My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 764

Vol 5 Chapter 764: The Moment Of Victory

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Chapter 764

The azure blue moon is chopped upright, and Jianguang pierces the void!


The sword is violent, the sword family pseudo-god sweeps back with a sword, and sways the air of the sword!

The Soul Family pseudo-God is like a dragon, and the palm flow corrodes the strange fluctuations of the Holy Spirit, and greets Lin Chen's heart. Unexpectedly, Lin Chen was swept away with one leg and seven abilities!

"Swallow the stars!"

Kunpeng's huge mouth opened like a vast abyss, Lin Chen clenched his fists in his backhand, and billions of dragons were ready to take off, punching the void with one punch!

"Seven Powers!"

boom! boom! boom!

The fist wind is like a storm of angry dragons, which runs through the bombardment to the body of Kunpeng transformed by the pseudo-god of the Wang family. Longli Yujin rolled up hundreds of thousands of explosions in a row!

"Exploration of the heart!" Claw wind fierce, like a ghost and a ghost from behind Lin Chen attacked out, if you hit it, even the heart inside the holy body must be dug out!

The magnificent and deep spiritual power condensed into a golden beam of light radiated from the top of Lin Chen's head, and stopped the soul-seeking "God's Heart" from the sky!

not only that! Feng Rui Jian Gang stabbed Lin Chen's pupils, he stepped on his body repeatedly, struck back with a knife, the aftermath of the sword's shock, like the starry sand, the light trembling, crushing the nearby meteorites into powder!

The three pseudo-gods join forces, Lin Chen is located in the downwind, leaving only the force to parry!

The enhanced version of God Killer's talent is indeed very powerful. The nearly 300,000-fold increase in power has also lifted all areas of Lin Chen to the "Holy Realm". It can be argued that Lin Chen is equivalent to the dean at this time, between the Holy Between the first and second levels.

But the realm of the six false gods, even if they are seriously injured, can only exert less than 40% of their power, and the cultivation base is also in the early stage of Sanjing triple or higher!

Coupled with the fierce experience of these old monsters and the fierce fighting experience, under the siege, even Lin Chen's collection of "sacred" level spiritual power, billions of dragon powers, and eighth-order knife tools can still only be reduced to parry!

"On this strength, I arrogantly contend against us, boy, you are too worthy of yourself!"

"Give up, Lin Chen, your talent is even a pity on this seat. It is better to trust us. In the future, we will unite Kyushu together, you will have the opportunity to grow to the same level as us, and even step into the peak of the holy land. No problem!"

"As long as you abandon the secret, we can help you condense the Eucharist, even the eighth-order sacrificial device can be found, why, why stay in such a spiritually deficient world, it is true that you are soaring with us The way to go..."

While fighting, the three great gods confuse Lin Chen with bewitching language, trying to shake Lin Chen's fighting intentions!

They knew that this son would be eliminated and attempted to use this method to shake his play in battle.

I dont know, Lin Chen completely attacked when they were farting!

Lin Chen's one-handed technique of "Mirror Mingyue" is one offensive and defensive, and one-handed "Seven Powers" is close to waiting for an opportunity to find a beating!

boom! boom! boom!

The four people turned into four starlights, and hundreds of thousands of confrontations between several breaths!

I don't know whether it is intentional or unintentional. The fighting range of the four people is farther away from Lingzhou and heading to the farther starry sky!

[The host activates recharge and penetrates the rune, consuming 8.1 million rune energy.

"The Ultimate MomentThe Ultimate Return! Speed Moon!"

Suddenly the three false gods felt bad! Lin Chen suddenly broke out, waiting for the opportunity to find the right opportunity to launch the "Ultimate Moment", the sword home pseudo-god caught in the rush of "The Moon of Speed"!

He blocked the sword, but the incomplete holy sword did not perfectly stop the sword. The aftertaste of the sword gas penetrated his sword and penetrated into his body, and the holy blood overflowed!

"how is this possible?"

Seeing Lin Chen's knife skills more than several times more powerful than before, the three false gods were shocked!

This kid's cultivation practice has not improved at all. How come the power of the sword surged by three grades! And has a strange penetrating property!

I saw Lin Chen flowing through the blue and quiet glory, superimposed with the radiance of Cabernet Sauvignon, striking the endless brilliance of the silver robe, the eyebrows were overbearing, like a god!

"His morale has been lost, and he has returned to his heyday?"

Soul home pseudo-god pupils tremble, this is not Warlord Realm! The battle energy consumed by the Holy Realm wants to make up for it in an instant, only the Eighth Order Holy Pill can do it! I don't want to look like an eighth-order Shengdan!

"It's terrible. After entering the holy realm, it will cost 7.8 million talent points to use the Ultimate Guiyuan talent..."

Lin Chen was a little bit worried, he deliberately showed weakness, in order to look for opportunities to hurt a false god!

Moreover, he knows that the other party's goal is him, and the two sides will die until the death. He is weak at the same time, in order to attract the other party to leave the high altitude of Lingzhou!

Lin Chen glanced at the distant'sun' behind him and exhaled heavily.

The next is the moment to decide the outcome!


Although Han Xuzi has fallen, he has received countless **** Lingzhou people's fighting intentions again and again, **** battles again and again!

The terrible death battle seems to be an unprecedented meat grinder. The battle between the two sides is almost life-changing.

The blood cast hundreds of millions of miles of mountains and rivers, this is an unprecedented melee! The earth trembled and the sky wailed. On the day of blood rain, the sky burst!

Outer Dragon and Tiger Mountains.

Lengyue Family's main battle is seriously injured, when it is difficult to act, it still burns out like a soul!

"It's a **** fucking son of a bitch! These people are not eligible to be Kyushu. All the cold family members are obedient. One step is not allowed to give back to Lao Tzu. Whoever withdraws will lose the face of my cold family!"

Lord Lengyue's blood and flesh cracked. His chest, thighs, and shoulders were exposed with white bones. His right eye was blind, and he continued to get up!

fighting! fighting! go ahead! go ahead!

As if no one had stopped to move forward, the combat power of the two sides was too disparate, and the difference between the numbers was almost doubled. Even with Lin Chens four avatars, it was still difficult to balance the disparity in the mid-range power!

Despair, began to spread in everyone's heart!

On the other side of the Dragon and Tiger Mountains, Lin Chen first entered the college and sheltered his old Yuan. The cultivation of Yuan Zunjing took dozens of palms in a row and repelled a large number of Tiangang realms!

The majestic Warlord Realm and Yuanzun Realm are still striking constantly, such as the tiger and wolf teacher, and swallow the mountains and rivers!

Tear ~! There was a sword light in the sky, and a sword cut in the direction of Yuan Lao. He was caught off guard and could not avoid it. His right arm and right leg were cut diagonally!

"Old Yuan!"

The **** students couldn't help but exclaim, but the rolling momentum seemed to be endless, especially the group of imperial empires that were pressed step by step. Suffocating pressure, defeated from battle!

Yuan Lao, however, showed a relief smile.

He lay beside a cut cliff, his old eyes staring at the endless starry sky, where there seemed to be several stars constantly flashing, and when the collision came back and forth, it disrupted the galaxy!

"Little fellow, you really did not disappoint the ancestors of the college... the old man is here... can bear witness to the moment you are today, and it is worthwhile to die..."