My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 765

Vol 5 Chapter 765: The Will Of The Sacred Stele Of The Town

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Chapter 765

Lingzhou has been fighting all over the place, **** and monstrous, such a large-scale **** war, only appeared in ancient times!

The scope of coverage is unprecedented, from top to bottom of the emperor to the ground, all involved in this meat grinder!

The melee of the dragon race is particularly fierce.

On the basis of the holy dragon pond, the seven clan surpasses the other three clan, but the seven clan must keep a guard against false gods, at least two holy dragon pond can not be used on the battlefield.

Lin Chen drained the energy of two holy dragon pools before, so the seven dragons are also three holy dragon pools!

The war spread to Tianzhou, and the main battlefield unfolded between the two states. It was turned upside down, and hundreds of millions of miles of mountains and rivers were covered with blood and corpses!

The gap between Lingzhou Alliance and the Pseudo-God Alliance is more than double, which is an overwhelming disadvantage!

If it werent for the Alliances ups and downs, there were the day-to-day layout and refining of the pharmacists in Danzhou before the war, but the Pseudo-Spirit Alliance was frequently attacked by Lin Chen, and there was no time to make better operational adjustments.

This is the case, the absolute strength difference is still overwhelming the Lingzhou Alliance!

In this tragic battle situation, Lin Chenchen's eyes can be seen!

Each of Lin Chens avatars struggled to delay the other partys more than fifty top war emperors, all of which were above the eighth war emperor.

With a dozen and fifty players, the collaboration between the masters is far from simple as one plus one. If Lin Chens intermediate gold system energy exceeded 6 million points, his avatar had already died several times!

The hardness of its "Golden Tribulation War Body" is infinitely close to the top of the seventh order, and the dark step speed in the "ultimate moment" is extremely fast. Only Lin Chens four avatars shot the high-end battle situation that was originally very different. live!

He is waiting, waiting for an opportunity! Now is not the best time!

His Five Thunder Booming nirvana is still in hand five times, or its not needed, and once used, it must have an impact on the overall situation!

This'big picture' includes the battle between Lin Chen and the pseudo-god!


The two pseudo-gods of the Mo and Lei families torn Lin Chens Nine-Heavy Sky Tribulation, but before they officially landed in Lingzhou, they encountered an unexpected counterattack attack!

boom! boom! boom! Dang ~!

The mysterious fog condenses like a cloud and rain, mixed with Wan Lei, and turns into a tidal dragon gas.

There was also a huge flame of red flames pouring into a golden fireworks, condensing into infinite fire and radiating into the sky!

Xuanguang's sword gas was emptied like a sword waterfall, and the column was hung upside down in the void, condensing into a wave of swords to smash the sky! There is also Lingtian Energy Sword, flipping the holy light fist wind of the Pseudo God, and repeatedly blocking the attack of the Pseudo God!

"Damn, I didn't expect that Lingzhou still has so many cards reserved in addition to the sacred monument in the town!"

The Mo Jia pseudo-god said calmly: "Don't worry, these things are limited, as long as they consume their energy and push it to the town's holy monument!"

Sigh~! Suddenly, the majestic blue, gold, and shimmering sacred hammer came, and this was an attack from the sacred stele of the town!

"Be careful!"

The sound of the Lei Family's pseudo-myth has just fallen, and another energy finger is throwing like a star pill, tearing the world away, embellishing the space of the two!


The terrible attack set off energy frenzy again and again, and was constantly blocked by the enchantment of the Holy Boundary of the Holy Boundary of the Town and the branches and leaves of the Red Flames of the Golden Tree, protecting the Lingzhou from harm!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Sparkling, Sheng Xia is like a shuttle, the three remaining sacred monuments in Lingzhou glowed with divine prestige, thousands of miles away, but they attacked together!

The golden light fist seal suppresses all ages, the secluded green sickle divides the world, the sharp sickle blade cuts the sky and cuts away!

The faces of the two false gods have changed slightly, and such attacks are not trivial, they are better than they must also face seriously!

The last holy stele in the town boundary, but a faint glow of a beautiful image of a beautiful fairy...


The sacred realm is cultivated, unrivaled, and can leave the mainland to explore the vast starry sky. Many dangers and energy turbulence in the starry sky can also compete. It is no longer limited to some space planes, and even goes to the legendary ``Holy World''.


The azure blue moonlight is shining brightly, and the blazing light is cut with one knife, like two rounds of bright mirrors, merging vertical and horizontal, slashing swordsman false gods!

Dang ~!

The swords intersect, blasting thousands of broken awns to explode the starry sky, the azure blue moonlight spirits are lost, but the sword family's holy sword is also incomplete, and the weapons of both sides are equally divided!

The longer the battle, the more Lin Chen discovered why "Mirror Mingyue" would become Li Changsheng's mastery. Although this sword technique is only the purple top-level best, but it has extremely comprehensive capabilities, offensive and defensive, seamless!

When the sword sword retreated from the pseudo-spirit of the sword family, the spiritual power was like a sea of turbulence, the moment when the huge and vast Kunpeng body was beaten head-on, the moment he repulsed it, Lin Chen was bathed in blood, the speed of the "dark step" surged, and a fist in the air Soulmaker pseudo-god!

"Seven Powers!"

Hundreds of millions of dragon-shaped spirits penetrated the void, hitting a star of the Huanglong True Dragon and furiously striking the galaxy. The Soul Family false god's face was solemn, urging the Holy Power to launch the'Blood Sky Shield', but his face changed greatly in the next moment!

[Activate recharging and penetrating runes, consuming 8.8 million rune energy.

boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chen's punch "Seven Ultimate Explosive Forces" came into trouble suddenly, the power soared 5 times, with a penetration power of 25%, directly blasted the defense of the Soul House pseudo-god, and triggered hundreds on his holy body Thousands of dragon force explosions!

brush! brush! brush! There are four attribute light **** rolling out of the Soul Family Pseudo-God. Lin Chen took the opportunity to capture all the non-growth attribute values, but the quality is extremely high!

[Gain 46 million rune powers, 32.3 million power points, 38 million talent points, 50,000 blank attributes,]

The quality of the light ball dropped by the pseudo-god is extremely high quality, and even he is air-conditioned!

Azure fluorescence surged, Lin Chen's injury recovered partly,

[Consuming 20,000 talent points, the fatal bloodthirst is successfully launched, and the actual damage is obtained by 30%. Triggered a talent combination skill, the host can use the talent combination skill.

Seeing this scene, he was ecstatic!

"It's finally here! Talent combo!"

His Junlintianxia fell into the cooling time, Lin Chen waited for so long, just waiting for the talent combination!

The corner of the Soul Family's false god's mouth is bleeding, and his eyes are unbelievable. How could this kid's attack suddenly soar by two grades?

"Quankun Wanjian!"

Tear ~! The light of the sword as sharp as the hairspring soars sharply into the sky, such as spring silkworm spinning silk, poisonous spider weaving the web, and unfolding the Tianluodi net instantly, covering the tens of thousands of miles centered on Lin Chen!

Lin Chen's heart throbbed. If such swordsmanship fell on the mainland of Lingzhou, it was enough to divide the Tiange Academy into countless pieces!

Brush ~!

Lin Chen's figure flickered like a shocked light, disappeared, and the overwhelming hairspring Jianguang was completely empty?

"The sword of Qiankun in this seat has been hidden? Impossible, his body has not yet reached this level! What a ghost trick!"

The Jianjia pseudo-god is stunned, and his Qiankun sword tactics can block Zhou Tian's void. If he runs his body and arbitrarily, he will be cut into "tofu blocks" by Jianguang on the spot!

[The host launches a talent combination and super-dimensional teleportation to the designated target.

"Five forces combined!"

The shadow of the leg cut across the gate, and the pupil of the Soul Family false **** trembles. This not only avoided the sword of Qiankun, but also approached him silently?