My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 766

Vol 5 Chapter 766: Alien Shengwei Desperate Life And Death

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Chapter 766

"Kun Peng Na Yue!"

On the occasion of a thousand shots, a mysterious yellow sacred light was shot, squeezing Lin Chen's space into pieces at a rapid speed, resulting in a sudden change in his shape, and the Soul Family's pseudo-god suddenly collapsed in time, avoiding Lin Chen's'Five Strengths in One' 'S lore blow!

"Damn, these old foxes are hard to deal with!"

Lin Chen is so heavy-hearted that he can avoid even the "super-dimensional transmission" sneak attack.

"However, from now on, it is the time to decide the victory!"

[Launch the talent combinationJunlin world, start to accumulate energy: 0 points.

Lin Chen's eyes are fierce. This time, he is going to surpass the superposition of the last four talents and make the unprecedented one hit to determine the victory!

To this end, he wants to use the large number of war emperors below to become the energy value of the talent of the king's world!

The Holy Realm is by no means a War Emperor Realm. The energy value required to double the power in the Holy Realm is tens of thousands of times harder than the War Emperor Realm!

The three great false gods on the other side floated in the air, they stared at Lin Chen's gaze, and finally showed some fear!

Lin Chen, who used the "Extreme Moment" superimposed enhanced version of God Killer, let them feel a deadly threat!

"Go all out! If we don't pay a price, we can't win this kid!"

"Well, this pseudo-body will be able to create again after some time."

Tear ~!

Broken tears sounded, and finally, the three great gods tore off their "camouflage"!

They are no longer the look of the world with compassion and compassion, but show their original body!

The Soul Family is a hypocrite and a soul, a short, deformed old man, with a cane, full of yellow teeth, and centipede-like scars all over his left face.

Jianjia pseudo-god, Jianchuanye, the old man's posture, with a broken holy sword, only five feet high, one-eyed, and the scarred sword remains.

Wang Jia pseudo-god, Wang Yi-mad, bears Kun Pengyi, a shady middle-aged man, with only half of his face left, his left face is skull-shaped, extremely weird!

This is their body!

The three are all fierce criminals in the Holy Prison, and they are not as powerful as the gods they portrayed in the history they fabricated, and Wei Anang is the opposite! One by one is full of adultery and chaos, it is chilling!

"What's wrong, don't you continue to pretend to be your gods."

Lin Chen sneered, but his heart became more dignified!

The next step is when the two sides are desperate!

"The oily-smooth boy, I must have told you the Holy Realm by your side, about our weaknesses."

The three of them calmed down, and the Soul Family's pseudo-spirit Yin Yin squeaked with a tone of control over the situation.

Previously, the three of them retained their strength, only because they were seriously injured, and they had to stay behind to protect the injured body. Otherwise, Lin Chen, as strong as he is now, could never fight with the three of them for so long!

However, once they liberate all the power they have at this stage, it means that Lin Chen will really face the strong men in the three holy realms above the triple early stage!

"Fortunately, the value of the attributed light ball dropped on them is extremely high. I can still fight. In addition to the slow runes, other runes and talents can be used according to the situation. However, this is my only chance!"

Lin Chen once heard the dean say that the holy realm is seriously injured, it is not a trivial matter, even if it is suppressed to repair the injury, it does not mean that the injury is healed. If the power is liberated in a severely injured state, the body will be very fragile!

That is to say, they are certainly the strength of the triple stage of Holy Realm, but their resistance and vitality are far inferior to the complete Holy Realm Triple!

This is Lin Chen's chance. If you want to walk on the tip of the knife, you will lose in one step!

"This seat's own weaknesses are much clearer than yours, and today you ordinary people will know how big the world is!"

Soul Yin sneered, "Come out, the sky is overcast!"

Bang ~! boom!

The terrible and fierce breath resembled the cold yellow spring under hell, and the air burst like a burst, smashing several nearby stars into powder for a short time, and then turned into a faint cold and frost floating, Lin Chen retreated, his eyes were horrified!

Through the'Golden Eyes Twins', he just saw Soul Yin's body, actually a twinkling'Uranite', whose energy combined with his divine power was like a tiger's wings. If you pass through the heavens and the earth, everything will erode everything to extinction!

"What is this? A holy item? No, it's more like some powerful crystal of energy. It seems that the holy item is more threatening!"

Lin Chen's pupils shrunk, the "dark step" stepped, and retreated quickly!

Soul Yin raised his hand and yelled with a smile; "It's freezing in the sky!"

Brush brush!

The chilly shadow of the forest is as cold as a candle dragon sweeping the sky, wherever it passes, it condenses into a sky of shady sky, and instantly covers all the retreats of Lin Chen!

Lin Chen's left leg was covered with a layer of overcast chills, the ice crystals were frozen, and Lin Chen's full-scale operation of the "Fire Tribulation Warfare" burst out of the raging flames of burning mountains and seas, which could not expel this chill, and the cold passed through the bone marrow!

"Even my Nine Tribulation Warfare can erode, what a terrible power!"

Lin Chen's pupils were trembling, and these old guys wouldn't do it.

They are very aware of their weaknesses, and at the same time revealing the strength of the body, even their kill tricks are played!

"This is an abnormal crystal. Only the Holy Realm or a high-level space plane will produce the crystal of Xeon energy. Combined with the Holy Power is even more powerful. The wild boy in the mortal world now knows the gap between us! Rebel against us , You will definitely die!"

The soul yelled gigglingly and shocked Lin Chen!

The Holy Realm still has such a powerful strange treasure. The power of this piece of crystal is enough to double the strength of a Holy Realm!

The Wang Jia pseudo-god Wang Yi was suddenly kicking the void with his foot, flapping Kunpeng's wings, and flew like lightning!

His Kunpeng wings are more powerful than Lin Chens purple phoenix wings. When tearing through the void, the fist is knocked down by the hammer of the **** of heaven, and the fist wind is violent!

"Scene mirror!"

Lin Chenji waved Azure Blue Moon, the sword was like a curtain, and immediately entered a defensive state, rebounding the opponents attack power by half!

Wang Yikuang is the holy body of body refining, with the bloodline of Taikun Kunpeng. He is the only one among the three who dares to fight against Lin Chen.

The streamer was shocked, Lin Chen had a knife in his hand, and he faced Wang Yikuang and Jianchuan Ye in a fierce battle!

In front of him, Wang Yi was rampant, afterwards, Jianchuan Yejian was tricky and sneak attacked, and there was Yin Yinjing cover, Lin Chen fell into desperation!

"Damn, as long as you have a hole card, I do too!"

Lin Chen was alive with hemorrhagic, letting all his body be eroded by the cold and cold of Tianyin Crystal, and his mind urged the system!

"System, start the desperate talent of life and death!"


[Starting the talent combination, desperate life and death talent.

An orange brilliance rushed across the galaxy for nine days! Lin Chen's turbulent blue and green flowers and Cabernet Sauvignon, there is an extra orange light, and the strong and powerful energy of the blood and the Qi Qi Xiu burn together!

Click~ Click~

The ice crystals condensing in cold weather began to fall off Lin Chen's body, and the edge of his pupils turned a touch of orange light!

Lin Chen's life began to count down!