My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 767

Vol 5 Chapter 767: Win Now

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Chapter 767: Winning Now!

Lin Chen launched the "Death and Death" talent selection target, as if it were soul!

"Goo~ what?"

Soaring owl-like cry from Soul Yin's throat!

Choke~! The clear blue moon is in Lin Chen's hands, radiating a more brilliant light, like a round of bright moon, hanging the starry sky!

[Because the host launches the enhanced version of the **** killer talent, the duration of the desperate life and death talent is extended.

Lin Chen used the Eucharist to launch'Death and Death'. Although the multiplier of the increase in strength is still based on the repair of the original Warlord Realm, the sustainable time has also become longer!

Lin Chen's short hair ignited the flame of orange flame, with a sword in his hand, with an imposing momentum, the eyes were as strong as the stars and the moon.

"He started to destroy my crystal of the sky, how is this possible?"

With a horrified look, Lin Chen held the knife in both hands, and instantly became like a sword possessor, and the knife method exploded!

"The Mirror of AttackThe Moon of Attack! The Mirror of DefenseThe Moon of Speed!"

brush! brush! boom! boom! The sword that swallowed the heavens and the earth was like a bright moon shuttle, mirroring the world, madly bombarding Wang Yikuan and Jianchuan Ye!

The three men looked horrified. Where did this come from?

"I'm the hypocrisy of you! Come on, don't stop! Those who offend me in Kyushu will kill them!"

The vitality is burning, Lin Chen is full of madness, and the hair is flying like a flame swaying, and his sword is like a mad knife in a troubled world, one knife after another, one knife is more violent than one knife!

His dragon power is still deriving, his mental power is growing madly, his fighting strength is constantly rising and rising to a higher height, and the powerful nine-robbery war body constantly emits the magnificent divine power!

With more than 100 million dragon powers, each of his swords carries the domineering power of others!

Dark steps are like a shuttle, Lin Chen turns into a dark mang, and slashes at Jian Chuan Ye's head, trying to divide the world!

"Speed Moon!"

[Activate charge and penetrate runes, consuming 9.3 million rune energy.

"Eternal sword!"

Jian Chuan Ye Lin came out with a sword suddenly, and the tip of the sword exploded into the rainbow, which seemed to be extremely slow and slow. But the space crystal wall was smashed into a vacuum zone with a sword!


Swords slammed and rolled up huge waves, and the aftertaste of the sword raged like a tide, between the light of the sword and the scattered light, and there was a trace of blood on the corner of Jianchuan Ye's mouth! Two attribute light **** are dropped around you!

"Damn, this kid's attack is too weird. It's completely unclear when he will use this weird penetrating secret!"

With a knife, Lin Chen did not chase after the victory, but hit the other side of the void with a backhand punch, Kunpeng's wings fluttered, the palms intersected, and the seven strengths were displayed one after another!

"Sky Overcast Ice Prison!"

Soul Yin took another shot, and hit the vast shameful ice prison that shrouded Lin Chen with one palm!

The terrible "Alien Crystal" once again invaded Lin Chen's body. He gritted his teeth and braced his teeth, and his mental strength was ready to burst like a tide!


Bang ~! The azure spiritual light column spans the starry sky, and the energy of the spiritual annihilation that destroys the heavens and earth destroys most of the sky and ice.

Soul Yin's face changed slightly and lost his voice; "Spiritual Attack Secrets?"

Cooperating with Tianyin Alien Crystal, his big ice prison is enough to trap a heavy holy realm, so that Lin Chen can be broken so easily?

Before the start of the war, Lin Chen had already learned the skill of annihilation to 100% proficiency, and exerted it with his spiritual power of sacred level. Its not an exaggeration to call it the power of destruction!

Roar ~! Kunpeng roared, Wang Yikuan also began to urge the bloodline and violent state, Jianchuan night's aggressive attack, Lin Chen was not afraid, fighting head to head!

The right hand holds the sword, and the sword "Mirror Bright Moon" blooms for a thousand months, the mirror is high, the left hand melee combats "Seven Powers", the dragon is fierce and overbearing, and it is the world, whoever it is! The spirit of Into Saint level is crazy, and Lin Chen desperately fights against the three false gods!

The three must also beware of Lin Chens secret "penetration" technique that can increase the power of the attack, and pay attention to when the terrible mental attack will erupt, making the battle once constrained by too much strength!

If the three powerful players in the sanctuary of the Holy Land are besieging Lin Chen, he may not be able to support even three hundred rounds!

But these three false gods liberated their strength and suffered serious injuries, they had to take care of more! The desperate life and death talent burns vitality in exchange for strength to make him stronger and stronger!

Lin Chen is fighting to support the battle. Each of the attributed light spheres on them is very valuable, and he continues to become his fighting capital, so that he can use the "Extreme Return" talent again and again, and the fighting status has never been exhausted!

His breath became more and more majestic, making him rock-solid in the offensive of the false gods!

It was Lin Chens Limit Guiyuan talent, and the faces of the three false gods finally became heavier. The divine power of this child was endless and he could fill it up instantly every time. Its weird!

"If this magical secret is for this seat..."

For a time, the three men's eyes were violent, and they saw too much in Lin Chen that threatened their heritage!

Do not kill this child, I am afraid their future will never be peaceful!

"Not yet, not enough! My Talent of the Sun God is only 60 seconds in duration. It is not the best time at this moment. I will stick to it, stick to it!"

The galaxy flickered and fought for thousands of rounds without knowing each other. Lin Chen was bathed in blood, and the sword came out like a dragon.

Lin Chen gritted his teeth and was repelled again and again. The "blue moon" fluttered and throbbed in his hand, and the damaged spirit was further expanded!

The three behemoths tried their best to siege, even though the "enhanced version of the **** killer", "the desperate life and death" and the "ultimate moment" were not enough to watch, Lin Chen was only beaten unilaterally!

Vitality is passing by at a rapid speed, Lin Chen's body begins to waft out an orange brilliance! The flesh is cracking, the spirit is turbulent, and the fighting is boiling!

The world seems to be completely still, Lin Chen is only focused on the battle in front of her!

The spirit was destroyed, the flesh was torn, and the fighting spirit was shattered. It seems that every attack will be exchanged for a more tricky and terrible offensive!

As if endless despair came over, weakness, sleepiness, and swept Lin Chen's whole body!

the other side;

Dragon and Tiger Mountains, **** and rainy wind. The absolute gap between the fighting power, the Lingzhou Alliance will definitely collapse for a long time!

Lao Yuan, who was lying quietly on the cliff, was on the verge of dying and closed his eyes.


Four Dixie students ran across the edge of the cliff, lifted Yuan Lao and stuffed him with a life-saving panacea.

"Senior Yuan, our four brothers will not let you have anything to do!"

The four men were determined to drink, Yuan Lao eyes flashed, "These little guys are still struggling to fight, how can my old guy die easily, and insist on for a while..."

Yuan Lao witnessed the retreat of the students on the edge of the mountain range, a large number of tyrannical Yuanzun struck the situation, they were almost unable to resist!

Let the arms and legs be full of blood like a column, Yuan Lao screamed exhaustedly, the gas burst into breath!

"Roar, trainees! Only those of us who are still alive can decide the meaning of the death of the hundred ancestors!"

"The unyielding saints who defend Kyushu, only us, can give them the value of the road they have gone forward! Roar, strong! Go ahead, young pride of the heavens!"

Bang ~!

The roar of Yuan Lao's burning life made countless students initiate like Ru Dao Avenue!

That's right, only they can decide whether the passing of the ancient Baisheng still makes sense!

If you lose here, everything from the beginning to the end is meaningless!

The legacy of the saints and sages was carried on them at this moment! Its up to them, its up to them!

The living, inheriting the will of the deceased and moving on, this is the only hope that history will continue!

go ahead! go ahead!

For Kyushu, for justice, for the hundred ancestors, for the sages who had died on this path, they must win!

If you do not win now, what is the point of the sacrifice of the ancestors!