pseudo-god could only focus on one person against his weakness!

The remaining two false gods, Mo and Lei, mobilized Shengli to penetrate the protective cover of Lingzhou mainland and rushed into the atmosphere!

"My people, fight hard, your true God has already come, give your life to your heart's content, you will eventually be favored by God!"

The moment the two pseudo-gods approached the atmosphere of Lingzhou, the sound spread all over Lingzhou!

When Shengwei, who dominates all living beings, was faintly passing from a height of a million feet, the power of all the alliances of the Pseudo-Gods suddenly increased in morale!

"Great Lord God is here!"

"Master God, I am willing to give my life for the miracle!"

The bloodthirsty and brutal cry swelled everywhere in the mainland of Lingzhou. The portrait of the False God Alliance was hit with chicken blood. No matter the Tiangang Realm, Yuanzun Realm or War Emperor Realm, a crazy offensive was launched at this time!

"Go to your mother's true god, we Kyushu don't need a god!"

Han Xu, the ancestor of the Han family, screamed loudly. He waved the Union Flag and led the Han family to launch the last raid without fear of death!

Tear ~! The two emperors who were good at lurking like Yu Ying Qianlong, a transparent piece of thin paper, I dont know when they had raided behind Han Xuzi, the dagger penetrated his chest with lightning, and the sharp knife cut his arm like an electric blade. !


The Han family's eyes are split, and their eyes are red!

Han Xuzi grinned as his old vicissitudes faced with his blood hurricane?

"You're fooled!"

He used all his power to urge the strongest punch, instantly bursting the head of the sneak attacker, his teeth biting the blade of the fighting force, his body rotating, slashing the other assassin of the war emperor realm, changing his life. !

Han Xuzi was bathed in blood, and the **** dagger was still inserted on his chest. He held the flag with one hand, waved his arms, and used his last strength to cry!

"Children of the Han family, let's go! Tell the false god's running dogs, we Lingzhou, there are no cowards!"

That shout seemed to go deep into everyone's heart, letting them ignite an eternal fighting spirit!

That is the pride of the ancient family! The pride of the people of Kyushu!