My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 768

Vol 5 Chapter 768: Stomping

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Chapter 768

Countless students are full of blood, and even the fighting spirit is like igniting a raging fire and burning!

The medicine that was swallowed by them before they could be refined flowed into the body, and a large number of strong men broke through on the spot!

With tears in their eyes, they renewed their anger and rushed toward the coalition forces of the Pseudo-God Alliance without fear of death!

The four arrogant Tianjiao students standing beside Yuan Lao broke through to the Tiangang realm!

"You are old, you should die when you are damn!"

Yuan Zunjing, who was wounded, discovered Yuan Lao and saw that he had actually affected the battle situation.

The four of them looked at each other for the first time, and became the sky-flight of the sky for the first time. They used all their strengths, and all the fighting was mobilized to block the wounded Yuanzun enemy enemy who rushed over!

The four of them tried their best to hug each other and locked the Yuanzun Realm!

"What do you want to do!"

That Yuan Zunjing panicked and panicked, but found that they could not get rid of these four teenagers!

The four of them looked at each other, and the fighting in the body was full, and they laughed at each other!

"In my next life, I will be a brother!"

Bang ~! The fighting exploded, the storm of Baizhang was blooming like a cloud, raging the sky!

Four young students from Tiangang Realm blew themselves up with a seriously wounded Yuanzun Realm, and died together with each other!

These four young students are already under the age of 20, they are the real pride of the heavens, they have a great future, but they have devoted their lives here without blinking their eyelids!

Although, the enemy's Yuanzun is endless and millions, this is just a trivial one! But they still gave their lives without hesitation!

An inch of mountains and rivers and an inch of blood, leaving Danxin to take photos!

"Whether the troubled world is like a sword, the arrow rain is like a curtain. Why the mountain and river are broken, the hero is up and down."

The crisp and beautiful female voice echoes the land of Lingzhou beautifully, but the melodious voice of the voice contains a lingering soul, and the domineering of whoever is! Shocking people and crushing all despair!

A beautiful lady dressed in colorful jade clothes, with ribbons fluttering like clouds, resembling a fairy in the cloud, standing in the sky above the Holy Monument in the third town of Lingzhou, singing high songs!

"Let's go forward, my friends! Sisters, let us celebrate! Let the dark clouds cover the sky, let the turbulent wind dance the sky. Don't be afraid of the thousands of troops and horses, don't be surprised by the thousands of waves!"

"Crossed thousands of troops and smashed the huge waves. Who has never died in life since ancient times, leave the heart of the heart to take a glorious history!

The singing shocked people, poured into the vast immense power, like inspiring the deepest pride in the people of the hidden Lingzhou, countless breakthroughs to repair the bottleneck momentum lingering around the sky!

Layers of colorful and splendid holy clouds rose into the void, which made countless Lingzhou people bathe in it!

At this moment, there are more than one million people, and at the same time break through to cultivate behavior! Their injuries are recovering at a rate visible to the naked eye!

"The Hundred Saints have shown their prestige!"

"We haven't lost yet, rushed over, and fight against these bastards!"

The morale of the Lingzhou Alliance has soared, and it is crying!

Bai Ruoyan, who stood above the giant gate of the "Holy Fire Realm" stared at the colorful fairy, shook her head and marveled-"What a powerful method of melody, really a saint's method..."

The momentum of the Lingzhou Alliance suddenly rose to the highest node!

"It's now!"

Lin Chen had a strong body and mind in four parts, and the offensive turned, suddenly rushing to the top war circle!

"System, start the five thunders to kill the killing skills!"

[Begin to start the top-level killing skills of the green rank: Five Thunders. The enemy with the host avatar as the center node has a radius of 100,000 miles, locks the hostile, and begins to bombard.

Lin Chens doppelganger launched the four Five Thunder Crushing nirvana in one breath!

Bang ~! Bang~!

The terrible five-color thundercloud suddenly shrouded the emperors of four different battlefields, all of which are above the eighth emperor, and they are the top fighting power of the Pseudo-God Alliance!

Bai Ruoyan's eyes with a sharp heart flowed with a glare of light, his eyes were fast, his hands were slightly opened, and the huge door of the "Holy Fire Realm" suddenly opened!

brush! brush! call out! call out! call out!

In the four major battlefields, all the powerful members of the Lingzhou Alliance emerged from the body with dazzling milky white flames, which turned into a streamer like lightning, and were forcibly pulled into the giant flame door, all moved into the ``Holy Flame Realm''!

This is the situation that Lin Chen said to Bai Ruoyan earlier, and it is not on the spot!

When he launched the nirvana, Bai Ruoyan pulled all his warlords into the flame!

In the battle situation of the top war emperor realm, almost no ordinary people can come close, and it is impossible for the low-end war emperor. As long as the top war emperor retreats quickly, he is not afraid of hurting his friends by mistake!

Lin Chen wanted to breathe out the other side's high-end combat power!

The five-color thundercloud exuding the atmosphere of destruction circling the top of each eightfold war emperor's head, their pupils shrank, and they finally realized the seriousness of the problem!

But, they have no chance to escape!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

The earth-shattering five-color thunder was born like an electric dragon, and they blasted all the top war emperors. The battlefields on all sides added up. Four hundred and more war emperors were four hundred people! Ninefold war emperor over one hundred!

This is the top three-quarters of Kyushu plus half the power of the sky tower!

This is definitely a force enough to control the mid-to-high-end battle situation! All of Lin Chen's "Five Thunders" is now a must-have!

The terrible Lei Wei shocked the area beyond tens of millions of miles, and passed it to the battle area of Yuanzun Realm and Tiangang Realm in the outermost peripheral area.

This momentum is terrifying! It was the Xeon Levi that happened at the headquarters that day!

In the war, morale is especially crucial, and it can even influence the direction of the battle!

The "law of the rhythm" of the sacred monument in the town awakened the strongest fighting spirit of all people, and healed the wounds of countless people in Lingzhou, and the people of the False God Union had just witnessed the "five thunders", and the morale dropped!

After all the changes, the Lingzhou Alliance took a big advantage and counterattacked it!

[Obtain 400,000 Rune Energy, 500,000 Heavenly Dao, 400 Blank Attributes, 300,000 Talent Points...]

A large number of attribute light spheres keep dropping, but because of the God-killer talent, only a small number of non-growth attribute light spheres can be dropped.

But four hundred top war emperors, no matter how small, it is a big number! This wave of "Five Thunders" not only added attribute values to Lin Chen above the outer stars, but also made his other hole card play a key role!

[Talent combination Junlin world talent energy accumulation: 500,000 points, 890,000 points, 1.09 million points, 2 million points, 4.9 million points, 6 million points, 10.5 million points... 20.3 million points...]

The energy accumulated in the world is in a state of unprecedented hurricane!

"Damn, how many such weird attacks does this kid have!"

"Damn the sacred monument of the town, break it for me! Some of the incomplete wills and means left by some low-level holy realms are not afraid of you, but will you be afraid of you?"

The two false gods, Mo and Lei, witnessed this scene and were desperately corrupt!

They originally thought of relying on this group of top war emperors to break into the inner circle to overthrow a sacred monument of the town, but they didn't expect to be taken by Lin Chen!

"Quick, after a few more rounds, the things left by these ancient saints will also pass away!"

The two false gods speeded up the offensive, seeing Tiange Academy is about to be broken!

They took turns to consume the holy stele in the town, and their energy was almost exhausted!

Suddenly, a touch of warm sunshine reflected the land of Lingzhou.

Today's sun is especially shining.